Top 12 Best Fairness & Skin Whitening Soaps With Price in India 2021

These days, many people want to have fairer flawless skin. the sun tan and uneven skin tones reduces the beauty of overall face. To bring back that bright and fair skin tone, one must use fairness or whitening soaps to cleanse their face. Unlike treatments, using soaps or creams are always affordable way to have two-three tones fairer skin. There are most popular brands which offer the best and effective fairness soaps in the Indian market, which are mentioned below.

12. Godrej Soap

Godrej Soap

The Godrej FairGlow soap is specially formulated with vegetable oils and 76% of TFM. It helps to remove all the dirt and impurities from the skin and give the fairer tone. The reduction of melanin from the skin provides the flawless soft skin.

Best Price: 25/-

11. Khadi Herbals Soap

Khadi Herbals Soap

Khadi Haldi Chandan Soap comes with the extracts of sandal, turmeric, lotus and aloe vera. The natural herbs protect the skin with cleansing to the deep pores. The soap helps to acquire the fair tone of the skin. The skin naturally glows and visible lightens with the daily usage.

Best Price: 140/-

10. Vaadi Herbals Soap

Vaadi Herbals Soap

The popular brand Vaadi Herbals offers the Luxurious Saffron Soap that is enriched with the goodness of saffron and goat milk. It contains rich whitening agents which provide soft and fair skin. The goat milk in the soap works as bleaching agent for glowing skin. The soap is gentle to the skin and it removes pigmentations and blemishes.

Best Price: 38/-

9. Shahnaz Husain Soap

Shahnaz Husain Soap

Shafair Ayurvedic Fairness Soap is enriched with natural ingredients like turmeric, saffron and honey which is essential for the skin to be fairer. It nourishes the skin with the gentle bleaching agents lime and saffron. The soap nourishes the skin and give effective fairness.

Best Price: 441/-

8. Nature’s Essence Soap

Nature’s Essence Soap

The Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear Fairness soap controls the melanin production and gives the fairer tone. It is formulated with milk and honey which is ideal natural ingredients to lighten the skin tone. It restores the natural fairness and provides spotless complexion.

Best Price: 145/-

7. Dabur Vatika Soap

Dabur Vatika Soap

Dabur Vatika Dermoviva Naturals Fairness Soap is enriched with natural skin lightening complexes that gently cleanse skin and make the skin tone fairer. It is enriched with anti bacterial properties the bacteria in the skin that causes dark spots. The result is the naturally fairer and radiant skin.

Best Price: 250/-

6. Emami Soap

Emami Soap

Emami offers Naturally Fair Pearls, Herbal Fairness Soap with natural extracts and real pearl dust which impart fairness and natural glow to the skin. It is made with goodness of saffron, sandalwood, aloe vera, liquorice and chamomile. The natural ingredients help to acquire fairness and soft skin.

Best Price: 150/-

5. Avon Soap

Avon Soap

Avon Naturals Fairness Bar Soap is blended with pure natural ingredients which provide mild and gentle cleansing and leaves the skin smooth and glowing. The soap is best for sensitive skin also. It gives the skin total fairness and softness without any irritation.

Best Price: 78/-

4. Oriflame Soap

Oriflame Soap

The Essentials Fairness Soap from the famous brand Oriflame is a creamy soap that can not only give fairer tone but it gives the smother skin. The soap is ideal for winters and summers as well. With its active skin lightning agents, it gives instant result with softer skin.

Best Price: 198/-

3. Fair & Lovely Soap

Fair & Lovely Soap

Get the effective fairness two tones lighter than your complexion, with the Fair & Lovely Fairness Soap. The soap is formulated with milk cream and Vitamin B3 which can actively cleanse out melanin pigments from the skin pores. The good lather produces go deep down to the skin pores and cleanse them thoroughly.

Best Price: 70/-

2. VLCC Soap


VLCC Insta Glow Fairness Soap cleanses the deep pores and take out all the dust and grime from the congested sin pores. As a result, dull skin will become glowing instantly. It is enriched with mulberry extracts, tea tree oil, soap nut extracts, basil extracts. The ingredients bring effective skin cleansing and effective in reducing dark spots and blemishes of the skin.

Best Price: 85/-

1. Lotus Herbals Soap

Lotus Herbals Soap

Lotus Herbals Licorice White Skin Whitening Cleanser ha the natural ingredients like Manjistha and Licorice, which works to whiten the skin tone and even it can remove the dark spots. The soap reduces melanin, which is a part of the skin that makes skin darker. It also helps to remove dark spots and make the skin fair.

Best Price: 70/-

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