Top 15 Interesting Things to Do This Weekend in Bangalore

Bangalore is known as The Silicon Valley in India, has plenty of delightful places to get attracted. The city has year-round pleasant climate, heritage in harmony with modernity and multifaceted charm. Nearby places are also known for a perfect weekend holidays. Escape these best weekend getaways this weekend to make a memorable trip.

15. Archery


Coorg is popular for many usual activities for holidays. However it offers a fun filled and overwhelming activity called Archery. It is an activity of aiming skills, patience and self confidence. This wonderful hill station has amazing scenery and wonders as well as adventure activities.

14. Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari

The best weekend treat for nature lovers and children is the Bannerghata National Park, nearer to Bangalore. The park offers Jeep Safari to discover a wide variety of wild animals like leopards, lions, deer, zebra, Bengal tigers. This man made park is the first ever butterfly conservatory with different species of butterflies. Enjoy the refreshing tour on weekend.

13. Wine Tour

Wine Tour

One of a different kind of tour experience become memorable for a life time. An excellint Wine Tour is one of them. The guided wine tour of around 3 hours, is a perfect trip for weekends. This tour includes the entire process of wine-making; crushing of grapes to final labeling and packaging. Experience the wine tasting session with a grace on weekend.

12. White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

A three hour drive from the city of Bangalore, Bheemeshwari is an ideal place for adventurous white water rafting. The Cauvery River with its gentle flow and moderate rapids, a group of friends or family can enjoy rafting with a lot fun. The place has an untouched nature beauty of lush and fascinating backdrops.

11. Quad Biking/ATV

Quad Biking/ATV

Riding bikes without traffic is thrilling for a passionate biker to enjoy biking. There is a one stop adventure spot near the city at Kanakapura road. The place provides exciting and adventurous experience through Quad Biking. They offer night trails as well, to feel cool breeze in the starry night.

10. Go-Karting


There are numerous Go-Karting clubs available in the city of Bangalore. Relieve the tension with empty and safe roads by thrilling activity, Go-Karting. The clubs provide Junior Karts and Twin Seater Kart too. It is an excellent opportunity to experiment on weekends.

9. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Ramnagara is 50 km away from Bangalore’s outskirts, with huge rocks and boulders which encourage the exciting rock climbing. Popularly known as ‘Sholay Hills’, Ramnagara has a series of tall granite hills. After reaching at the peak after thriving rock climbing, one can capture a stunning view of neighboring terrain. Other than rock climbing, the place offers high rope traversing and rappelling as well.

8. Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

A serene downhill track provides one of the most adventurous Mountain Biking experience. Explore the mountain biking at the last remaining Turahalli Forest with a gang of friends. Apart from biking, people also enjoy rock climbing among the bushes and the rocks.

7. Water Sports

Water Sports

Savandurga is the best place for reppelling and kayaking near Bangalore.  It is surrounded by green forests, around 50 km away from the city. Enjoy the thrilling activities like repelling and kayaking with great excitement.

6. Night Camping

Night Camping

Experience the wonderful beauty of Wayanad, especially in cool nights with night camping. It offers night camping at Bansurian in the hilly forested area. Feel the tranquility and serenity of the hills and forests in the cool and calm night. Enjoy the delicious barbeque dinner in the peaceful ambience of the forests on weekend.

5. Micro Light flying

Micro Light flying

An amazing city of Bangalore offers entertaining activity Micro Light Flying with friends and family. There are two spots near Bangalore which provide the flying. One is Mysore, 140km away and the other is Coorg, 240 km away from the city. Have a look at wonderful landscapes and feel the warm touching sunshine as well as waterfalls, jungles, rivers and coffee estates with this Micro Light Flight, which allows to cover vast areas in a short time.

4. Laser Tag

Laser Tag

Located in the center of the bustling area, Jayanagar in the city, Laser Tag is an enthusiastic game for all age group. Best place to bond with friends and family, is ideal for weekend. Players are propped with laser vests and gun. Distress yourself with this entertaining game this weekend.

3. Zorbing


The ultimate adventure destination of Zorbing is Nandi Hills. It is a one day outing at the Discovery village located at the foothills of Nandi Hills. Here people can find few types of Zorbing. Harness Zorbing and Hidro Zorbing. Enjoy this joyful activity to make a mesmerizing weekend tour.

2. Night Trekking

Night Trekking

Bhimeshwari is the best place for night trekking, around Bangalore. The adventure spot is 110 km away from Bangalore. Night trekking allows a scenic beauty of fascinating trails through nature walk. Other than night trekking, the place also offers camping, cycling and rope adventures.

1. Caving


Anthargange is an ideal place for the Caving. It is located just 65 km away from Bangalore. Is has hillocks and caves which provide adventure caving. The hill range has rocks and boulders that are volcanic. Explore this interesting activity with guided route of caving.