Top 20 Best Toys for 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 year Old Boys in India 2018

Toys are the best companion for a growing child and thus parents must pay special interest while buying toys for your kids. Toys are the miniature designs of a real life car, bus and flights which help children to understand more about these vehicles. Also, the other play sets like Doctor play sets, Building blocks, shape sorters, musical instruments boost his brain right from the young age and make him well defined and interested in that particular field.

Thus, let us check Top 20 Toys for the age groups right from 5 till 10 years of boys.

20. Construction Blocks: (For age of 5)

Construction Blocks

This is a best toy to boost up organizing capacity in your kid. If he has finished the complete building block, then it means that he has built up organizing capacity by himself.

19. Doctor Set: (For age of 5)

Doctor Set

This set consists of all equipments used by the doctors in the hospital. It is a best case to make your child aware of different kinds of equipments such as syringe, scissors, stethoscope, cotton buds and thermometer.

18. Action Figures: (For age of 5)

Action Figures

Action figures that inspire comic series like Superman, bat man, Avengers are the must-buy companions for your kid.

17. Bubble Gun: (For age of 5)

Bubble Gun

This is very exciting toy that makes your child so happy. This bubble gun releases many soap bubbles that are fun to touch and burst.

16. Cross Word Game: (For age of 6)

Cross Word Game

Cross word game is a challenging game that allows your kid to develop his vocabulary. Through this game he will be able to learn many new words in English and also its spelling.

15. Color Doodle Board: (For age of 6)

Color Doodle Board

This is an excellent board to expose his writing talents. This board allows him to write and even scribble on it through a magnetic pen and clears everything like a magic with its easy slide eraser.

14. Learning Tablet: (For age of 6)

Learning Tablet

This tablet is a best companion for growing kids. It teaches alphabets and new words through it. It also comes with the touch screen option which gives the exact feeling of operating the real life tablet.

13. Remote Car: (For age of 6)

Remote Car

Car that operates through remote is a favorite choice of a 6 year old boy. There are also other similar toys such as Truck with remote control, plane with remote control and train operated with remote control.

12. Binocular: (For age of 7)


Binocular toy is available in the online market which helps your kid to view the distant object easily. This binocular is a best product for him when he wishes to see any pleasant scenery during any travel time.

11. Chess: (For age of 7)


This is a board game which really challenges his brain power. Board games like Ludo, snake and ladder, business have their own importance.

10. Handy Video Game: (For age of 7)

Handy Video Game

Though video games can be played in laptops and computers, handy video games are available in the market which is far better than lap top games. This is because, these video games are handy and portable and hence your kid will not hung at the computer place or lap top always.

9. Tent House: (For age of 8)

Tent House

Tent house is an excellent toy for your boy which will develop a kind of independency in him. You can also take this tent house during your family trip and make him to enjoy his trip.

8. Bing Bang: (For age of 8)

Bing Bang

This is going to make your outdoor trips so funny. This kit consists of two netted bats along with a cork like Bing bang.

7. Cricket Set: (For age of 8)

Cricket Set

This is obviously boys set with cricket combos such as cricket ball, bats, pair of gloves, stems, etc., If your boy is at the age of 8, then he can start to play cricket with the help of this cricket set.

6. Matrix Dart Board: (For age of 9)

Matrix Dart Board

This is a miniature game as that you find in the casinos. It has round matrix board, one dart holder and six darts to improve his aiming skill. The theme is to perfectly aim the dart board with the help of dart.

5. Ride on Scooters: (For age of 9)

Ride on Scooters

Your boy will be so crazy about this ride-on scooter at this age. Just buy a ride on scooter and guide him to ride only on even surface. It brings him more joy and fun.

4. World Map Kit: (For age of 9)

World Map Kit

This is really a useful kit which makes your child aware of different countries in the world. Also, it makes him aware of different geographical shapes of countries, number of continents, different names of seas surrounding each country and so on.

3. Motor Engine: (For age of 10)

Motor Engine

This is an excellent toy to help understand the real working of the vehicle engines. With the help of this kit, he will be able to understand how the engine runs, starts and works.

2. Puzzle Games: (For age of 10)

Puzzle Games

Different kinds of puzzle games are available which boosts up the memory power of your kid. While engaging into a puzzle he will be able to develop his thinking skills and creativity.

1. Rubik’s Cube: (For age of 10)

Rubik’s Cube

This is the most challenging colorful game. This game obviously need more brain power since most of the adults can never solve it.