Top 5 Best Electric Cooker Brands with Prices in India 2021

Pressure cookers are the gems of the kitchen who have and are still serving the women worldwide for quick and instant cooking. But the time is a little changed and now they are also operated electrically, like the electric pressure cooker, which are operated by electricity and have become more versatile rather than just pressure cooking. You can prepare stew, soup and porridge as well. this means that the arena of your cooking has just increased like nothing before.

But with the increased number of performance, the performers have also increased- many manufacturing companies are in market boasting to offer the best of the electric cooker, which has led to the dilemma that which one is to choose.

Don’t worry, we have got your back and here we have compiles up top 5 electric cookers that are gems for the kitchen. So, choose your best buy and stay happy as your wife will be happy having the electric cooker. There you go:

5. Pigeon Electric Cooker

Pigeon Electric Cooker

If you do not know Pigeon, then I guess, you least walk into kitchen. Yeah, Pigeon is the brand of kitchen appliance and it is on number 5 when it is about the electric cookers, having series of unique features and awe-smashing designs. The cookers are flawless with electricity usage, saving the pennies also with a plenty of popular brands in the market starting from the price range of Rs. 1200/-. You must read their features to understand their credibility.

Attractive features: 2 removable Non-stick pots, two separate indicators for cook and warm functioning, 2-year warranty, and Plastic steamers.

Popular products: Pigeon JOY Unlimited 1.8DX 1.8 L Rice Cooker, Pigeon JOY Unlimited 1.8DX Electric Cooker, Pigeon Joy SDX Double 2.8 L Rice Cooker, Pigeon Joy SDX Double 1.8L Rice Cooker

4. Philips Electric Cooker

Philips Electric Cooker

From electric irons to juicer/mixer & grinder, Phillips has everything manufactured under a common name with a tag of bestselling international band then how-come we can cut the contender-ship of the company for the electric cookers, which it manufactures of epitome quality. The electric cookers manufactured by Phillips have the quality and have more than one best-selling product meeting the affordability too with price ranges of Rs. 1600/- onwards.

Attractive features: Easy-to-clean, Non-stick pots, Easy-to-operate, Water level Indicator, One-button Control, Eco-design, and Light on panel for cooking status.

Popular products: Philips HD4711/60 1 L Rice Cooker, Philips HD3018/01 1.8 L Rice Cooker, Philips HD3017/08 1.8 L Rice Cooker, Philips HD4711/60 Electric Cooker

3. Bajaj Electric Cooker

Bajaj Electric Cooker

Bajaj is also known company and the contender of number three with its array of electric cooker with quality features and functioning. In fact, if you are doubtful, search it online, the list of clientele will amaze you. Well, apart from the other productsfor home and kitchen use, they have a wide range of electric cookers too which can be used for variety if purposes like cooking rice, frying, etc. Their price range starts from Rs. 1000/- onwards.

Attractive features: Multifunction deluxe cookers, cooking pans, Measuring cups, Trivet, Spatula, 2-year warranty, and Steamers

Popular products: Bajaj RCX 5 1.8 L Rice Cooker, Bajaj RCX 5 Automatic Electric Cooker, Bajaj Majesty RCX28 Rice Cooker, Bajaj Majesty AFX7 2 L Air Fryer

2. Prestige Electric Cooker

Prestige Electric Cooker

With the popular lines that, jo biwi se kare pyar, prestige se kaise kare inkar, Aishwarya and Abhishek have must bragged a place in your heart, but the products from the brands are much more qualitative than these lines, even the electric cookers. They are made up of stainless steel with close-fit lid and have a good capacity to cook without hassle. The price ranges are Rs. 1500/- onwards.

Attractive features: 1 Aluminium cooking pan, Cool Touch handles, Detachable power cord, Good capacity, and Apt for cooking everything from porridge to stew to soup.

Popular products: Prestige PRWO 2.8-2 2.8 L Rice Cooker, Pigeon Joy SDX Double 2.8 L Rice Cooker, Pigeon Joy SDX Double 1.8L Rice Cooker, Pigeon JOY Unlimited 1.8DX Electric Cooker

1. Panasonic Electric Cooker

Panasonic Electric Cooker

Finally the showstopper, the number one, Panasonic, a known brand kitchen and consumer electronics, which also manufactures versatile electric cookers of the Indian market. The company has wide range specifications, with hot-deal properties that are meant to bring home. So, never fail to bring their cookers home, your wife’s love for you will exceed instantly. In fact, the products will make you happy too with their price range that starts from Rs. 1400/- onwards.

Attractive features: Steaming features, Non-stick pans, Multi-cooking features, and Auto-switch off features, 2-year domestic warranty, and Anodized aluminium pan

Popular product:Panasonic SR WA 10 1 L Rice Cooker, Panasonic SR-WA10H Electric Cooker, Panasonic SRW A 22H Electric Cooker, Panasonic SRWA18 Automatic Cooker, Panasonic SR WA 22 FHS Electric Cooker

So, which one you are going to choose for your wife? Number five or number one?