Top 5 Best Electric Tandoor Brands with Price in India 2021

A unique appliance that can grill, bake, roast, defrost and reheat the lip smacking delights for family in no time, Electric Tandoor has these qualities, which bring many possibilities into reality. A very versatile and easy to use product is perfect for hassle-free and delicious tandoor dishes at home. Technology has made it easier and convenient to cook oil-free tandoori and grilled food. Loaded with exclusive and beneficial features, Electric Tandoors are easily available in the Indian market. Below is the list of top 5 best selling Electric Tandoors in India.

5. Ajanta Electric Tandoor

Ajanta Electric Tandoor

Ajanta India Ltd. offers Electric Super Tandoor, which comes in compact design and strong quality. The product features detachable crumb tray, removable non-stick plate, adjustable height, temperature control and advance grilling technology for fast heat transfer. Its hygienic toughened glass window is ideal for tandoori and grilled food. You can bake upto 1 kg biscuits, roast upto 2 kg of chicken, grill fish, meat, veggies and defrost frozen food with this light weight and elegant looking device. Buy this product at the affordable price of ₹2900/-

4. Hotline Electric Tandoor

Hotline Electric Tandoor

Hotline offers various types in Electric Tandoor, with the feature of 10 step thermostat, which enables to bake breads and biscuits. Floating hinges, which move relative to each other. Non-stick coating, that keeps food from sticking to the inner parts. Some models don’t have timer feature while one model comes with timer settings. The product is good at price and works well for tandoor and grilling. Other important feature is that it has a neon light indicator which indicates when tandoor is ready to open. This unique tandoor can open wide, which helps in cleaning the intrinsic parts very easily. The brand gives 1 year of manufacturing warranty. It also comes with a stainless steel body, which makes it sturdy and strong. Price range starts from ₹1400/- to ₹1800/-

3. Wellberg Electric Tandoor

Wellberg Electric Tandoor

Wellberg presents two different types of Electric Tandoor, B-2 and B-3. Both oil-free cooking devices are ideal for tandoori and grilled items. These elegant looking products feature toughened front glass window, shock proof, extra hitting elements and an aluminum cooking tray. It is portable and very easy to clean. It is perfect for grilling paneer, chicken and veggies. Apart from grilling, you can bake, roast and defrost too. The product is made up of micro CRC and sheet material that is easy to maintain. Moreover, it consumes only 1000 watts of power, which saves energy. Its safety feature is that it comes with cool touch body. This tandoor with foldable legs is significantly faster than microwave. Enjoy the hassle free cooking with Wellberg Electric Tandoor at the best price of ₹1500/- to ₹2000/-

2. Wonderchef Electric Tandoor

Wonderchef Electric Tandoor

Wonderchef Super Tandoor has a very compact design. It comes with high quality non-stick coating on the inner pan, adjustable sliding slope to keep a watch on its oil intake. It can be utilized with both sides of it and opens at 180 degrees. Its inner space can be increased by flattening of surface by use of side button which allows preparing large meal. It enables a perfect use for all Indian dishes. Its floating hinge is specially for cooking thick meals like club sandwitch, paneer tikka, tandoori chicken etc. It has oil collection grooves to prevent wastage of extra oil while cooking. Combination of silver and black color gives it an attractive look. The brand is giving 1 year warranty for this appliance. Eat healthy and stay healthy with this product at the best price of ₹3390/-

1. Glen Electric Tandoor

Glen Electric Tandoor

The Glen electric tandoor is designed by stainless steel, sturdy framework and smart look. The Glen GL 5014 Electric tandoor is crafted with matt finish stainless steel. This appliance provides three different heat settings. Low wattage high efficient product is insulated with glass wool which saves energy. It has main features like SS heating element and three cooking positions to have a perfect tandoori taste. It is perfect for tandoori chicken, potato chips, paneer tikka, pizza etc. The stainless steel tubular heater provides high heat power which makes food crisp. The product is available in two colors, Silver and Black, which give it the elegant look fit into beautifully decorated kitchen. It offers healthy cooking like traditional clay tandoor. Available at the best price of ₹3500/- to ₹4000/-