Top 5 Best Pencil Brands in India with Price 2021

Whether you are a professional or a student, quality pencil brand is something you will be looking for your work. Pencils are one of the best-suited writing and drawing instruments used across different areas. The main benefit of using a pencil is the fact that they can be erased easily and re-written. Students especially find them very useful as they make mistakes and the same can be easily erased and written again. For drawing and portrait making also, pencils are very important. Here we present the current top 5 best pencil brands in India along with their pricing:

5. Faber Castell Pencils

Faber Castell Pencils

Faber castell excels in all kind of stationery products. Their classic tin of 36 color pencils is a great option in this segment. These are designed with SV-bonded lead to minimize the breakage and for a smooth writing experience. The coloring of the pencils is done very delicately with a smooth color lay down. Best for drawing and blending purpose. Faber castell Classic Color Pencils Tin Case of 36 Color is available for Rs 4330.

4. Luxor Pencils

Luxor Pencils

A well-known brand with all kind of office stationery options. Luxor pencils are smartly made with retractable quality and an eraser at the base. They are available with 0.5 / 0.7 mm leads. Packaging is another attraction with a box of 10 pieces.

3. Nataraj Pencils

Nataraj Pencils

Very popular name from Hindustan Pencils limited, Nataraj is a household name in India in pencils segment. Made with great detailing and precision, they are sturdy pencils with a solid lead base and smooth and colorful covering on the top. Nataraj pencils also ensured great finish for a better grip and comfortable everyday writing and other purposes. Price varies from Rs 50 till Rs 400 for various packs in different sizes and variety.

2. Camlin Pencils

Camlin Pencils

High-quality pencils available in the market, their main attraction are the core of the pencil which is made of core bonded formula. The lead makes them tough and sturdier and they are not easily breakable from inside. Available in attractive blue and green color they are hexagonal in shape. Priced at Rs 100 till Rs 500 for different packs and variety. For a smooth writing experience, Camlin pencils come in the satin smooth finish. A pack of 10 pencils comes with Camlin eraser and sharpener.

1. Apsara PencilsĀ 

Apsara Pencils

(Brands of Hindustan Pencils Limited) – With a unique design and an elegant appearance Apsara pencils are best known for the comfortable grip. With 0.5mm lead size, they are best for technical writing. Few famous pencil models are 1H, 2H up to 9H. Braced with all the required features, this makes the top choice in the brands of pencils. Ranging from Rs 70 for a small pack to Rs 200 for color pencils, there are several options.

Apart from the Indian pencil brands there are number of international brands as well if you are looking for variety some of the options to look at are Pentel graph gear pencils, Palomino blackWing pencil and Dixon wood pencils among others. These are available online at affordable pricing along with Indian variants.