Top 5 Best Soda Maker Brands with Price in India 2021

Soda is very popular in many homes and some people drink it on a daily basis. Buying soda regularly can get to be very expensive. Soda maker is the best solution for that. Today, there are several soda maker brands are bubbling in the market in the country. By getting the correct equipment, people can have everything they need to make excellent drink for everyone. Each soda maker comes with its own special features. Also, It is very simple and nice looking gadget to add a kitchen decoration or dining table. There are some most popular brands available in the Indian market.

5. Soda Stream

Soda Stream

Soda Stream brand has a beautiful design, Simple and Convenient products.  The most important factor is that, every time you use it, you are making the planet a cleaner place to live. The company is providing four types of different models in the market. Fountain jet soda maker, Genesis home soda maker, Play soda maker, Jet black soda maker. Each model has its own unique features.

From above all models, most popular products  Genesis home soda maker and Play soda maker. Each bottle of soda mix makes up to 12 liters of soda in Genesis home soda maker while Play soda maker comes with starter kit, which includes six exciting flavors. However, all the products are little expensive compared to the other soda maker brands.

Best Price: Rs 7000-12000.

4. Hamilton


The Hamilton Soda Maker makes it easy to prepare carbonated beverages from the comfort of home. You can make a practically endless variety of fruit and cola-flavored sodas. These products are very light  and  compact and it comes with a one liter bottle. With these products, you can control the amount of fizziness too. Currently,  the company is giving two types of models, one is Canbona and another one is Soda Station,  both are hand held which is very convenient to use. Each product is available with very affordable price.

Best Price : Rs 2800 – 3000.

3. Softel


Softel is a 22 year old brand and has been a pioneer in introducing innovative kitchen appliances.

The brand is famous for its product quality, range and helpful  customer  service.

Some of its successful products include Soda Fountain and  Soda Fizz. Soda Fountain is equipped with a triple safety valve. It is portable and does not require any plumbing. While, Soda Fizz comes with simple and slick design. Both the products are very convenient to use. The brand gives its products at good prices as well.

Best Price: Rs 2000-2500.

2. Savvy


The brand is giving two different types of products in soda makerThe products are portable, no need for batteries or electrical supply. Convenience, Make delicious drinks at home easily and effortlessly. It is economical and available in 2-3 different colors. The brand gives one year warranty.  Make a wide range of flavors whenever you want. The products’ compact design puts the brand in the second position. Products are cost effective.

Best Price : Rs 2880.

1. Mr. Butler

Mr. Butler

Mr. Butler is a leading brand in the world of Home Appliances. The concept of preparing freshly carbonated water (Soda) and Fizzy Soft Drinks right at home and at a cost much cheaper than what one would pay at a shop.  With Mr. Butler Sodamaker, everything is reused.  There is no waste. The steel Refill Cylinder in refillable and the one litre  Bottle & Cap are reusable. The brand has newly launched the ‘ Mr.Butler Italia’ with the newest  and sleek design. There are some exciting colors too. Some of the products include recipe booklet and flavored syrups to add a hint of fizz to dull water.

Simple to use and requires no batteries or electricity. Space Saver – No need to store full or finished bottles of soda and soft drinks. Environment Friendly – Save the environment from plastic waste and pollution from transportation and consumption of packaged beverages. Hygiene, Health & Wellness – Purity & safety of water since you fill it. Personalization – Choose the strength of your fizz – light sparkle to strong fizz. MR. Butler Established 30 years ago, Mr. Butler is Asia’s first Sodamaker manufacturer. The Mr. Butler Italia is designed by world-renowned IDEA Institute, Italy and has sold over half a million machines to date.

Best Price: Rs 3500 – 4000.

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