Top 5 Best Diwali Weekend Getaways in India 2018

Diwali, the festival of lights is one of the most famous festivals celebrated in India. Being celebrated in the honor of return of Lord Rama along with his wife Sita and Brother Lakshmana to the Kingdom of Ayodhya after 14 years of stay away, Diwali symbolically represents many things such as the winning of good over bad, hope over despair etc. A five day festival, Diwali is celebrated across India in different ways.

Below are the list of top 5 Diwali Weekend Getaways one may plan for.

1. Amritsar

Amritsar Diwali Celebration

There is a Saying in Punjabi which is like ‘Dal Roti Ghar Di Diwali Amritsar Di’, which indeed is a truth when it comes to reality. The saying means that Amritsar is famous for homemade food and Diwali. The Golden Temple of Amritsar is a wonderful sight with its sparkling structure and light arrangements in the day of Diwali. It would be a memorable experience to celebrate Diwali at Amritsar with fireworks and sweets.

2. Varanasi

Varanasi Diwali Celebration

One of the holiest cities in the country, Varanasi which is also known as Banaras is another famous getaway location at the time of Diwali. With its mesmerizing scenery of thousands of lights in each Ghats of Varanasi, the city has been called as the ‘City of Lights’ in Diwali.

3. Mysore

Mysore Diwali Celebration

Mysore is another main getaway place to make your Diwali more spectacular with the presence of many temples active with various events. Mysore is an ideal place to watch homemade Rangolis, shopping fireworks, handicrafts, gorgeous metal and rosewood artifacts and some figurines of deities and also a nice place if looking for a more silent Diwali celebration.

4. Kolkata

Kolkata Diwali Celebration

Kolkata is another famous city to celebrate Diwali. With special Kali Puja, the city get drowned in to lights and diyas along with fireworks throughout the nights in Diwali. Kolkata is also known as the city of joy and one may experience this while inside the city at times of Diwali.

5. Jaipur

Jaipur Diwali Celebration

Jaipur, known as the pink city is another famous getaway place to celebrate Diwali. The city will welcomes you with various colours of lights, musicians on the streets, traditional apparels, handicrafts and sweets. Celebrating Diwali in Jaipur is going to be an unforgettable moment in life.