Top 5 Giants of Instant Messaging

How many times a day do you send an instant message? Our phones and laptops have almost literally become extensions of our hands. Most of us have at least a few messages waiting for a us when we wake up in the morning. Let’s face it – we’re always online!

And thanks to the way technology has evolved, we can talk to anybody, anywhere, just at a tap of a touchscreen. There are lots of apps in the market that can ease our efforts, but which ones are those who meet all of our needs best?

Read this article through to find which apps are preferred worldwide, and why!

5. Line

The 5th app in our top is Line, which has an impressive story. It was created by NHN Japan after the Tohoku earthquake, which destroyed the telecommunication infrastructure in the entire country. The outcome was disastrous, as people in Sendai area could not be reached or contact anyone outside the danger zone.

Line was designed to avoid similar situations whenever a natural disaster hits Japan. Therefore, you can use it for free VoiP calls, so that you can call anyone, whether they’re using the app or not. It also supports up to 200 people in a conference call and 50 people in group chats – which is exactly what you need in case of danger.

Besides the typical file sharing and audio-video recording, this app provides complex features such as push notifications, statistics and QR code scanner. Moreover, it has integrated the End-to-End Encryption in July 2016, so you dont need to worry about the safety of using this app!

Although it is not popular outside Japan, Line has over 220 million active users every month.

4. WeChat

The 4th place is taken by WeChat, which is mostly used in China, Iran, and Japan. Many people have questioned the security of this app, especially because it doesn’t have End-to-End Encryption. However, the content is secured by using EncodingAESKey. And this is why WeChat has over 800 million active users monthly.

Some of its greatest features include sending out-of-app texts and taking care of your chores: you can pay the bills and the traffic fees, book a doctor or transportation, all in a messaging app!

It is available in 52 languages, and on most operating systems: Android, Blackberry OS, Apple iOS, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, Firefox OS, and Mac OS.

3. Viber

On the 3rd place of our top, we have Viber. It was invented by Talmon Marco, former chief officer in the Israeli Army. Its almost 250 active users mostly live in Eastern Europe and Middle East, and enjoy it for its liability and security.

Viber is probably the most thought-through app and it is used exactly what it was designed for: communication. Whether it’s sending texts, voice messages or making a call, this app offers top-notch quality. Maybe it’s the fact that it has the best app technology, being written in C++, Python, Java, C, and Objective-c (depending on the launch platform).

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger holds an honorable 2nd place. With over 1 billion active users, this app is the most complex one when it comes to giving your message a certain meaning. You can choose from hundreds of emoticons and tens of GIFs, and customize every chat window according to your preferences.

If you didn’t know about it yet, you can even start a secret conversation with your partner. Select the information icon in the chat window, and tap on the secret conversation. I’ll let you discover all the hidden features by yourself!

What else can you do with Facebook Messenger? If you live in the U.S., you can even send money! Moreover, if you’re an Android user, you can send out-of-app texts or merge your default messaging app with FM and read all your texts in the same place.

1. WhatsApp

In 1st place, the most used instant messaging app in the world is WhatsApp. It was created in January 2010 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton after they were politely declined a job by Facebook. Fast-forward a couple of years to February 2016, and Facebook bought WhatsApp. At the time this was the largest acquisition of a venture-backed company ($19 billion).

It was the first app to encrypt the messages End-to-End, in November 2014, roughly two years before any other of its competitors.

Even if doesn’t support conference calls, WhatsApp has the largest group chat capacity of 256 users. Moreover, you can write and draw on the photo-video content you receive, and send it back with your works of art on it! The app also allows you to mark messages as important, and save them separately. You can retrieve them by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner, and selecting “marked messages”.

What else could you need from an instant messaging app?