Top 10 Best Scooty (Scooter) Brands in India 2021

Scooty (Scooter) has made lives easier. Crossing the traffic jams easily; covering up short distances would have been a little difficult if we didn’t have this invention. And for those who cannot afford a car this is the best vehicle one can use to travel within budget. Here are the best scooty brands in India for the upcoming year 2017.

On India’s crowded roads and highways, where bumper-to-bumper driving is the bane of every car driver, owning a two wheeler can be a relief. Not only is weaving through traffic much easier, you can find parking absolutely anywhere and travel short distances without spending too much money.These days the scooter segment is a completely different game. Most manufacturers have jumped into this bandwagon and are trying hard to be number one in sales and market share.

No one wants to miss this opportunity and why not? The segment is seeing double digit growth – much more than the single digit growth it saw in the last fiscal. But what’s different this time? Well, for starters you don’t need to wait for years to get your hands on a scooter now. You got more than enough options but, this is where the problem arises.

Some scooters look identical, some got the same displacement and some got the same price. But where there is choice, there is confusion. Which scooter to choice is the perennial confusion in the market? So, today we make things easier for you. We give you a checklist that you should consider before buying a scooter.

10. LML


Lohia Machines Limited is popularly known as LML. Uttar Pradesh is their headquarters for their manufacturing plants. Their rankings as a manufacturer of scooter and motorbike will always be of a high quality.

Ever since 1978, their journey had never faced any set back from the moment they have started their plant. They have produced LML Star Xpress, LML Select 4, LML Star Euro 200, etc. Though the company had faced initial profits at beginning times, yet, at this crucial stage the company suffers a loss.



A series of Vespa scooters are coming out of the official Piaggio manufacturers. In recent times, they have been considered as the most superior local subsidiary. At initial stages, in 1960s Vespa had stepped into the Indian markets with the joint venture of Bajaj Auto.

However, at later stages they combined with LML also. Later, in 2012, a new series of scooters were launched in India as like an independent brand. As of now, LX 150, LX125, LX 50, etc are the some of the most popular models of Vespa yet.



Certainly, Palatino is a brand new company when compared to other brands in the market. They manufacture vehicles of 2, 3, and 4 wheels as a non-government body. Almost e-bikes are the most produced lineup of the Palatino that is equipped with battery with no footprint of carbon.

The main theme of the company is based on going green. Palatino Angel, Palatino Spyker, Palatino Princess, Palatino Sunshine are some popular scooter models of the company available in the market. The brand is extending its roots and rapidly growing in a speedy pace.



Bajaj auto limited is and Indian two wheeler manufacturing company. It was founded in the year 1930 and is Pune and Mumbai. It is the 6th largest two wheeler manufacturer in the world and 4th largest in the country.

They Offer a more natural seating position, automatic transmission, easy gearless riding, increased storage space, lower prices and greater maneuverability, which can be beneficial for city driving.Its scooters and scooty are very modern styled and different and has different look as compared to any other brand. It manufactures scooter/scooty like Kristal.



Mahindra and Mahindra limited is and Indian multinational manufacturing corporation. Mahindra give you more control of the vehicle given the presence of a gear box and are also preferred by bike enthusiasts who like to feel the power beneath them and hear the revving of a motorcycle engine as they ride, especially for long drives in the hills.

The company is headquartered in Mumbai. It is one of the largest manufactures of two – wheelers in India.  Mahindra launches products based on kinetic research. It gives you a powerful range of scooters/scooty like gusto, rodeo etc.



Yamaha is again a Japanese corporation. The corporation started manufacturing two wheelers in the year 1954. This is a powerful vehicle. We will check engine displacement if we need a powerful scooty. If we want a fuel efficient vehicle then check out that how better it can perform.

Body design: We always prefer to purchase durable things, so we will go for a muscular (strong body) vehicle. The brand manufactures high quality two wheelers which are powerful and gives you an amazingly comfortable ride. They manufacture scooters/scooty like alpha, ray –z and ray.



Hero motorcorp ltd. Is and Indian two wheeler manufactures and is based in New Delhi. Hero is the largest two wheeler manufacturer in India. Hero gives a great mileage in the toughest Indian roads.While all scooters available in the India market typically have a mileage within the same range, it’s always good to know if the scooter can actually deliver the mileage it promises.

It would help you buy a scooter you like if you knew how often you would use the scooter, typically. In this time of rising fuel prices, a good mileage always helps. It has sold approximately 47 million two wheelers from 1982 to 2013. It gives its consumer a powerful and stylish range on scooter/scooty such as pleasure, maestro etc.



Suzuki is again a Japanese multinational corporation and comes third in the list of top brands. Suzuki started manufacturing two wheelers in 1952. Suzuki is the ninth largest manufacturer in the world. It gives you a wide range of comfortable and stylish scooters/scooty like access – 125, lets, swish and many more.Extreme fuel efficiency is one of the key draws for two-wheeler buyers.

With bikes claiming to offer efficiencies of over 100 kmpl, buyers have more options than ever before. Acquaint yourself with the features of the vehicle you plan to buy and look out for expert reviews, comparisons and analysis. Always take the claimed mileage with a pinch of salt. Remember that the mileage under test conditions is not what you can expect on road. Also note that fuel consumption is influenced by the riding style and maintenance. Suzuki promises and gives you the above notable features at a reasonable price.

2. TVS


The second brand which comes after Honda is TVS. It is again  a very good brand offering various scooters and scooty and gives you a comfortable ride. It is the third largest two wheeler manufacturer in India comes under top 10 manufactures in the world.We all prefer two wheelers because of their small manageable size, low maintenance and easy loan options. Selecting a bike is an important decision and you should spend some time to decide which bike is best for you.

TVS is the most renowned brand in India which the consumers relying for the past decades. You need to consider your expectations, experience, budget and most importantly the reasons to get a bike. The company manufactures the two wheelers according to consumer’s requirement. It gives you the most stylish and different scooters/scooty like streak, pep, wego etc.



Honda is the leading two wheeler brand in the country. It has been the world’s largest two wheeler manufactures since 1959. Honda is a Japanese public multinational corporation. It is offering many good and new scooty and scooters like Activa, Activa – 125, aviator and many other. You can choose any style you want as long as it doesn’t affect your comfort, drivability, safety, mileage and of course your budget.

Knowing the one that best suits your individual requirements is very important. You should find realistic information about what each style is designed for, otherwise you can easily end up with a bike which is not suitable for your style. Imagine how odd it looks if an executive in business formals rides a dirt bike to office. It gives you the most powerful and comfortable scooters/scooty. It is the most trusted brand in the country.