Top 7 Best Set Top Box Brands with Price In India 2021

Drama, cartoons, cricket match, movies, and what not; all these are the parts of the life of every household in India that is only fulfilled by a magic box which we called as the SET TOP BOX. Yes, the box that comes with a satellite antenna (Umbrella Shaped) and remote control to be attached with the TV so that you can fully enjoy the entertainment treat you want.

Well, seeing the popularity of TV entertainment in India, the market of set top box is rising day by day and here we have the top 7 contenders of the arena who deal in DTH services in India. The DTH here stands for Direct-To-Home and the 7 contenders that are mentioned here are the Top 7 Set Top Box Brand of India in 2021.

Set Top Box Brands In India

So what are you waiting for; just read on as might you have the thought of changing your current cable services and get a Set Top Box.

Here we go-

7. Sun Direct

On the number 7, we have Sun Direct, one of the most used brand in India. Well, some of you might have guessed, but still let me tell you that this brand has limitations over the southern region of the India, yet it is the most trusted brand. This brand is known for its picture quality and surrounding sound that are the USP of this grands. This brand offers a range of channels, coming in different languages. It takes care of the choices of individual as not every may like the regional channel and not all may like the national or international channel. Now, coming to the price of the Sun Direct, the packages of the channels may vary depending on what channels you assort in the list. However, the set top box offer starts with Rs. 1740/-.

6. My Box

With the customer following up to billion, this brand is highly popular among the households of India. Therefore, commenting on its popularity and quality would  not be justified. The brand offers a wide range of channels categorizing in regional, local, national, and international channels, where you can select your services and make a package for you. You are free to select the language and channels where the fun doubles with the high quality picture and great sound.

5. Reliance Digital TV

Again, the fifth position is acquired by another telecom Giant that also deals in appliances, consumer electronics, etc. So, if a brand deals in so many things then how can it lag behind in the entertainment sector, so here it is presenting the much ado brand in set top box, Reliance Digital TV. It is the biggest provider and to confirm that my family and friends has this as their brand. It has superior video quality, high definition channels, and 250+ channels. And, to tell about the viewership, it has 4 million subscribers.

4. Airtel Digital TV

Airtel, the telecom giant needs no introduction. Therefore, without telling much about where other places it has its hand, let start with the set top box services itself. The services need no introduction as every kid knows about the Airtel dish TV services that has high quality features and. This brand holds more that 400+ channels where 19 channels are HD; yes the high definition. The set top box by the Airtel comes with storage device and Dolby Digital Sound. The price range of its product start with Rs. 1645/-.

3. Videocon D2H

Videocon is the brand name that we all have heard everywhere, like in refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, etc. Well, they deal in DTH services too and they are pretty famous for what they have for their clientele. Well, talking about the set top box of the company, it comes in a stylish outer covering that soothes the eye, but if we talk about the services then the services soothe the heart. Yes, first of all, being the reliable service provider, this brand is found everywhere in India, having more than 500+ channels to choose from. Right now, the stats tell that the brand has more than 6 million subscribers. Quite a big figure!! Last but not the least, the offer starts from Rs. 1220/-.

2. Tata Sky

While writing about this brand, I have the jingle on my lips, “isko laga dala to life jinga lala.” Did you remember something, Shahrukh Khan, the Indian Bollywood star doing the advertisement of the brand? Hell, yeah, how can anybody forget. Well, exactly that is the brand that we have on number 2. With wonderful services and customer satisfaction, this brand fearlessly brags the position second and boasts its features like HD video quality, surround sound, personal video recorder, etc. The package of the Tata sky starts at Rs. 1400/-.

1. Dish TV

“Aao Dish Kare,” is the jingle of this brand that secured the position one with its awesome services that include non-stop movies, 20 audio channels, 250+ TV channels, and affordable start-up of the package that is Rs. 1500/-. This is the reason why this brand is a choice of more that is 80lakh subscribers, which is increasing day-by-day.

So, here we have top seven contenders from which you can choose one for you, if you seriously feel like witching the cable services.