Top 10 Best 2.5 ton Split ACs with Price in India 2020

As we all know, the increased demand of ACs in India has drived many AC manufacturer to produce best ACs with latest technologies and configuration. Best AC in sense, AC with super fast cooling, double filter layer to send clean and fresh air, room temperature sensing technology to adjust cooling according to that are some of the latest features in today’s AC.

Also, luxury suites in Star rated hotels, meeting halls, office rooms require large capacity AC which must be more than 2 Ton. Thus, to get an idea, here are the list of top 10 2.5 Ton ACs available in Indian market.

10. Gree 2.5 Ton Split AC

Gree 2.5 Ton Split AC

Most of them would have not come across this electronic brand but actually it is one of the brands that fastly occupying Indian market. It has marked its brand name in Indian market through its fastest cooling technology which cools the rooms instantly and uniformly along with its carbon deodorizer technology which removes any dust and micro-organisms. It is available from 1 Ton to 2.5 Ton AC capacity. Gree GWCN30FANK1NTA 2.5 Ton Split AC is the largest selling high capacity AC from the Company Gree.

Price : 50000/-

9. Daikin 2.5 Ton Split AC

Daikin 2.5 Ton Split AC

Daikin is an electronic consumer company having its headquarters in Osaka, Japan. It is famously called as Variable Refrigerant Volume systems by other manufacturers due to its innovations in the Split AC systems. Daikin 2.5 Ton Split AC FTN80JXV16 has several special features such as turbo mode, quick cooling feature, less noise level with 56 Decibel and easier to install and maintain. Thus, these features has made it as one of the largest selling high capacity ACs in Indian market.

Price : 56000/-

8. Sansui 2.5 Ton Split AC

Sansui 2.5 Ton Split AC

Sansui has been among the premier brands in the home appliance market all over India. It has been one of the best air conditioning providers in India for over a decade. The USP of the Sansui air conditioners is the fact that they provide for efficient cooling services at minimal costs. The anti-bacterial filters and dust proof filters make the AC healthy options and low on maintenance as well. They are good options in the humid and hot Indian climate.

Price: 49,000

7. Carrier 2.5 Ton Split AC

Carrier 2.5 Ton Split AC

The brand Carrier has been an everlasting name in the Indian households for a very long time. The ACs from Carrier has been known to provide for efficient cooling services at conventional costs. The energy efficiency ratio of the Carrier ACs is on the higher side which makes them formidable options to avail. The aftersales service of the brand is also reckonable.

Price: 60,000

6. Hyundai 2.5 Ton Split AC

Hyundai 2.5 Ton Split AC

Most of them might be aware of this term in Automobile sector. But the same company launches large capacity Air conditioners for large rooms or deluxe suites. It has special features such as attractive design with fastest cooling feature, hibernate function with soundless technology and it is a kind of Inverter AC which backs up the power and runs during power cuts without largely depending on Inverter. Hyundai DC24 2.5 Ton Split AC is the most demanding models of Air conditioners in Indian market.

Price : 54000/-

5. Mitsubishi 2.5 Ton Split AC

Mitsubishi 2.5 Ton Split AC

It is one of the most soundless Air conditioners with decibel as low as 19 to 40 DB. It has several attractive features such as air purifying filter, eco-friendly technology, anti-allergy enzyme filter along with excellent energy efficiency. Mitsubishi 2.5 Ton Spilt AC MSH30VA with rotary compressor and 7 way air flow assures instant cooling in your surroundings.

Price : 52000/-

4. Panasonic 2.5 Ton Split AC

Panasonic 2.5 Ton Split AC

It is a multinational electronic consumer having its head quarters in Osaka, Japan. Today this company has become one of the top most leading companies in the world alongside its competitors such as Hitachi, Sony, Canon and Toshiba. It is one of the most trusted brands of electronic products not only in Japan but also in India. It delivers several large capacity Air conditioners such as Panasonic CS YC30PKY 2.5 Ton Split AC for luxurious rooms.

Price : 56000/-

3. Sharp 2.5 Ton Split AC

Sharp 2.5 Ton Split AC

Sharp is again from the Japanese manufacturer produces large capacity ACs for Indian consumers. It has introduced inverter AC which saves power and works without help of inverter. Sharp electronics has been awarded one of the best eco-friendly producers of electronics in the world. Sharp 2.5 Ton AU-X3M24MV Split AC with sound of 48 Decibels and a power consumption of 1940 Watts is the most sold high capacity AC from Sharp.

Price : 55000/-

2. Blue Star 2.5 Ton Split AC

Blue Star 2.5 Ton Split AC

Blue star is one of the leading electronic consumer companies which makes a turn over around Rs.3200 Crores per year. It has launched hassle free installation Split ACs called as Verticool Blue star AC with common features such as dual filter protection, rotary and scroll compressor and so on. Blue star 2.5 ton MHW301RC2 Mega 3 Phase Split AC and Blue star 2.5 ton VCE301SC2 Verticool 3 phase Split AC are the most selling models of large capacity ACs in Blue star.

Price : 54000/-

1. O-General 2.5 Ton Split AC

O-General 2.5 Ton Split AC

O-General is a Japanese company named Fujitsu which is in collaboration with ETA Ascon Dubai is a number one Air conditioner brand in producing large capacity Air conditioners for large deluxe suites, office rooms, meeting halls and so on. This brand assures long life quality along with best service in both high wall Split AC and Ceiling type Wall Split AC. Capacity greater than 2 Ton is easily available from O-general and it contains exotic features such as auto swing, moisture removal technology, Auto shut flaps, sleep timer and negative ion filters. O-General ASG30A 2.5 Ton with hyper rotary compressors is the most sold model of this brand.

Price : 56000/-