Top 10 Best Baby Food Brands in India 2021

Child health is the greatest matter of concern for a mother. As the children are very much sensitive and susceptible to sickness it is quite essential to take proper care of the food habit of a baby. A few days ago, it is never heard a company that will totally dedicate to babies. Nevertheless, with the need of age, and for larger business aspect, various baby food brands are available in the market. The relevant products are available in the mall and shop as the advertisement of foods and other baby products are widely coming on numerous commercial television channel. Some of the top ten nutrition baby food brands are enlisted below.

Baby Food Brands in India

10. Vadilal Industries Ltd.

Vadilal Industry Ltd. is one of the familiar industries of the food manufacturer in India. More specifically, it also produces infant foods in frozen form. The wide range of its products covers various frozen items and fruits frozen items. Other nutritional foods are also made by this company.

9. Ovobel Foods

This food industry is established in the year of 1995. This manufacturer of food is dealing with egg products in national as well as in the international market. It is well known for exporting whole egg or albumen or yolk in frozen form or in powdered form. A wide range of products of this company include numerous items such as yolk powder, whole egg powder, stabilized albumen powder, frozen hen egg and lots more.

8. Happy Family Organic Super Foods

The infant intakes according to various ranges of their ages are being produced by this company maintaining the quality and nutrition ratio. The organic foods for babies consist of various individual or combo items such as apple spinach combo, apple cherry combo, pumpkin apple peach cinnamon combo, banana beet blueberry combo and lots more.

7. Organic Tattva

This trustworthy nutrition company produces many organic foods within affordable range. It includes flour, pulses, rice, grains, and sugar and jaggery items for infant nutrition. Their wide products are houses many proper ratio organic foods such as wheat flour, organic maida, besan, moong but, Kala chana, urad but, moong chilka, wheat daliya, suji poha and much more.

6. Earth’s Best Organic baby Food

This is one of the trusted authorities on food manufacturer organizations which is widely producing numerous infant nutritions. The products of infant cereals of this brand include whole grain rice, whole grain oatmeal, whole grain multi-grain cereal, whole grain cereal with apple and much more. Apart from these products, mashed fruits, mashed vegetables, mashed grains, mashed peas, baby meals, blends fruits and blend vegetables are also produced by this company. This company is manufacturing their products differentiating the category of infant age.

5. Pristine Organics

Pristine organics in India is addressed for the first time to prepare certified organic foods. They are one of the reliable food manufacturing organizations that produce staple foods as well as cereal supplementary foods. Their wide range of food items includes green gram, mixed millet, wheat flour, ragi flour, jaggery, mixed millet flakes, wheat flakes, rice cereal and much more.

4. “24 Mantra Organic”

It is one of the oldest brands of infant nutritious that has been made a prolong trust in the mind of consumers. It is familiar for its widest range of organic foods. Some of the popular food products are such as broken rice, basmati rice, wheat daily, raw rice, wheat and much more. The items of breakfast cereals are like ragi flakes, corn flakes, honey stars, multigrain flakes, mango stars and so on. In addition, wheat bran, jams sugar, wheat grass powder etc products are available in the production of this company.

3. Heinz Breakfast Creamy Oat Porridge Cereal

Heinz Breakfast Creamy Oat Porridge Cereal is a very good food for your infant. This cereal contains essential vitamins plus minerals. Vitamin C and vitamin D helps in making the bones and teeth of your stronger and healthy. This is appropriate for an infant of 4+ months. It is enriched with fundamental nutrients, for instance, calcium, iron plus zinc. The price of Heinz Breakfast Creamy Oat Porridge Cereal.

2. Wockhardt’s Farex

Farex is the most excellent cereal food for a toddler which provides total nutrition plus healthy food to your infant and is produced by Wockhardt. It comprises of vitamins and minerals and helps the infant to grow eating nutritious food plus bring stable growth in every step of your baby. There are two types of Wockhardt’s Farex cereal and they are:

  • Farex Infant Cereal Stage1 for infants from 6 months to 24 months
  • Farex Multi Cereal mixed fruit stage3 is for babies in the age group of 9 -24 months

1. Nestle

One of the most leading companies for baby food production in Indian market is Nestle. It is in the commanding position for many years dominating the baby food industry by its proper nutrition products. The Lactogen product of this company is one of the most demanding products in the market, which is available in numerous flavors. According to the age, various sizes and quantities are available in the market. In addition, they produce Nestum and Cerelac item for infants. This respective company is holding almost 80 % of child nutrition market in India.

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