Top 10 Best Coffee Brands in India 2021

Coffee is one of the Temping beverages in India which makes anyone to feel fresh and enthusiastic as soon as they consume it. The strong aroma of coffee beans will drive anyone crazy to have it “at once” whenever they cross it.

Thus, many coffee destinations such as Starbucks, Coffee day and Barista have strongly launched their branches in several Metro cities of India. The international Coffee organization says that India is the fifth largest producer of Coffee in the world and the State Karnataka alone is responsible for 70% of India’s coffee production.

Thus, coffee has become a most essential beverage in any Indian Households.

In accordance to that, let us check top 10 best coffee brands in India:

10. Indian Coffee House


This is another famous coffee brand in India which is run by the co-operative worker society. It was launched in the year 1958 and has successfully completed its 50 years of excellence. The taste of Indian coffee house is rich and creamy and maintains its standard taste for more than 50 years.

This company has 400 coffee shops across the country and a much known and famous coffee brand for coffee lovers.

9. Narasu’s Coffee

Narasu’s Coffee

This is a very famous coffee brand in India which was launched in the year 1926. Though this company was launched several years ahead, it adapts to latest technologies such as electronic color sorters, imported automatic roasters in sorting of coffee beans, drying and roasting of coffee beans. Narasu’s coffee delivers its best quality coffee powders through its coffee estates in Karnataka and Tamil nadu.

This company manufactures several coffee products such as instant coffee powders, filter coffee Powders, tea, chicory and so on.

8. Barista Coffee


This company was launched in the year 2000 in India and delivers its best coffee service to Indians. The espresso coffee bars of Barista Lavazza have delivered its best Italian coffee taste in a warm and friendly atmosphere. This company has spread its branches in more than 200 cities in India and has become a famous coffee destination for Italian coffee lovers.

7. Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai is an excellent home grown coffee in India. The coffee bean for this brand of coffee is handpicked from different farms and the aroma from the coffee is just tempting. Blue Tokai provides some of the most excellent ground coffee to your doorstep.

This brand was formed by the duo of Matt Chitharanjan and NamrataAsthana. The coffee prepared by Blue Tokai brand is roasted with great care and is done only when ordered. As soon as the coffee is ground, it is transported to the customer to enjoy the full flavor of it.

6. Starbucks Coffee


Starbucks is one of the world famous brands of coffee and recently became very famous in India too. Starbucks coffee is very famous for its excellent aroma, rich creamy taste and roasted or brewed coffee taste every time when we have it. Starbucks has become a best destination for coffee lovers in India.

5. Café Coffee day

cafe coffee day

Café coffee day was launched in the year 1996 which has now developed into largest chains of coffee shops in every possible nook and corner of metro cities. It is a division of Amalgamated Bean Coffee trading company Limited, India.

At present, this company has more than 1000 coffee shops at 141 cities in India. They produce best coffee powders which come from their 10,000 acres of Coffee estates.

4. Leo


Pamper yourself in a really aesthetic experience. Leo top mix is a flawlessly reasonable pure coffee with a silky, rich texture. Made from beans that are selected from the most excellent quality coffee developing areas in the western Ghats of south India. This first-class coffee is soothingly roasted for outstanding body and taste. Intermingled with unlimited care to generate implausible taste and stimulating aroma. Leo has become quite famous in the Indian markets and is recognized for astounding purity plus quality. Leo was established by PRK Nadar in 1910 with the most distinctive coffee savor that is relished by coffee lovers throughout India.

3. Tata coffee

tata coffee

This is the largest coffee and tea manufacturing company which is known for its best quality and taste. This company has around 19 coffee estates in the southern parts of India where best coffee beans are selected, dried, roasted and grinded to produce a perfect coffee taste with rich aroma. Tata coffee company is also responsible for Marketing and sales of coffee powders.

2. Bru

Bru coffee

This is a very famous instant coffee powder which is available in every possible grocery shops in Indian cities. This is also a favorite brand which has rich and creamy taste and makes anyone to love it till the last sip. This is a product of Hindustan Unilever Limited which holds 49.6% of Indian coffee market. In recent years, this brand has become very famous and has now become the second best coffee brand in India right after Nescafe.

1. Nescafe

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Nescafe is one of the oldest and renowned coffee brands in India which is from Nestle India Limited. This Coffee brand has several manufacturing units across the country and it is the first best selling coffee brand in India by taking 55% of shares in Indian coffee market.

Roughly, it sells around 700 million cups a day by placing several coffee machines at many public places in Indian cities. Nescafe has introduced several instant coffee powders such as “Red Mug Instant coffee”, “Gold Instant coffee”, hot and cold Cappuccino, “Cafe Latte” and “Café Mocha” which has its unique taste and difference.

So, which coffee brand you prefer the most?
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