Top 10 Best Corn Flakes Brands With Price in India 2021

Breakfast is the most important meal of our day. It is very healthy habit to have nutritious breakfast every day. In this fast life, most people have to skip breakfast which leads to many drawbacks after a long time. A full bowl of milk with cornflakes is always the best way to have in the mornings. The corn flakes are cholesterol free and are full of energy, low in fat and are high in fiber. It is the digestive snacks as well. There are many brands which offer different flavors to experiment the tastes buds. Below is the list of top 10 corn flakes brands available in the Indian market.

10. Oho Corn Flakes

Oho Corn Flakes

Oho is yet another brand that provides for really tasty coco-corn flakes. The brand is known in the Indian market for the use of genuine and non-artificial ingredients while ensuring that the requisite nutritional standards can be maintained. The corn flakes are also available in caramel, wheat, wheat and honey, milk chocolate and white chocolate flavours. The price of a 500 gram pack is around the 100-110 mark.

9. Manna Corn Flakes

Manna Corn Flakes

The Manna Corn Flakes is known for providing nourishment and much needed nutrients to the body. It is among the most famous cereals in India which has been the provider of a wholesome meal to begin the day with. The quality of the product can be assessed from the fact that there are no artificial ingredients in use and it is completely made out of high quality corn grits and malt extracts. The price of a 500 gam packet is a mere 85 rupees.

8. Go Healthy Corn Flakes

Go Healthy Corn Flakes

Go Healthy is a brand name of popular company Global Organics. Go Healthy Corn Flakes are original and best quality product available in the country. The corn flakes from the brand are made with no artificial colors or flavors, giving high quality breakfast option. The corn flakes are rich in iron and vitamins and it is fat free. The product is very light to eat for everyday meals for breakfast, available at the price of 60/ for 300g pack.

7. Lawrence Mills Corn Flakes

Lawrence Mills is one of the best brands in the country. The Lawrence Mills corn flakes contains the active ingredients such as corns grit, malt extract, sugar, salt, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  The corn flakes have the awesome flavors and it is a healthy breakfast. The bigger flakes are light and crispy, and also low in fat. The 500g pack is just for 85/

6. 24 Mantra Organic Corn Flakes

24 Mantra is an organic food brand of the country which was founded in 1992. The brand provides the corn flakes with the flex seeds which is extremely healthy to have in the breakfast every day. The corn flakes are pure and organic, rich in taste. It is blended with flax seeds and deliciously flavored with cinnamon. The corn flakes can be added with milk, fresh fruits and dry fruits to have extra energy. The 300g pack is available at the price of 149/

5. Kwality Corn Flakes

Kwality Corn Flakes

Kwality Spices is steadily growing brand of food business across the country. The brand offers different tasty flavors in the range of corn flakes such as, Original, Banana, Strawberry, and Natural Honey. The products ensure the healthy breakfast cereals for adults as well children. The corn flakes are very delicious and crispy which provide iron and vital Vitamins, which is essential for the breakfast. Best Price: 170/ for 375g pack.

4. Savour Corn Flakes

Savour Corn Flakes

Savour India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading brands of breakfast cereals, Soya Products and Spices. The corn flakes from the brand are made with good quality sweet corns, which gives fresh and munchy taste. It is a good source of iron and Vitamins C. They are light but highly nutritious and give energy for the whole day. Best Price: 89/ for 250g pack.

3. Bagrry’s Corn Flakes

Bagrry’s is pioneer brand of the health foods and breakfast cereals in India. The brand provides four variants in corn flakes which include Original & Healthier, Real Honey, Almond ‘n’ Honey and NAS Cornflakes. The corn flakes are made with golden corn, which contains high dietary fibers, Lower Glycemic Index and it is 100% Fat Free. It is much healthier breakfast option with the goodness of real tastes. Best Price: 140/ for 300g pack.

2. Patanjali Corn Flakes

Patanjali Corn Flakes

Patanjali Ayurveda presents all its organic products with natural ingredients and it is very healthy to intake. The corn flakes for Patanjali are excellent quality and it contains large and crispy flakes of organic corns. It contains lots of fibers, low cholesterol and calorie count as well. The products from Patanajli are available at the lowest price as the 500g pack of corn flakes is priced at 170/

1. Kelloggs Corn Flakes

Kelloggs Corn Flakes

The most popular and best selling corn flakes brand in Kelloggs. In 1930s, Kelloggs was one of the first brands which printed the nutrition values on its products. The brand has to offer several exciting flavors such as Original, Brownie Delight, Real Almond and Honey, Real Banana Puree and Chips, Corn Flakes with Real Honey, Real Mango Puree and Real Strawberry Puree. The corn flakes are made from natural corn and it contains iron and essential vitamins. Best Price: 90/ for 250g pack.

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