Top 10 Best LED TV Buy Under a Price of 50000 Rs. in India 2018

Every year by year, we hear new technology coming up in televisions. Earlier it was plasma then came a range of LCD TVs and finally the LED technology took over. Each time a new technology comes, the TV prices are hiked. Whenever we go to buy a new TV, the store manager shows us a huge variety and it gets really confusing to judge the display and hence take decision. There are three things, which can help you make the final selection:

  1. Judge the screen size you wish to buy by the available space in your house
  2. Plan your budget
  3. Research on the internet on brands and prices; read the available reviews

Let us see the list top 10 of LED TVs in the market under the range of 50K:

10. Onida 123.19cm (48.5) Full HD Smart LED TV

Onida 123.19cm (48.5) Full HD Smart LED TV

This product from Onida, an Indian company is full HD coming 3x HDMI and 3X USB options. It has in built android operative system, which provides a genius and user-friendly interface.Also unique feature in this LED TV is its remote which comes with a QWERTY web cruiser keyboard, a mouse all packed into one. Also, it is rechargeable hence you don’t have to spend on batteries.The TV has 4 GB internal memory and Quad Core processor for your faster multitasking ability.

Price: 49,200 INR

9. Mitashi 127cm (50) Full HD Smart LED TV

Mitashi 127cm (50) Full HD Smart LED TV

Again, it Is a full HD TV with 50 inch huge screen display. Mitashi is again an Indian electronic manufacturer. Its unique features are HDMI Input, quad core processor Operating System, Ram of 512 MB internal storage, Wi-Fi connection to use Facebook, YouTube, email, etc. on TV etc. Hence,it’s a decent Indian TV with all good features at competitive prices.

Price: 47,989 INR

8. Panasonic 102cm (40) Full HD LED TV

Panasonic 102cm (40) Full HD LED TV

This is a 40-inch LED TV, which comes with 2 years of warranty from the famous Japanese Manufacturer Panasonic. This company was found in 1955 and was earlier into production of audio speakers. It has good HD resolution of 1920*1080.Its indeed not a SMART TV. It doesn’t provide further connectivity like Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It has 2 speakers with full range of 10W.In the budget of around 50K, this is a good selection if you are good with 40 inch display.

Price: 49000 INR

7. Videocon 127cm (50) Full HD LED TV

Videocon 127cm (50) Full HD LED TV

This is a 50 inch full HD LED TV from Videocon,a huge Indian diversified Company. It specializes in best in class home appliances like TV, refrigerators, computers, washing machines, and ACs. This model from Videocon has 4 HDMI connectors and 2 USB ports. It was launched in 2015 but it doesn’t support SMART technology.It cannot be connected to Internet but is good to have for normal TV watching purpose. It comes with 1 year of warranty.

Price: 49900 INR

6. Philips 127cm (50) Full HD LED TV

Philips 127cm (50) Full HD LED TV

Philips is a Dutch technology company, which specializes in electronic appliances. It exports all throughout the world and is a leading manufacturer. At an affordable price, we can enjoy the display of 50-inch LED display.Infact, it has a 120Hz Perfect Motion Rate image processor, which gives excellent clarity and sharpness.Moreover, it has incredible audio sound experience by mixing the sounds from both the speakers and hence giving super surround sound.

Price: 50000 INR

5. Sony 80.1cm (32) Full HD Smart LED TV

Sony 80.1cm (32) Full HD Smart LED TV

It is again a Japanese manufacturer with excellent technology and hence electronic products almost leading the electronic consumables market. It provides decent screen size of 32 inch and is full HD 1920*1080.It is a sum up of both excellent design and super performance.Unique point in this TV is its Bass Reflex Speaker, which gives rich audio outputs.It can even be connected to your smartphone and hence convert the small mobile screen into huge 32 inch display. It is super smart in technology. Isn’t It?

Price: 42,889 INR

4. SAMSUNG 102cm (40) Full HD Smart LED TV

SAMSUNG 102cm (40) Full HD Smart LED TV

This 40 inch SMART HD LED TV has a super impressive design that adorns the wall of your home completely.It is very sleek and elegant which complements your home interior.It has inbuilt Wi-Fi to connect directly to internet browsers and hence enjoy the internet.Also, the screen can be used for laptops, mobiles, etc. whenever needed.It has a special feature of Story Replay, which allows you to capture any image or audio you like on TV and look at it later.

Price: 48,290 INR

3. LG 100cm (40) Full HD Smart LED TV

LG 100cm (40) Full HD Smart LED TV

This product from LG is super vibrant and a best seller always. LG is a preferred brand by majority. However, this model is having SMART technology enabled.It comes with variety of video modes and connectivity options.Other unique features are intelligent sensor, motion eco sensor, super energy saver, multi language support, memory recording, photo editor etc. However, this is indeed the king of all TVs in this budget.

Price: 50000 INR

2. Vu 55UH8475 (55) Full HD Smart LED TV

Vu 55UH8475 (55) Full HD Smart LED TV

The Vu 55UH8475 is a major 55-inch LED TV with many brilliant elements. This TV brandishes Full HD show which conveys pictures at a determination of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The TV brandishes thin dark bezel, with power LED on the base right corner. The picture quality of the TV is an essential element we consider while getting one. The Full HD show creates great pictures for HD content, yet for SD content it may not be clear due to the enormous 55-inch screen estimate. It has 178-degree wide review edge which guarantees clear viewing from the inaccessible corners of the room.

Price: 44,490 INR

1. Micromax 50Z9999UHD (50) 4K Smart LED TV

Micromax 50Z9999UHD (50) 4K Smart LED TV

Micromax 50Z9999UHD is another delightful and effective Television to keep your diversion share constantly full. This is a major 50-inch LED TV with part of savvy elements. It sports Ultra HD 4K show which renders pictures at a determination of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This Ultra HD show produces brighter, more honed and point by point pictures giving you a brilliant survey involvement. The photo execution of this TV is normal with SD substance however truly great with 720p and 1080p contents.

Price: 44,490 INR

Both the 1st and 2nd options are very cost effective and worth the price you will pay.