Top 10 Best Mixer Grinder Under 1500 to 2000 Rs. in India 2018

However, rich or poor a family is, a kitchen with basic devices are a must. The only difference is in the cost and manufacturer of such devices. Not everyone can afford a cooking gas or refrigerator of 10000 INR. They have financial constraints. In fact, 60% of the Indian populations are in the middle class range. They like to save the money and have a satisfactory household running.

For such smart people, let us discuss about top 10 best mixer grinders under 2000, which can be brought mixer grinders under 1500 to 2000 INR currently in the markets:

10. Sunflame Champion 500 W Mixer Grinder

Sunflame Style DX 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Sunflame is an Indian company found in 1984 owned by a joint family business. It deals in production of high quality branded home appliances. They aim to get all Indian homes becoming their clients and moving ahead strongly to achieve their goals. It has distributors PAN India and the company is working very hard to win the trust of all the customers. Their tag line is “THE CLEAR CHOICE.”

  • Other Features: Stylish Design, Safety assured within each appliance, high-level technology used in production, very professional, sound proof, leak proof technology, automatic circuit cut in situations of voltage fluctuation, and long lasting motor built up
  • Price: 1780 INR

9. Bajaj Rex 500 W Mixer grinder with 3 jars

Bajaj GX-1 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Rahul Bajaj, owner of Bajaj Electricals Private Ltd quotes that” Do whatever you think is best but be best at whatever you do”. He has proved this quote with his dedicated work and workmanship in his product range. Bajaj is a group of more than 25 companies from vehicles to appliances, insurance to financial schemes, and from electronics to steel products, they make them all. There is no comparison to the efficiency and performance of products and technology from Bajaj. They make India a proud country giving it recognition and fame throughout the world.

  • Other Features: Sturdy stainless steel body mixer grinder, easy to grip handles of jars,motor overload protector, 1 year warranty of hardware
  • Price: 1750 INR

8. Boss Nova B212 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Boss Nova B212 500 W Mixer Grinder

It is a Pakistani electrical manufacturing company, which exports its high-class products to international countries like USA, Africa, Middle East, and South East Asia. However, India also gets its appliances in market. It is a good choice for mixer grinders below 2000 INR with long time efficiency guarantee.

  • Other Features: Innovative Design, Affordable Price, High quality products
  • Price : 2100 INR

7. Prestige Tulip Classic 500 W Mixer Grinder

Prestige Tulip Classic 500 W Mixer Grinder

This is a 500 W Mixer Grinder with 3 jars. The engaging outline and the nature of the item are the real explanations behind the ubiquity. There are three separate speed controls accessible for the client. The Stainless Steel Material builds the toughness of the item. This is however overload ensured and along these lines extremely effective in nature. It accompanies 2 years of guarantee from the organization. This branded Mixer Grinder is accessible for INR 1599.

  • Other Features: Innovative Design with Affordable Price
  • Price : 1599 INR

6. Preethi Spice MG 203 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

Spice MG 203 550 W Mixer Grinder

They have achieved a lot by reaching to almost every woman’s kitchen as well as heart. They know the importance of household and hence believe in manufacturing the best, safe and genius range of electrical home appliances and specializes in mixer grinders. They constantly upgrade their models to meet the needs of consumers and be in competition with market.

  • Other features: Beautiful design, super quality stainless steel body, flow breakers for effective working
  • Price : 2000 INR

5. Bajaj GX1 Mixer Grinder

Bajaj GX1 Mixer Grinder

With a rich body outline, the blender accompanies tough stainless steel containers with simple grasp handles that let you hold better. The multi-utilitarian sharp edge framework makes pounding and blending more viable. The blender processor can be utilized to granulate both wet and dry fixings, permitting you to make batters and dry masalas easily. You can likewise utilize it to make an entire assortment of chutneys. The machine accompanies a programmed close off the element and an engine over-burden defender that is modified to keep the blender from getting harmed. The machine consumes around 500 watts of energy to work. The price of this mixer grinder is 1,797 INR.

  • Other features: Beautiful design and super quality stainless steel body
  • Price : 1797 INR

4. Kenstar Prince Royal KMR50W3S-DBE Mixer Grinder

Prince Royal Model DBE Mixer Grinder

They have setup an excellent reach model mixer grinder under 1500 INR in India with the help of 63 dealers, 425 franchises and over 3500 trade partners. They have proved themselves to be one of the most premium yet affordable brand among home appliances in India.

  • Other Features: Impressive Products Range, Premium Quality, Optimum Pricing
  • Price : 1500 INR

3. Glen SA4045BG 350-Watt Mini Blender and Grinder

Glen Gl4021 550-Watt

They are a most sorted Indian Brand dedicated in bringing modern home appliances to every home in India. Products from Glen are an ideal example of aesthetics along with performance. They generally deal in products gas stoves, cooking range, small home appliances, chimneys etc.

  • Oher Features: world class technology integrated products, long and trouble free use, attractive design, excellent performance
  • Price : 1800 INR

2. Maharaja Whiteline Alfa MX-153 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Alfa MX-153

It’s a brand of GROUP SEB, which is French company found 150 years ago. This company operates in 150 countries with staff of 25000 people and maintains a record of selling 6 products every second. Nothing can beat this brand in experience and perfection.

  • Other Features: Light in Weight, Great Grinding skills, Strong built
  • Price: 1750 INR

1. Prestige Nakshatra 41348 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Nakshatra 41348 Mixer Grinder

Prestige is a preferred brand and everyone’s choice. They make exceptional products and offer a variety of range in affordable pricing. They are market leaders currently and I would recommend this company strongly. They are India’s largest kitchen appliance company.

  • Other Features: Stainless steel products, single touch technology in grinders, and transparent lids in jars for better view of grinding material
  • Price: 2000 INR

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