Top 10 Best Refrigerators (Fridges) Under 25000 Rs. in India 2018

The price bracket of Rs. 25,000 and below brings you several refrigerators in the Indian consumers. Big brands have their best products lined up in this price range providing various features and value for money fridges. Most of the refrigerators are doubled door and have pretty high capacity for family use.

When a consumer wants to buy a refrigerator, the first and foremost task they should do is select a reputed brand of their choice and then find the best selling and high performing refrigerator from that brand within their budget. Below is the list of the top 10 best refrigerators to buy below Rs. 25,000 in India:

10. Haier HRF-2903BS-H

Haier HRF-2903BS-H

This is a 270 litre capacity refrigerator from the house of Haier which has made its name with their unique designs, good quality products and after sales service in the refrigerator market. It is a double door refrigerator which has a price tag of Rs. 22,185/-. There are three shelves available in this refrigerator which is built of toughened glass. In the department of power efficiency, it has a moderate 3 star rating. Direct cool, frost free, quick ice, etc. are some notable features of this Haier refrigerator.

9. Samsung RT27JARYESA/TL


At a price tag of Rs. 22,500/-, Samsung has this jewel of refrigerator to offer for the Indian consumers. It is a 253 litres and double door fridge. A total of three toughened glass shelves are available in this refrigerator. Technologies like moist free, direct cooling, frost free, etc. are equipped with this amazing Samsung refrigerator which provides long lasting freshness to the food items stored inside. This refrigerator has digital inverter compressor which is a great tool to save electricity, thus making this refrigerator a energy efficient gem.

8. Samsung RT27JARZERY 253 L

Samsung RT27JARZERY 253 L

This is a double door refrigerator from one of the most renowned appliance brand in India, Samsung. It has a capacity of 253 litres and is accompanies by a modern and beautiful attire. It is a frost free refrigerator with an energy efficiency rating of 4 Stars. It is priced at a modest 24,990 and is available across all leading e-commerce websites of India.

7. LG 255 L Frost


This LG refrigerator is a double door and 255 litre marvel with lots if added features, apart from general cooling. To have maximum power efficiency, it has a smart inverter compressor installed with it. It has a energy efficiency rating of 3 stars. Moist balance crisper, multi air flow, frost free technology, etc. are some important features of this LG refrigerator. This refrigerator does not emit any hazardous gas and is eco friendly. This refrigerator and fridge is under priced at Rs. 25,600/-.

6. Whirlpool FP 263D ROYAL PROTTON


In this price range, one of the best refrigerators from the top brand, the Whirlpool FP 263D makes a mark and is a best selling product in Indian retail market. It is priced at Rs. 25,200/-. This has a 6th sense active fresh technology which keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh and healthy. Apart from this, added features like fresh booker, moisture retention, micro block, etc. are there in this refrigerator. The gross capacity of this double door refrigerator is 240 litres.

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5. Whirlpool Fp 263D Protton Roy Mirror White

Whirlpool Fp 263D Protton Roy Mirror White

The refrigerator is a multi-door refrigerator which comes in with a storage capacity of 240 litre. It has an energy efficiency rating of 4 star and is available across the mirror white colouration. It makes the use of moisture retention technology and also has a complete defrosting system. It also boasts additional features like auto-defrost and 6th sense Actifresh.

4. Godrej RT EON 240 P 2.3

Godrej RT EON 240 P 2.3

The mega brand Godrej has a 240 litre capacity refrigerator for Indian consumers at a price tag of Rs. 20,000/-. This is a double door refrigerator and has been a bestselling Godrej fridge for quite some time. This is an eco-friendly refrigerator with the indoor moisture and freshness kept in a normal level. This refrigerator uses instant cooling technology and is frost free.

3. Samsung RT29JARZESP/TL


Priced at Rs. 29,500/- this is a beautiful refrigerator from Samsung which has beautiful floral designs on the exterior body. This is a double door refrigerator with gross capacity of 275 litres. This refrigerator is designed to handle frequent power cuts, voltage drops and fluctuations. It has an inverter friendly compressor with stabilizer free operation for that purpose. Additional features like frost free, ice max, concealed crisper, etc. are present in this amazing Samsung refrigerator.

2. Godrej RT EON 260 P 3.3

Godrej RT EON 260 P 3.3

This is a 260 litre capacity and double door refrigerator from the house of Godrej. At a price tag of Rs. 22,910/-, this Godrej refrigerator is at number two of the best refrigerators below Rs. 25,000.This refrigerator do not allow the inside cool temperature to fade away even after 10 hours of power cut. It has energy rating of 3 stars.

1.  LG GL-B292SGSM


Priced at just Rs. 22,000 this is a double door LG refrigerator with total capacity of 258 litres. With energy efficiency rating of 3 stars, this has extra features like multi air flow, moisture balance crisper, inverter powered compressor, toughened glass shelves, etc. It has a 3 star energy efficiency rating.