Top 10 Best Refrigerators (Fridges) Under 30000 Rs. in India Mattress Brands with Price in India 2018

Refrigerators have become a daily need in our life. As a television is very common in every household, similarly, the refrigerators have become widely popular in Indian families. The main use of refrigerator is to keep the food items, whether they are prepared or raw, healthy and fresh. Apart from this, refrigerators give cooling solutions and one can freeze ice cubes or have cold water to drink.

Under Rs. 30,000 there are several branded refrigerators to buy in Indian market. These refrigerators are of high capacity with lot of space. Apart from this, they are loaded with several useful technologies to make life comfortable and happier. Customers always pick that refrigerator which suits their budget, serves their overall requirement and provides value for money. Brands now a day are focusing on providing more after sales services to the valued consumers. Below is the list of top 10 best refrigerators available in India under Rs. 30,000:

10. Haier HRB-3403BR-H

Haier HRB-3403BR-H

From the house of Haier, this is a double door refrigerator which has a gross capacity of 320 litres. This massive capacity is very helpful for bigger families.  It is a frost free refrigerator. Hence, it would not allow depositing unwanted frost inside the refrigerator and ruining the storage. There is a separate cabinet for freezer and it occupies 25 per cent of the total fridge volume. Quick ice technology, fresh ventilation, moisture free, etc. are some features that come with this fridge. It is priced refrigerator under at Rs. 30,000/- in Indian market.

9. Hitachi RT 310END1K (SLS)

Hitachi RT 310END1K (SLS)

This wonderful refrigerator by Hitachi is priced at Rs. 31,000/- in Indian market. It has a net capacity of 289 litres. It is a double door refrigerator and is available in two colors. Important features like deodorizing, eco thermo sensor, air jet flow, smart control dial, nano titanium filter, etc. are there in this refrigerator. Hitachi provides a 1 year warranty on the body of the refrigerator and the compressor has 4 years of warranty.

8. Samsung RT33JSRYESA/TL


This is a 321 litre capacity Samsung refrigerator. It has double door system with the top compartment acting as a freezer. The price of this amazing fridge is Rs. 32,700/-. It has active deodorizer which nullifies foul odour inside the fridge. In the department of energy efficiency, it scores high as it has a 4 star power rating. Cool features such as frost free technology, water dispenser, moisture control, toughened glass shelves, etc. makes this fridge more appealing.



This LG double door refrigerator is one of the best selling products of the brand at this price bracket. LG double door refrigerator Under Priced at Rs. 27,400/- this LG refrigerator has been granted a 4 star rating of energy efficiency. The gross capacity of this refrigerator is 285 litres. A major technology used in this powerful refrigerator is the smart inventor compressor. Thus it can handle frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations hassle free. This refrigerator is certified as eco-friendly, hence does not emit any harmful gas.

6. Samsung RT29JARMABX


This is a double door refrigerator with 275 litre gross capacity. It uses all round cooling technology. It checks all boxes in terms of efficiency and reliability. The shelves of this refrigerator are built with tempered glass thus adding durability. It has 3 star power rating, so is moderately energy efficient. Best refrigerator Under 30,000/-.

5. Whirlpool NEO FR258 ROY 3S 245 L

Whirlpool NEO FR258 ROY 3S 245 L

The Whirlpool NEO FR258 ROY 3S 245 L double door refrigerator is one of the most conventional yet modern requisite for a person seeking a refrigerator under 30,000. It is a completely frost free refrigerator and is completely frost free. The cooling capacity of the refrigerator is 245 litres and it is available in the colour of midnight bloom. It is priced at a modest 23,850 in the Indian market making it among the best options at the given price range.

4. Godrej RTEON P 3.3

Godrej RTEON P 3.3

When it comes to beautiful exteriors and smart and powerful interiors, Godrej always packs a punch. This refrigerator from the house of Godrej is a double door refrigerator with capacity of 260 litres. Important added features like humidity control, temperature control, anti bacterial gasket, anti frost, etc. are notable in this refrigerator. Best Priced is 24,500/- Rs.

3. Whirlpool 260 Litre FP 283D ROYAL

Whirlpool 260 Litre FP 283D ROYAL

The Whirlpool 260 Litre FP 283D ROYAL refrigerator is among the best options at the given price range owing to its sleek design and ecstatic features. It is a triple door refrigerator and provides for an energy efficiency rating of 3 Star. It makes the use of a frost free freezing technology. Its USP is the 6th Sense Active Fresh Cooling technology. It is available in the alpha steel colour variant and is priced at 26,850.

2. Whirlpool FP 263D PROTN ROY FIN (N)

Whirlpool FP 263D PROTN ROY FIN (N)

This is a triple door and 240 litres capacity refrigerator from LG. The price of this LG refrigerator is Rs. 25,000/-. This LG refrigerator works on its 6th sense active fresh technology. The indoor if moist free and frost free. The company provides a 1 year warranty on the product and 9 year warranty on the compressor.

1. Godrej RT EON 305 P 2.3

Godrej RT EON 305 P 2.3

Loaded with powerful features and great value for money, this Godrej gem is priced at Rs. 26,800/-. It is an eco-friendly refrigerator without releasing any harmful gas. This is a frost free refrigerator, hence prevents the food items to stay lengthy period. The net capacity of this amazing refrigerator is 305 litres.

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