Top 10 Best Room Heater Brands with Price in India 2021

For those families who live in those areas where winter takes its toll and the temperature dips even below the freezing point, a room heater from a reputed brand can be a blessing. Especially in the northern parts of India, temperature becomes very unbearable even inside the rooms during winter season.  There are several room heater brands out there in the market in different price range.

Basically, three types of room heating technologies are used in the room heaters, convection oil filled and radiant. Room heaters fitted with convection heating technology have a larger coverage than the room heaters with radiant technology. Oil filled room heaters are more costly and their prices start from Rs. 6,000 and the top models can cost as high as Rs. 15,000. Consumers are advised to buy room heaters by studying their heating capacity. For this they can consult the seller to get an idea of which room heater will suit by giving them description of their room size.

Below are the top 10 room heaters available in Indian markets:

10. Inalsa Room Heater

Inalsa Room Heater

The room heaters from the house of Inalsa are in Indian markets for years. It is one of the first brands which have brought the room heater technology to Indian consumers. Their room heaters are priced anywhere between Rs. 999 to Rs. 8,000. They are available not only in retails electronic appliance shops, but also in several online shopping sites in India. Inalsa room heaters are available in types like Oil filled radiators, fan heaters, halogen heaters, etc.

9. Crompton Greaves Room Heater

Crompton Greaves Room Heater

The Crompton Greaves is the well known brand in the appliances industry. The brand provides room heaters with maximum safety. They have the best features which enhance convenience and functionality. The room heaters provide continuous heating as well as ventilations of room. The products don’t create humidity inside the space and it can be used as dryer of moisture in the room. The brand is offering at the best price around 2000/.

8. Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater

Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater

This is another trusted brand which produces high quality room heaters in India. The Maharaja Whiteline room heater prices starts from Rs. 1400. Some successful models from this room heater brand are Lava, Star Cosy, Torrid, etc. It has been making top selling room heaters since 1976.

7. Nova Room Heater

Nova Room Heater

Another popular brand in the room heater market, Nova has a good customer base in India. The price of the Nova budget models start at a price range of Rs. 990 where as top models with oil filled technology costs about Rs. 10,000 approx. It was established back in the year 1975 and has been a prominent player of the room heater market in India.

6. Orient Room Heater

Orient Room Heater

Orient room heaters have a good reputation in the room heating market in India. This brand was established in the year 1939.These room heaters come in several technologies like oil filled, PTC heating, convection, etc. Apart from good quality products, they have service centres for their valued customers in almost every city of India. The starting range of Orient room heaters is Rs. 6,550.

5. Havells Room Heater

Havells Room Heater

Havells is considered as a trustworthy brand in the room heater segment with their quality products and good customer service record. The price of the Havells room heaters starts from Rs. 4,000 in online shopping sites and have several high range products. They sell oil filled heaters, PTC heaters, wall mounted heaters, etc.

4. Morphy Richards Room Heater

Morphy Richards Room Heater

This brand was established in the year 1936. Morphy Richards have several room heating products available for Indian customers. Their products cost anywhere between Rs. 2,300 to Rs. 15,000. Tipsy, Daisy, OFR series, Maisy, etc are some successful products of Morphy Richards in room heater segment.

3. Bajaj Room Heater

Bajaj Room Heater

The bestseller of room heaters in the Indian markets has a high brand a value and marketing and customer support. It was established in the year 1938. They sell halogen heaters, fan heaters and radiant room heaters all across its retail outlets in India and also through online shopping sites. The lowest price of a Bajaj room heater is Rs. 1850.

2. Usha Room Heater

Usha Room Heater

Usha is a household brand in India. It is a leading seller of many household appliances like irons, fans, cooking appliances, room heaters, etc. The price range of Usha room heaters is Rs. 1,300 to Rs. 10,000. This brand started operating in the year 1934 in India. They sell oil filled heaters, fan heaters, halogen heaters, etc. Prices of Usha room heaters start from Rs. 2,350.

1. Orpat Room Heater

Orpat Room Heater

A pioneer brand of the country, Orpat Group is contributing their technologies in the appliances are incredible. The room heaters from this brand have a cool to touch exterior. The small appliances have the capacity to heat the room in a short period of time. The heaters come with various settings operating power systems. They have very good features, plus they consume less energy, available at quite affordable prices, which starts from ₹500/.

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