Top 10 Best Spiral Binder Brands With Price in India 2021

Organize the scattered piles of papers and documents with the simple, strong and durable spiral binder machine. It is the most common way of using files and folders. Spiral Binders have become necessary in offices and industries. They are easy to use and efficient units. Some spiral binders are manual with handle attached to it while some are electrical. The brands are constantly improving their products every passing day. They include features like coil insertion, which is time saving. The top best spiral binders which are available in the Indian market given in the list below.

10. Excelam Spiral Binder

Excelam Spiral Binder

Excelam provides an exclusive range of utility for business. The brand has the best products such as Spiral binders and laminating machines. Spiro 40 model from Excelam, is a manual spiral binder with 40 holes with the capacity of 14 sheets per manual punch. The durable and potable unit is easy to operate with best quality. The machine is available at the best cost around 3500/-

9. Fellowes Star Plus Spiral Binder

Fellowes Star Plus Spiral Binder

A perfect binding answer for littler workplaces, the Star+ Binding Machine is helpful; the light-duty binding machine can physically punch up to 12 sheets of paper at once. It highlights an effective, simple to utilize outline that permits clients to punch and tie paper in a constant way. Also, with its vertical document loading and movable edge guide, the machine guarantees an exact arrangement with every record you tie. The Fellowes Star Plus offers constant activity and ties up to 150 sheets of paper when fitted with a 3/4-inch brush. The price of this spiral binder brand is INR 4786.75.

8. Antiva Spiral Binder

Antiva Spiral Binder

One of the leading manufacturers of office and business equipments in the country, Antiva Ltd. offers huge range of binding machines, such as spiral binding machine, electro wiro binding machine, thermal binders, comb binders and manual wiro binding machine. The best products are E-WIRO-31, STAR-150, SB-300, SB-340, ORBIS, PULSAR-300, HELIOS-30 and SB-306. The price range of the product starts from 6000/-

7. Jaimini Spiral Binder

Jaimini Spiral Binder

Jaimini Brothers Steel Industries has been manufacturing office binding, laminating, paper shredding and other systems in the country. The brand provides a wide range of binding machines with latest features and technology. Spiral binding machine, thermal binding machine, comb binding machine, wiro binding machine and other heavy duty electric binding machines are available. The brand also provides many service centers all over the country. The home/office binding systems are available at the best price of 3000/- Approx.

6. GBT Light Spiral Binder

GBT Light Spiral Binder

This Spiral Binding Machine is outlined utilizing superior quality of raw materials and is accessible in different sizes and measurements. The coupling machine is figured for its heavenly punching limit, low upkeep and hassle free operation. Outlined utilizing ideal quality machines, these are accessible in A4 sizes. These are acknowledged for their exact working, binding thickness, and better punching capacity. GBT that is simple to install and can be effortlessly moved from one place to another. The price of this spiral binder brand is INR 4,600.

5. RPG Spiral Binder

RPG Spiral Binder

The RPG brand offers very durable and features loaded machine in the market for more than 25 years. The Sureshot Full Scape B4 Binding Machine comes with strong in build in quality. The machine can punch up to 15 sheets easily in a single shot without damaging the papers. It has 45 punch holes. Though, the ring binder from this brand does not cover ant warranty. The machine with high quality steel cutter is available at the price range of 3100/- to 4200/-

4. GBC Spiral Binder

GBC Spiral Binder

GBC International offers best quality binding machines worldwide. The products ranges are spiral binding machine, comb binding machine, thermal binding machine and multi binding machine. Also called as manual binders, the comb binders are durable spine ensures pages to lay flat without any scratch on the papers. Wire binders are also manual operation machines with simple features. The products are light weight and portable. Available at the best price of 4500/- to 70,000/-

3. Fellowes Spiral Binder

Fellowes Spiral Binder

Fellowes is a global manufacturer of business machines. The company offers three types of binding machines. Plastic comb Binder, Wire Binder and Thermal Binder, these all binders are designed with innovative and smarter features and high quality.  Plastic Binders are flexible and cost effective to bind any document up to 500 pages. The Wire Binding machine give documents a stylish and top quality finish. While, Thermal Binders provide quick and easy way to bind documents like a perfect book finish. The price range is between 12,000/- to 60,000/-

2. Namibind Spiral Binder

Namibind Spiral Binder

Namibind Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a leading brand which offers a wide range of spiral binding and comb binding machines. The brand offers a range of models in Comb Binding machines such as NB8621, NBJ41, TT350, NB2088, S100 and EXPLOORER. Spiral binding models are NB39(A4), NB39EL(A4), NB39L(A4) and NB390A(A3). In comb binding machines, there are low volume, medium volume and high volume binding machines. The spiral binding spines are durable and available in different colors. The price range starts from 9000/-

1. Oddy Spiral Binder

Oddy Spiral Binder

An ideal for schools and small offices, Oddy spiral binding machine stands on the first position in the list. This machine has the cutting capacity of 15 sheets of A3/A4 in sizes at a time, having 45/52 holes, margin control facility and a binder type of ring electric coil inserter. The multi binder has punch lever and high quality steel cutters. It is simple to operate, easy to use unit with solid base, which ensures its durability, safety and comfort. The best price this machine is 3700/- to 4800/-

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