Top 10 Best Water Heater/Geyser Brands with Price in India 2017-18

10 Best List Water Heater and Geyser Brands with Price in India 2017-2018

Those days are gone when you would had to use gas stoves and immersion rods for heating water to bath in the winters or in early mornings. Now a day, geysers from several trusted brands are easily available in the Indian markets. They run on electricity and are very convenient to use after installation in your bathroom.

The geyser brands have their own customer base in the Indian electrical appliance market. A decade ago, geysers were only seen in hotels and homes of rich people. But now the geysers are easily affordable and are installed in several middle class families. The customers basically pick those water heater brands which provide them value for money, good after sales service, wide range of products, etc.

In most countries of the world, gas geyser is really in-demand to millions and even billions of houseowners. There’s no doubt about that since gas geyser is very helpful at home, particularly when there’s a need for hot water for a number of purposes. One nation that is broadly using gas geyser is India. If you are looking for small storage space capacity heater and also want fast, energy saving water heater that can give nonstop supply of hot water for a long time, then you supposed to go for a gas based water heater. Below are the top 10 water heater/ geyser brands in India 2017:

10. Ferroli Water Heater/Geyser


Ferroli was established in the year 1955 in Italy and has been selling their water heaters all around the globe including India for decades. Best known for their energy efficiency, which is a very important factor in Indian appliance market, Ferroli has some great range of quality water heaters to offer. The 1 litre capacity Ferroli water heater comes at a price of as low as Rs. 3,000 while the 15 litre models may cost up to Rs. 9,000. Minto, Caldo, etc are some favorite Ferroli water heaters for Indian consumers.

Ferroli has a variety of water heaters for home and commercial use. Price starts as low as Rs 3000 for the least instant model. Italian company Ferroli is one of the founders in heating technology and their products are available over 100 countries around the world. They claim that their water heaters has 10% more energy efficiency than BEE 5 star rated product. This is filled with Blue Forever Heating Element and supports Digital Temperature Display. Other specifications of Ferroli water heaters are Long lasting Aluminum Anode, Healthy Blue Silicon Enamel Coated Tank, High Pressure Rating- 8 bar, Temperature Regulation etc.

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9. Havells Water Heater/Geyser


Havells is a reputed brand in the home appliance sector of Indian markets. They have a wide range of water heaters in different price ranges to choose from. Also the products are available in various capacities. The Opal, Neo, Pro series water heaters are very popular in Indian water heater market. The price range of the Havells water heaters is Rs. 2,500 to Rs. Rs. 12,000.

Havells offers new invention electric water heaters. They offer electric storage water heater and instant water heater. Havells water heaters filled with high voltage instantaneous heating choice. This is constructed with vitreous enamel coated tank. This product can give high working pressure and ideal for high rise buildings. Many products specify adaptable knob for temperature settings. Those water heaters are corrosion and shock resistant with ABS system. They specifications outer solid body and made this very easy to set up. Havells water heaters acquire heating indicator lamp, multi functional safety valve and leakage protection device.

8. Venus Water Heater/Geyser


A renowned brand in the geyser market, Venus has a good customer base. They are the first makers of geysers which have being awarded with ISI certificate for producing and marketing vitreous enamel tank water heaters in Indian market. It was established in the year 1967 and has their headquarters in the state of Tamil Nadu. The price of products starts from Rs. 3,000 for the low capacity models like 1 – 3 liters. And the high capacity models like above 15 litre geysers are priced above Rs. 10,000.

Venus water heaters are an additional best selling eater heater brand in India. You can purchase 100 % Original Product from primary online stores in India. The manufacturers offer 2+10 Years Warranty. This is filled with Thermostat & Thermal Cutout option. Venus water heaters come in solid size and supports 99.9% Pure Copper Tank. It also consists of a Multi-function valve and rust resistant body.

7. Morphy Richards Water Heater/Geyser

Morphy Richards

Established in the year 1936, this brand has been producing geysers in different price ranges and capacity range for Indian consumers. The 25 litre models may cost around Rs. 10,000 where as the low capacity models can be brought for around Rs. 3,000. Some successful models of Morphy Richards are Cutie, Lavo, Premio, etc.

Morphy Richards gives wide variety of very resourceful water heaters for your home. You can choose from 1 Ltr product to 10 Ltr, 15 Ltr, 25 Ltr models.  The highly reasonable and low cost model from Morphy Richards is the Multi Geyser Cutie 1L 3KW for Rs 2999/-. Water heater from Morphy Richard specifies a solid design with Rust proof engineering thermoplastic material. These water heaters are coming with amazing long life heating element and which is best appropriate for high rise buildings. You can employ those in small bathrooms and kitchen. The Triple safety system is also available with the heater. The peak models are coming with Superior Glass Lined Tank, advanced Glass Lined Tank, Magnesium Anode Rod, and Energy saving PUF.  The Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB), Incoloy 840 Heating Element, 8 Bar Pressure etc is also provided.

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6. AO Smith Water Heater/Geyser

AO Smith

AO Smith offers several types of water heaters in India in several price ranges. The several technologies used in AO Smith water heaters are anode rod, wired remote controlled, thermal cutout, etc. This brand is one of the oldest brands to manufacture home appliances. It was established in the year 1874 and has been making quality geysers for consumers worldwide, including India.

AO Smith gives high quality water heater systems. You can select 100 % Original Product from primary online stores in India. Significant choices and options obtainable in AO Smith water heaters are Wired Remote Controller, Glass Coated Heating Element, Thermal Cutout, BEE 5 Star Rating, Blue Diamond Technology, Anode Rod with Stainless Steel Core and safety valve.

5. V-Guard Water Heater/Geyser


V-Guard started its operation with producing stabilizers back in the year 1977 but has made a good reputation as a trusted brand for water heaters in India. Steamer, Sprinhot, Iris, Pebble, Krystal, etc are some successful V-Guard models in the geyser department. The prices start from Rs. 2,500 and are up to Rs. 11,000 depending on their capacity and features.

V-guard gives numerous devices for hot water flow in your restroom and kitchen. They give gas water heaters, wall mounted boiler, central hot water system etc. Various type Gas water heaters are offered and that contains balanced type, condensing type, forced exhaust type, natural exhaust type, outdoor type etc. You can regulate the temperature of water heater as this is filled with natural temperature adjustment. They are constructed with stabilizer oxygen free copper heat exchanger. V-guard water heaters also presents many safety protection.

4. Racold Water Heater/Geyser


One of the popular water heater brands is Racold with the assured latest technology. The brand provides highest range in water heater/geysers, which includes Electric Storage Water Heater, Instant Electric Water Heater and Premium Storage Water Heater. There are numbers of models available in which Pronto Neo and Pronto Instant are the best selling models. The products are well quipped and they are the energy savers as well. Best price: 2000/ onwards.

Racold gives different designs of water heaters for kitchen and restroom handling. They are filled with High impact proof engineered plastic body and durable heating component. There are extremely potent Neon indicators for power on and heating task.

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3. Activa Water Heater/Geyser


Activa is the brand name of the famous J.K. Electricals Pvt. Ltd., mostly recognized as trustworthy manufacturers of the country. The brand offers various models in Water Heaters/Geysers such as Aqua, Hotline, Aqua-Gold, Premium, Hotmark, Sapphire, Executive and Amazon. The brand assures best quality and high performance in each product. It provides affordable and bet economical ranges at the best price of 1600/ onwards.

Activa water heaters are most excellent device with low price and superior features. all of them used ABS Plastic body material for long life. These water heaters are set with Glass Lined Coated tank substance. Extraordinary models are available and best fitting for High Pressure functions.

2. Bajaj Water Heater/Geyser


Bajaj has been always a lead runner in the home appliance category in Indian markets since its establishment in the year 1926. Shakti and Majesty are the two best selling Bajaj geysers available in India. They are easily available in the retail outlets and the online stores on India. Many Bajaj service centres are also available all across India.

Bajaj issues wide range of water heaters for kitchen and restroom handling. They filled with High impact proof engineered plastic body and Long life heating part. There are extremely influential Neon indicators for power on and heating purpose.  Numerous safety systems are also given in Bajaj water heaters. They offer a 2 years warranty on product and 5 years on inner Tank. If you are thinking of power saving, then you select 5 Star Rated water heaters. Few models consist of Salt filtration system which prohibits component corrosion.

1. Crompton Greaves Water Heater/Geyser

Crompton Greaves

Another lead runner in the water heater market in India, this geyser manufacturer has products in the price range of Rs. 2,100 to Rs. Rs. 12,500. This brand was established in the year 1937. The Solarium series, Arno Power, Imperial, etc. are some bestselling water heaters from Crompton Graves. They are easily available in the retail stores as well as online shopping websites. With good quality water heaters of every capacity group and a strong after sales service, Crompton Graves is no doubt one of the best geyser makers for Indian market.

Crompton greaves water heaters are an additional finest choice for your home with excellence options and simple working methods. This water heater filled with great Quality and strong body. Most of them have Stylish Design and filled with Nano Polymer Coated Tank. The manufacturers give 1 – 2 year warranty based on product model.


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