Top 10 Best Water Purifiers Buy Under 10,000 Rs. in India 2018

Water is a very crucial part of everyone’s life and our main priority always is to drink safe and clean water. Nowadays we see how a new disease spreads like fire in a city and then in the entire nation. This all has a big role of water resources. Any germ or bacteria can reside in water easily and hence spread among living beings. At our level, we can buy the best water purifier for our house to filter the water coming from municipality and hence drink. Boiling water for 30-35 minutes are now old procedures as we get excellent purifiers in desired budgets.

Here is a small compiled list by me for top 10 best water purifiers under 10000 INR in india 2017:

10. Aquafresh Grand+

Aquafresh Grand+

The AquafreshGrend+ RO+UV water purifier is a modern entry into the market within the under 10000 range. It is a conventional water purifier that boasts elegant yet simple attire. It also makes the use of an8-layer purification process which is induced by Ro and UV filtration eliminating 99% bacteria and germs. The capacity of the model is 15 litres and it comes in with an on-site warranty of 1 year. The power consumption is of 11 Watts and 230 V voltage intake. It is priced at a modest 8000INR in the Indian market.

9. Aquaultra A200 Water Purifier

Aquaultra A200 Water Purifier

This product from Aquaultra also gives 14-stage filtration process of RO+UV+UF+Mineral+TDS process technology. Moreover, its membrane is made in the  USA and works upto 2000 TDA removal. It has 15-liter water storage capacity. Water coming from this purifier is as safe as water boiled at high flame for 15 mins. Even the design is very elegant and the size is normal to fit in any small or big kitchen. It has auto switch on and off buttons for the ease of consumers and comes in Rs 6999/-.

8. Luzon Dzire Aqua Grand Water Purifier

Luzon Dzire Aqua Grand Water Purifier

This purifier uses compact reverse osmosis purification process with 6 different stages. Storage tank has a good capacity of around 9 liters with an incredible filtration capacity of 90 liters per day.It does not compromise the natural taste of water while eliminating toxins, dissolved impurities, bacteria, and virus. Moreover, add minerals to the water to make it healthy for drinking. Hence, this purifier is a good buy at an affordable cost under the budget of 6700/- Rs.

7. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaflo Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaflo Water Purifier

In order to provide healthy drinking water, this product from Eureka Forbes uses a 3 stage filtration- there is a sediment filter followed by carbon black removal filter and finally innovative UV technology to determine and eliminate bacteria and viruses. It has a small and compact filtration cartridge with an excellent long life. Moreover, a stabilizer is in built to protect from power issues. Water is provided at a speed of 2 liter per minute. The price is Rs. 5635/-.

6. Tata Swach Electric Platina RO purifier

Tata Swach Electric Platina RO purifier

Main feature of this purifier is that it converts even hard water of 2000 ppm into clean, healthy drinking water. Cartridge is protected with a silver safety for longer life. Tank has 7-liter storage capacity and filters water with unique 5-stage purification technology. The price of this purifier is Rs. 8999/-.

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5. Kent Ultra Water Purifier

Kent Ultra Water Purifier

It is a very compact water purifier by Kent, found by Mr Mahesh Gupta. This Indian brand deals in healthcare products and consumer durables. Kent Ultra has 3-stage purification with a combined effect of sediment filter, activated carbon filter, and UV disinfection.Ultra is an economic model, which can easily mount on the wall, hence suitable for Indian kitchens. It is based on only UV technology and hence is safe for water sources having low TDS. It has one unique feature of UV Fail Alarm. When the UV component gets inefficient, the alarm rings and it breaks the electric power supply to the purifier. The price is Rs. 6500/-.

4. HUL PureIt Marvella Water Purifier

HUL PureIt Marvella Water Purifier

Hindustan Unilever (HUL) Pure it provides a wide range of best range of RO + UV Water Purifiers. This model Marvella is a budget friendly product from HUL offering high-level purification capability. Moreover, it has an advanced alert system, which warns you 15 days before purifier will stop working. Also it is fully automatic which enables it to store purified water sensing the water tank is empty or about to get empty. It has 4-liter storage capacity, which is good enough for a family for 4-6. It comes in a price range of Rs. 7199/-.

3. Aqua Pure Smart Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

Aqua Pure Smart Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

The Aqua Pure Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier makes the use of multi-stage filtration process with reverse osmosis ideology. It is an RO type water purifier with the integration of reverse osmosis purification technology. The reverse osmosis purification technology renders pure form of water equivalent to boiled water. The capacity of the purifier is 5-15 litres and it also boasts a conventionally sleek and elegant design. The filer used is sediment filter which ensures that the best of filtration can be ensured for the water. It is modestly priced at 6,800 INR.

2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano Water Purifier

This mini version of water purifier has 4-liter capacity and has a compact design with tough body. There is an in-built voltage stabilizer with 5 stage reverse osmosis and comes in Rs. 7948/-. There is an energy saver mode built in this purifier, which makes the machine on standby mode after 10 minutes of being idle. It gives 100% clean and healthy water to drink. UV protection process kills all the germs and enhances the taste making it a good choice for consumers. Also it has manual flush facility.

1. Kent Maxx Water Purifier

Kent Maxx Water Purifier

This is again a water purifier from Kent. It offers dual purification of UV process followed by UF process, hence removing all bacteria and virus water with low TDS.  It does not remove dissolved impurities and hence is suitable for places where water has very low TDS.It is India’s only water purifier with a storage tank. This storage tank is transparent and detachable for easy cleaning without the help of the technician. It can be mounted on wall and also kept on floor depending on consumer’s choice. It has 7-liter water storage capacity and comes in Rs. 8000/-.

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