Top 10 Best Water Purifiers Buy Under a Price of 5000 Rs. in India 2018

Making water purified and safe for drinking is the need of today. Especially during summer season the water problem gets serious. Mostly water gets mixed with harmful chemicals, undesirable contaminants and various reactive gases. The need is to clean and purify the water quickly and easily. The best solution in getting the water problem solved is to buy effective and affordable water purifier. The water purifier makes the water clean around the clock and also it saves the energy which otherwise will be wasted in heating the water daily.

Given below is the list of the best water purifiers under 5000 INR present in the market in India today along with their prices. Find the most suitable and affordable water purifiers and water filter for your home.

10. Tata Swach Water Purifier

Tata Swach Water Purifier

It is among the cheapest and the best water purifiers that are available in the given price range of below 5000. It is gravity based non-electric water purifier that eliminates viruses and bacteria along with harmful germs using Silver Nano technology. It has been known to hold the capacity to remove 100 Crore bacteria and 1 crore viruses from around 1 litre of water. However the machine does not make the use of any chemicals to clean the water.

  • Best Seller: Tata Swach Non Electric Smart 15 litre gravity based water purifier at 2000/-

9. HUL PureIt Water Purifiers

HUL PureIt Water Purifiers

The Hindustan Unilever Water Purifiers provide for absolutely safe, natural and pure drinking water through their extensive 4 step water purification process. The gravity based purification process plays a significant role in ensuring that the water is free from any impurities. The activated carbon filter and micro carbon filter ensure that visible dirt particles, parasites and germs are killed ensuring absolutely clean and fresh water. The germ kill processor is known for inducing chlorine in the water and thus eliminates any harmful bacteria, germs and viruses. The clarifier is known to remove the chlorine from water thus reducing it to a clean and odourless liquid.

  • Best Seller: HUL PureIt WPWS100 Classic 14 litre water purifier at Rs. 3,740/-

8. Godreg Water Purifier

Godrej Eco GP200 Water Purifier

The ranges of water purifiers offered by Godreg water purifier are:

  • Ultraviolet – Smartboil
  • Ultraviolet – Gp200 Purifier
  • Krystal – Water Purifier
  • Azura – Ro Water Purifier

The technology used is mainly the UV technology, which works against the bacteria. The water filters are made up of stainless steel with stylish look can make your kitchen modern. It protects health and saves the electricity with lower voltage usage. It is programmed to automatically shut down when not in use. It gives audio warning and keeps the green light indicator when in use.

  • Bestseller: Godrej Eco GP200 Water Purifier at Rs. 5,340/-

7. Usha Shriram Water Purifier

Usha Brita Water Guard Max SF 1724T

The most advanced and innovative technique of water purification is offered since 1996 by Usha Shriram water purifiers. The water gets filtered regularly removing the impurities. The safer and hygienic water gets stored in four different stages. The electrolysis methods of processing the water help in filtering and storing the water in stainless steel containers.

  • Bestseller: Usha Brita Water Guard Max SF 1724T at Rs. 3299/-

6. Whirlpool Water Purifier


Whirlpool offers two types of water purifiers, which include RO water purifiers and non-electric water purifier. The latest technology used to purify the water includes minerals enrichment systems. The non-electric water purifiers are more common and are certified by the Water Quality Association of USA. It helps in improving water quality by adding level of pH in the water and increasing the level of mineral which are essential such as Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium.

  • Bestseller: PuraGenius at Rs. 5,000/-

5. High Tech Water Purifier

Hi-tech D Top

The technique used by the High Tech water purifiers is mainly based on Antioxidant Alkaline Water Filter and also domestic RO systems and industrial RO systems together. The different forms of purification processes are RO filtration method, domestic reverse osmosis plant purification method, domestic RO system + UV system, seven stages water purification method which helps in removing the dirt, rust and the dust particles from the water.

  • Bestseller: Hi-tech D Top at Rs. 6000/-

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4. Eureka Forbes Water Purifiers

Eureka Forbes AquaSure Storage UV

The affordable range of water filters made available by the company are highly popular among the masses. Aquaguard and Aquasure are the most popular brands of the Eureka Forbes. The water purifiers have high-class technology, which purifies water with non-electrical purifiers and with electrical purifiers. The water which is purified remain clean and of higher quality. Most of the water purifying techniques is mainly based on the water conditions in India. The two ranges of products RO water purifier and UV water filter keeps the water clean of bacteria and viruses.

  • Bestsellers: Eureka Forbes AquaSure Storage UV at Rs. 3999/-

3. Kent Water Purifier

Kent Inline Gold

It is considered to be the most effective and highly I available in India. It has higher technology with highly advanced Kent Mineral RO water purifiers. The purifier with latest scientific technology makes water 100% pure and safer for drinking. It keeps the combination of RO+UV+UF well balanced and eliminates of any limitations present in standalone technology. The process cures the water of all impurities including chemical and salts. It makes the water pure by retaining the natural minerals. Water remains purified and tasty for longer hours.

  • Bestsellers: Kent Inline Gold at Rs. 3399/-

2. Hindustan Unilever (HUL)

Hindustan Unilever Pureit Classic Autofill 23L

The water filter Pureit purifies the water up to 5 liters with the help of carbon trap, break resistance tap which is compact in size and having sleek design. The four stages of purification process with twist-fitting fitment and germ-kill indicator allows the water purification quickly and effectively. The water purifier comes with advanced technology having indicators and 100 % alert system.

  • Bestsellers: Hindustan Unilever Pureit Classic Autofill 23L at Rs. 3799/-

1. Panasonic Water Purifier

Panasonic TK-CS43 Water Purifier

Panasonic supports the scientific technology in filtering and purifying the water quickly. The two water purifiers which company has introduced in the market are Panasonic TK CS70, which is based on Alkaline + Advanced Eco + UV. The water purifier works in few stages using Alkaline Ionizer to purify the water. The other water purifier TK-CS offers water purification using Eco RO cartridge, which combines with utility indicator. It purifies lesser quantity of water in lesser stages. The computerized control system helps in managing the water purification effectively.

  • Bestsellers: Panasonic TK-CS43 Water Purifier Rs. 5993/-