Top 10 Interesting Things to Do This Weekend in Kolkata

The city of Kolkata has various places such as historical landmarks, architectural wonders, botanical gardens; different Ghats etc. there are endless sporting outdoor activities to immerse on short weekend holidays. From water sports like boating to adventure activities like mountain biking and trekking are available in the cultural city if Kolkata. The city also offers wildlife adventures to discover. Indulge in the below top 10 fun activities this weekend.

10. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Take an adventure of rock climbing with an artificial wall at Salt Lake Stadium, in the city of Kolkata. This is one of the most prestigious stadiums in the country. The indoor rock climbing is to encourage adventure seekers to enjoy on weekend holidays. No need to go out of the city, as people can have this thrilling experience in the city.

9. River Cruise

River Cruise

A ride on river especially on weekend is what West Bengal Tourism Co. organizes. A joy ride is about one hour cruise on the river Ganges. It is quite relaxing and enjoyable ride with musical sortie. There are live bands, which invites guests to dance and sing with them. Sail under evening sky with calm water, lighted Howrah Bridge at the back drop and city’s riverside heritage. Make a weekend special with the beautiful experience of cruising.

8. Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

At the distance of 180 kms from the city, Grand Canyon of Kolkata, Gangani is the perfect place for adventurous mountain biking. It is located in a small village of Garbeta, on the bank of the river Silabati. It has a red soil make high ridges by erosion of air and water. A perfect weekend destination from the city for enthralling mountain biking. Riding on the dry beds of riverines and rocks is the most exhilarating experience of lifetime.

7. Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Kolkata has two centuries old Royal Calcutta Turf Club, in the heart of the city where people can enjoy Horse Racing. The horse racing seasons are July to September and November to March. The thrilling day of racing gives a memorable time on weekend. The view of stall fly open, jockeys, spectacle of horses, the betting activity, roars of the crowd and the final furlong are the thrill of the game. Plan a weekend visit to be a part of an exciting race.

6. Rowing


There are few rowing clubs which provides the rowing experience to the citizens of Kolkata. One is Calcutta Rowing Club and The Bengal Rowing Club are the most popular clubs in the city. It is an ideal way to explore the nature surroundings of Kolkata Water ways. The clubs provide different levels of rowing activity; from the training for beginners to competitions and recreational squads for the experienced people. Join this recreational activity for weekend adventures.

5. Bird Watching

Bird Watching

The Indian Botanic Garden is located by the Hugli River. It is a perfect place for bird watching in the city of Kolkata. Ithe Garden houses a plenty of bird species including Stork-billed Kingfisher, Rufous Woodpecker, Brown Hawk Owl, Bronzed Drongo, Black Bittern, Greenish and Yellow-browned Warbler, Lineated Barbet, Booted Eagle and Black-naped Oriole etc. The heaven for bird lovers is the best weekend destination of the city.

4. Boating


The striking lakeside spot called Nalban at Salk Lake City in Kolkata is the best place for boating experience. The serene lake is surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking views of its beck. The place is ideal for the people of all ages, children, youngsters as well as oldies. The fantastic weekend picnic spot has an outstanding scenery and peaceful ambience. The evening boating at this place gives a magnificent view of colorful hues dissolving in the sky. Have a nice and small yet refreshing weekend trip at this beautiful place with family and friends as well.

3. South Park Street Cemetery

South Park Street Cemetery

Are you on the lookout for one of the eeriest things to do when you are in Kolkata? If yes then you can head on to the South Park Street Cemetery. It is located to the right off the busy Park Street. Once you enter the cemetery you will be really surprised how quiet and peaceful it is inside the decaying very old burial ground. The graveyard was established in 1767 and has approximately 1,600 tombs. The weeping trees plus the moss-covered tombs are really scary but when a crow occasionally cries things become more and more freaky! No entry fee.

2. Science City

Science City

The largest science city is situated in Kolkata and has quite a lot of enticing attractions. It has two buildings – the Science Centre plus the Convention Centre.

The Science Centre includes the Science Park, Evolution Theme Park, Dynamotion Hall, and Maritime Centre also a Space Odyssey. The convention center has a seminar building, mini auditorium, and a theater.

The Space Odyssey comprises of the 3-D Theatre, Mirror Magic, Time Machine, Film Theatre and exhibitions connected to space science, electricity, motion and virtual reality. The Dynamotion Hall has lots of synergistic displays on science and technology, fish tank, robotic insects and a Butterfly Corner.

1. Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari

Kolkata avails the majestic trip to Sundarban National Park to enjoy wildlife with adventure and natural beauty. The park is a home for numerous wild animals and large reptiles.  It is located in the south eastern part of the state. The weekend tour includes Tiger camp to observe migratory birds and wild animals. At this place, people can find animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, Fishing Cats, Leopard Cats, Macaques, Wild Boar, Indian Grey Mongoose, Fox, Jungle Cat, Flying Fox, Pangolin, Chital, etc.