Top 8 New Recruiting Trends You want To Implement

Hiring process had always been more of a recruiter-controlled process; with few simple steps as soon as you identify a vacancy in your place, advertise it, shortlist applicants, interview potential candidates & make an offer.

With the introduction of technology, the international manpower services as under quit many changed from what it was in the last two decades to the current year. Here is some latest recruiting trend of 2019 that you should employ when there is a vacancy :

1.  Keep Marketing Strategy Striking


The hiring industry is now the applicant based the companies now need to answer the question, “Why should candidate join them?” rather than “why should they hire you?”. Build up a reputation for your company before you advertise jobs.

Everyone would like to join a company that appeals their perspective & helps them grow into something larger than they are at their current job as there’s a lot of competition even when the employment rate is not so high.

2.  Conduct Technical Interviews

An interview for technical staff must be done differently than the customary way. Just asking questions like having a conversation is not enough. You need to test the skill to know whether to hire or not.

You must make the candidate feel welcome as you make sure that your questions are consistent & are relevant to their field. Go for brain teasers; they are a good test of how a candidate handles an adverse situation while working.

3. Engage your Whole Team

Recruiting can be tiresome work when all the responsibility is on one person’s shoulder. You should collaborate with your team members & partner to find the right people for the job. This way, you will have a vast network & ask them to refer your company to international manpower services who are willing to come on board.

You need to develop internal mobility in your workplace as it a great way to increase turnover, decrease skill shortage & engagement of current employs increase.

4. Expand Selection Pool

Many industries are going through a hard time to hire from their industry. They lack skilled younger generation of their field. This hole can be filled if the companies start hiring based on transferable talent.

The best part is this increase the choices on your part plus you as a recruiter may need to provide some guidance initially, but finally, you will be hiring two skills for your company.

5. Good Relationship with Candidate

Many times, the employee leaves a job just because of the relations between them & the company. It is essential to have excellent relations with your employees, even if they leave, they should still recommend the company & hence may provide potential skilled candidates.

This is currently one of the top recruiting trends that small companies should follow as multinational companies like Google & Amazon are extremely good at Employee relationships.

6. Artificial Intelligence is a Great Resource

AI has long been used for work & interaction purposes; to induct them in recruiting is a game changer in 2019. The international manpower services can be automated using a bot is excellent; as AI works better when it comes to scouring, recovery, matching, a remote worker for you can be just a minute’s work for AI. In today’s market, even 76% of the recruiting experts believe that AI is significantly helpful & aid to diverse hiring. Its recruitment automation with fewer efforts on the employer’s side.

7. Say No to Rigid Work hours

As soon as the internet was introduced in our working system, the need to fix working hours diminished unless it’s a field job. Companies should offer all the option to the candidate like part-time, full-time, work from home, etc.; freelancer services are also great sometimes.

This gives employees free to work according to their own timing & no pressure of showing up at a place unless required. It promotes the productivity of an individual, which is good for the company; employee welfare should be your concern.

8. Data Protection

The data companies collect to analyze or to recruit, or another company purpose is the company’s responsibility to protect under the General Data Protection Regulation. This first came out in May 2018 gives an individual more control over his or her data; companies who violate this must pay hefty fines.

Data security was & remains a sensitive as well as relevant issue for this generation of employees who apply over the computer & provide information to an unknown person or bot whom they don’t know; so, the assurance that the data with the company is secure is mandatory for candidates now.

Wrap Up:

The recruitment industry demands of global human resources services have changed over the past years & now the companies should look for skilled rather than experienced employees.

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