Top 9 Best Badminton Bags Brands with Price in India 2021

The people, who are sports lovers, regularly play their favorite sports at the clubs and different competitions. Badminton is one of the famous and most played sports in India. Branded badminton rackets need extra care if you are a regular player. Branded Badminton Bags provide safety and care to rackets and other equipments and accessories such as shuttle cocks, wrist bands, head bands, towels, shoes etc. these days, many  international brands offers their sports bags series as required in Indian market. Below is the list of popular brands of badminton brands.

9. Babolat

Babolat Badminton Bags

The multinational brand Babolat has been inventing sports equipments with latest technology and innovation. Babolat Badminton Bags are one of its products. The huge collections of the brand like Pro Line – RH16, RH9, Club Line – RH8, RH4 and Team Line RH8, RH4 are the best products which are available in the market. The bags with trendy look and classic colors are available at the cost of 2000/-

8. Pro Kennex

Pro-Kennex Badminton Bags

Pro Kennex International tour Badminton Bags are designed with high quality durable material which provides long lasting comfort. The bags have large compartments and some products have shoe compartment too. The brand offers different color combination in bags, which gives an attractive look. The triple thermo bags are most famous among all the products series. Best price range starts from 700/-

7. Maspro

Maspro Badminton Bags

Maspro Badminton Bags have easily accessible storage. Its foam lined compartments provide enough space for more 3 racquets. The bags are made with long lasting durable material ensures comfort. The adjustable padded straps provide easy to carry and comfortable cushion. The brand has a wide range of badminton bags with exciting colors, sizes, designs and styles. The KB series of badminton kit bags are famous in the market, which are available at the cost of 800/-

6. Carlton

Carlton Badminton Bags

Carlton is the brand of most players’ choice which manufactures technological innovation in its products. From sports equipments to sports utilities, Carlton has been inventing latest style and designs in each product. Carlton Badminton Bags are designed from high quality and durable material. The bags come with single compartment to multiple compartments as per requirement. Strong, sturdy and spacious bags’ price range is starting from 800/-

5. Prince

Prince Badminton Bags

The UK leading multinational brand, Prince is very popular for sports equipments. The entire collections of badminton bags have finest materials with stylish designs. The tour team bags and club collections are most famous product range the brand offers. The bags provide spacious compartments with small pockets and they are made from strong and sturdy material, which ensure long lasting durability and comfort. Available at the best price of 1700/- onwards.

4. Victor

Victor Badminton Bags

Victor a global brands in manufacturing sports goods around the world. The innovative designs with multi functions in the badminton bags put the brand at the third position best brand. Victor presents in various kinds of designs and functions. Multi Sport Bag, Multi Thermo Bag, Double Thermo Bag and Single Thermo Bag are its best products with appealing designs and functionalities. The price range is starting from 1000/-

3. Thrax

Thrax Badminton Bags

Thrax technology has innovative designs in sports equipments like cricket and badminton. The OptiSpace Technology has been provided in the Thrax Badminton Bags for best utilization concept. Inner spaces of bags are optimally designed to create enough space for badminton racquets. Thrax offers different series in bags such as, Neo Series, Pro Series and Thrax Edition. The bags come with high quality and durable materials cost 800/- onwards.

2. Li-Ning

Li-Ning Badminton Bags

Li-ning is a leading sports brand worldwide. The brand creates innovative and dynamic sports products and distributes a wide range of sports equipments and accessories for leisure as well as professional purpose. The badminton bags of Li-Ning are stylish, well designed and comfortable. The brand offers few types of bags made with heavy duty material, various compartments and compression straps. The popular products are Li-Ning 2 in 1, Li-ning 6 in 1, Li-Ning 9 in 1, double belts thermal racquets kit bags. Price range is starting from just 450/-

1. Yonex

Yonex Badminton Bags

Yonex Co. Ltd, the Japanese company started making badminton racquets long time ago, these days, the international company is manufacturing tennis and golf equipments as well. The yonex presents international quality badminton bags worldwide. The kitbags come in different colors, various compartments for easy storage, high quality nylon and polyester material and adjustable straps. SUNR 1003, SUNR 8526, SUNR 9526TG BT6, Yonex 9539x are its best products. Available at the starting range of 850/-

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