Why are People Talking about Bonford India?

Shoes and class for men goes hand in hand. Luxury shoes themselves cover a broad range of footwear but i feel the word luxury is often over & misused. What do we think when we say luxury shoes? Good leather? Nice packaging? Durability? Nice finish? High costs? It might get really difficult for some people to find all of that in one brand.

I want you to take a look at the shoes you’re wearing. Are they nice, good quality shoes you’re proud of? Or maybe they’re a little tattered, unpolished and have years worth of worn-in look to them.

Let’s go a little further and talk about construction, is the sole cemented or stitched? yeah, you probably don’t know the difference. Do your shoes shine a lot? Easy shine could be a mark of cheap leather, that is, if your shoes are even made of leather. They could very well be Polyurethane disguised as leather. Look at the bottom of your shoe, are your bottom soles made of rubber? Rubber soles are another mark of cheap low quality shoes. Look at the laces? Are they worn out with fibres coming out of them? Seeing color or loose fibres on your laces is not a good sign and indicate  the low quality of your shoes in big, bold and red sign.

There’s a new brand in town that’s redefining luxury at amazing rates.

They are called Bonford. Bonford, if put simply, they are a luxury leather shoe company. It’s a fairly new company that has taken the shoe market by storm. People are loving their Bonford shoes and aren’t afraid to tell the world about them.

But what’s so good about them? And why should you even consider trusting a new brand instead of well established older footwear brands?

You see when a new brand comes in the market, they’ll do anything and everything to gain the trust of their new customers. What better way to gain loyalty than providing exceptional quality, around the clock & quick service, and affordable prices.

Bonford knows its market. They know what their customers want and Bonford is unhesitantly providing it. Indians love luxury if it comes at cheap prices and Bonford is rigorously pleasing its customers with luxury formal footwear for men. Listed below are the top selling points of Bonford luxury shoes.

Top grain leather

There are different kinds of leather in the market. It is highly likely that shoes you own are made of Genuine leather or polyurethane (PU). Genuine actually means the leftover part of leather. Combination of this leftover is called genuine leather. The source of the leather is original but the quality sadly, is not.

Bonford constructs their shoes with a single piece of top grain leather. Top grain leather is the first cut taken from the grain side of a split hide from which nothing except the hair and associated epidermis has been removed. Basically it’s the best leather money can buy.

Painted and Designed by hand

The top grain leather is designed and stitched to the cast by exceptionally experienced hands. Hand Construction gives the shoes a sleek and authentic look. According to their website, the shoe painting process is a long one. Where multiple steps of color treatment is given to the shoes for an exquisite look. The edges of the shoes are also coated with wax to the give shoes a final shine.

Blake Stitching

Shoe soles can either be cemented or stitched. Cementing soles is a big no no in the luxury shoe industry. In goodyear welt, the outsole is stitched outside the edge of insole, instead of its underside and cork is filled in the space between the insole and the outsole. The cons of goodyear welt is that they are less flexible and really heavy due to excessive cork filling.

Blake on the other hand, is a kind of stitch that joins your sole to the shoe where the upper part of the shoe is wrapped around the insole and stitched to the outsole with a single stitch. Blake is usually preferred by many shoe designers because it carry single to none cons as compared to goodyear welt.

In simple words, blake stitching is the best kind to give the shoe a clean look and it also makes resoling easier.


We all know affordability is mutually exclusive to luxury. The shoes you might think are high end might be cheap dupes instead.

As i said before, Indian people love the idea of luxury at cheap prices. Bonford provides notable craftsmanship and high end quality at very reasonable prices.

The reason why people won’t stop talking about bonford is because they are giving a tough competition to global brands like Tresmode, Steve Madden and Hush puppies. Bonford with every shoe is elevating common man’s shoe game.

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