Why Does a Single Door Refrigerator Consume Less Power as Compared to a Double Door Refrigerator?

Refrigerators have become an indispensable part of an Indian household for comfortable living. Consumers nowadays demand a smart fridge with a touch panel, internet connectivity, and automatic defrost, large storage, etc.

However, these features can contribute to large electricity bills and power consumption. In this scenario, many opt for a BEE 5 star rated refrigerator that aids in lowering the power expenditure.

Several other factors can significantly reduce electricity bills. Investing in a single door refrigerator is one of the efficient ways of reducing monthly electricity expenses.

Double Door Refrigerator

Hence, a shopper must compare and contrast different factors before deciding on the energy-saving refrigerator.

Power consumption differences between a single door and double door refrigerator

When purchasing a refrigerator, crucial point a shopper ponders over is whether to choose a single door fridge or double door.

Understanding the difference between fridge doors can influence the energy consumption figures drastically.

Specific factors that make a single door refrigerator an ideal choice are-

  • A double door refrigerator utilizes a frost-free mode of cooling controlled by multiple electric fans. Simultaneously, single doors use one fan to circulate coolants in the fridge and refrigerator section. This indicates less power usage and a more eco-friendly alternative.
  • Again a double door refrigerator comes in a big size of 584 to 700 liters capacity. This size organically intakes higher electricity and voltage. Ideally, a big size refrigerator consumes around 30-40% more power.
  • Double door fridge consumes more energy to cool down when a freezer door is opened. Relatively, in a single door fridge, the temperature rises quickly while maintaining the electricity balance.

These features make the single door refrigerators efficient in terms of power consumptions and financial savings. However, purchasing a fridge irrespective of doors requires an investment of the considerable fund. An individual facing financial crunch can utilize Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card’s benefits that offer a pre-defined credit limit of up to Rs.2 lakh to shop online at No-Cost EMI.

Individuals stopping themselves from purchasing the referred refrigerator in fear of electricity expenses can employ certain tricks to lessen the burden.

Tips to reduce the power consumption of refrigerators

An individual can purchase an old refrigerator as it consumes less energy comparatively.

  • It is smarter to avoid stuffing food items in the given space. This would help the coolant to move freely and thereby uplift the shelf life. Stuffed fridges compel the system to slow down and consume additional energy for cooling.
  • Individuals can wait for the food items’ temperature to reduce to a room temperature before placing them in the fridge.
  • Moreover, one should avoid opening the refrigerator doors frequently; this helps save energy and minimizes environmental pollution by stopping CFC gases from escaping.
  • A user can set the operating temperature to medium cooling to reduce power consumption.

Following these simple methods can help a fridge owner bring down the payments in the electricity bill. However, interested shoppers must stick to reliable websites to purchase authentic refrigerators. For instance, they can check the EMI Store that allows individuals to shop from a network of 43000+ stores and receive the delivery within 24 hours.

A shopper can look for single door refrigerator with 5-star BEE rating, which are cost and energy-efficient. Nevertheless, compare all other features of the refrigerator as well, along with the energy consumption rating.