Why Kenya is mostly preferred by Single Parents looking for Surrogacy?

Kenya has come up as one of the most sought after surrogacy hub by most of the intended parents around and over the past few years, it has become one of the most preferred locations for couples struggling with their infertility issues. On the other hand, when it comes ot single parents, they often have to face certain issues in seeking surrogacy in many other countries but when it comes to a place like Kenya, they are facilitate by most supportive laws and arrangements around.

Surrogacy arrangement for the single parents in Kenya

Laws in Kenya supports surrogacy in every aspect and people from every part of the world can come over and look around for their preferred surrogacy arrangement and any women over the age of 25 year scan act as a surrogate mother for the intended parents in the whole process. Moreover, she can also do the same as a part of artificial insemination.

Whilst the laws are too lenient in Kenya in regards to the surrogacy, there are instances when the black marketers have often fooled people out of surrogates which are risky as they are not been screened for health and psychological issues at all. These needs to be looked at with great focus before someone look around for a surrogacy arrangement in Kenya .Moreover, its mostly about the surrogacy agency you deal with and the further journey in the same regards would totally depend on the history and the track record of the agency you are going to deal with.

Cost of the surrogacy in Kenya for the Single parent

Whilst it’s a given that the surrogate mother often prefer to live at their own place and not at the accommodation provided by the Intend parent or the surrogacy agency, it come as a blessing to the intended parents in the wake of fact that they don’t have to incur the related cost. Also, this will ensure that the surrogate is been surrounded by her own family, members and she would be take n care of in the whole process. Apart from all the other factors, below is break down of the cost aspects of the surrogacy arrangement for the single parents.

  • Cost incurred in regards to the IVF treatment
  • Expenses in regards to the medical check-ups of the surrogate
  • Fees attached to the legal agreements and contracts on board
  • Fees attached to the services by the medical expert
  • Expenses to the meals during the stay of the surrogate
  • Travel costs in the surrogacy arrangement
  • Cost in regards to the food and clothes along with other factors

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