Top 10 Best Beer Brands with Price in India 2021

Summer is coming and your drinks need to change its taste. A glass in your hand and a bottle of good tasty beer can swing your mood to joy and pleasure. In order to join a reveller’s party or for having the joy of drinking beer, you must know the name of top brands of beer in India. The market for best beer in India is growing fast and it brings enormous opportunity for the international companies and local breweries to climb the top of the ladder of popularity.

India itself borrows many excellent breweries which produce beers and distribute across the country. It includes numerous brands among which few are quite popular. Apart from Indian product, international beer brands are also available in the market. Considering the popularity of both domestic and abroad product, a list of top ten best beer brands has been prepared. Check out the list below from one to ten.

10. Kalyani Black Label Beer

Kalyani Black Label Beer

The list of top ten beer brands in India also contains the name of Kalyani Black Label. It is also one of the senior most brands in India. This beer distinguishes its products by the variety of taste and by the power of drink. It is available in the market in Premium version as well as in strong version. It has become one of the best-selling beers in eastern states of India, Kolkata, and in Delhi.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 50.39/- and onwards

9. Heineken Beer

Heineken Beer

One of the most popular brands of beer is Heineken which is now available in India also along with the international market. Such familiar drink is manufactured by famous international brand Heineken International and is present in the worldwide market since the year of 1873. It is a Dutch based factory which produces this specific item with a maximum of 5 % alcohol amount in the total content. It uses yeast, barley malts, hops and water for preparing this particular product. This beer is similarly popular across other 170 countries in the world and widely accepted by consumers. It is also available in a can and larger bottle as well. In addition, world’s most international brand of premium beer is Heineken.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 90/- and onwards

8. Corona Beer

Corona Beer

Corona is one of the top ranked beer in India which is basically the production of a Mexican company. The name of this brewery factory is Cerveceria Modelo which has been operated since 1925. This beer is one of the most imported foreign beers in India and probably the highest consumed beer drink in the world. You can also hear the name of this beer in a popular Hollywood movie “Fast & Furious”, the dialogue delivered by Dominic Toretto.

This is one of the largest selling beers all around the world counting 170 countries in total. India is one of them. Corona has incredible market demand in India also. If this beer is served with a piece of lime, then it will be the best refreshing beer with more fun and no hangover. The offered varieties of this product are Corona light and Corona extra.

Price: 355ml beer cost Rs. 240/- and onwards

7. Tuborg Beer

Tuborg Beer

Tuborg is the local beer product of the state of Goa, India. This is highly popular and available in Goa extensively for the tourists. It has become famous for its quality taste and for a low cost. It consists of 4.85 % alcohol only adding a mild smoky flavour to the total drink content. Tuborg Green and Tuborg Strong are 2 popular selling sub products. However, it sounds similar to another famous Indian brand, but it is quite different from that brand.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 55/- and onwards

6. Foster Lager Beer

Foster Lager Beer

Foster Lager is another top most choice of beer lover in India. This brand of beer has been launched in India during late 90’s.  This beer is manufactured by one famous Australia-based company named as Fosters SABMiller Group. The pale or light Lager bottle of Foster Lager Beer borrows only 5.2 % alcohol in the total content of beer. It is available in most of the bars and pubs of India. In the city like Bangalore, the pubs and bars serve the Foster lager as draught beer other than bottles. This product is well known for its enormous fan following across the globe for its amazing taste and effect. Two different varieties of Foster Lager beer are gettable in the market which is respectively Foster Premium and Foster Strong.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 60/- and onwards

5. Budweiser Beer

Budweiser Beer

Budweiser is featuring next to the top ten beer brands in India according to the choice of consumers. A Brazilian-Belgian Organization, named as Anheuser-Busch InBev started their journey by producing this familiar brand in the year of 1876 and still continuing the process. It is being considered as one of the top selling beers across the globe. Alike other top-notch beers, this brand also provides the customers with different varieties in taste. The offered items by Budweiser beer are Budweiser stronger and Budweiser Magnum. This specific item of Budweiser beer is made of barley malt along with rice.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 110/- and onwards

4. Carlsberg Beer

Carlsberg Beer

Carlsberg, the brand of Carlsberg India Private Limited is one of the trustworthy and reliable names in the world of beer. It is basically a malt brewing item which is produced by a Denmark-based manufacturer company. Carlsberg beer was manufactured for the first time in the year of 1847 and still moving to the pinnacle of demand maintaining the popularity in the same ratio across the globe.

It is as much demanding in India as in the international market. The venture of Carlsberg has been started in India during the May 2006. Actually, this brand is the later conversion of South Asia Breweries Pvt. Ltd to the Carlsberg India Private Limited. The company started producing beer in India from June 2007 where the manufacturing brewery unit is situated at Paonta Sahib in Himachal Pradesh.

The company launches two different segments in beer producing. The brand produces Carlsberg Green as premium beer segment. On the other hand, it produces Okocim Palone as strong beer segment in the market of North India. Gradually, this familiar beer brand has set up 8 more breweries in different places in India which bring a strategic revolution in the beer market in India.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 90/- and onwards

3. Haywards Beer

Haywards Beer

Haywards is featured as one of the strong contestants of beer brands in India, despite having very popular desi and international products on the market. It produces beer under the international brewery manufacturer named as SAB Miller. Hayward’s beers are available in the market in the various form of strength. Haywards 2000, as well as Haywards Black, is lighter compared to Hayward 5000. The latest variant of beer from this brand is Haywards 10000. Their versatile product of beer not only keeps them alive in the market competition but also offers the consumers an unrevealed power to dream. Thus they become one of the best-selling brands of strong beers in India and outside India as well.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 65/- and onwards

2. Royal Challenge Beer

Royal Challenge Beer

Royal Challenge is one of the popular brands of beer in India which has been tremendously leading the heart of discriminating consumers. It is well known for its extra brewing taste adding the feature of providing longer has time. This is why; the product is marketed with the tagline of “Brewed Stronger Brewed better”. These particular products have enormous demand in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Uttar Pradesh. Buy this outstanding beer easily because it is now gettable in almost every bar and Indian pub.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 47/- and onwards

1. Kingfisher Beer

Kingfisher Beer

In spite of being affected by the invasion of various Indian and international brands in the market, Kingfisher remains in the top position as being the first choice of beer lover. The Kingfisher brewery has established in the year of 1978. Till then the Kingfisher, The King of Good Times is dominating the market as an undisputed leader with its mild product which is famous for its soft taste along with plenty of malts. The product is manufactured by United Breweries and it is one of the largest manufacturers of beer across the country. It has the share of more than 51 % in India. Other than India, this Kingfisher brand of beer is available in more 52 countries around the world.

The Kingfisher beer is available in 330 ml can, 500 ml can, 330 ml pint and in a large bottle of quart 650 ml. It is the most selling beer brand in India and the most exporting beer brands of India. More and more, it offers a wide range of varieties in beer products such as Kingfisher strong, Kingfisher premium, and Kingfisher ultra, Kingfisher Blue, Kingfisher Draught, and Kingfisher Draught.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 60/- and onwards

List of Best Selling Beer Brands with Price in India

Position Beer Brand’s Price & Quantity
1 Kingfisher Beer 330ml beer cost Rs. 60/-
2 Royal Challenge Beer 330ml beer cost Rs. 47/-
3 Haywards Beer 330ml beer cost Rs. 65/-
4 Carlsberg Beer 330ml beer cost Rs. 90/-
5 Budweiser Beer 330ml beer cost Rs. 110/-
6 Foster Lager Beer 330ml beer cost Rs. 60/-
7 Tuborg Beer 330ml beer cost Rs. 55/-
8 Corona Beer 355ml beer cost Rs. 240/-
9 Heineken Beer 330ml beer cost Rs. 90/-
10 Kalyani Black Label Beer Beer 330ml beer cost Rs. 50.39/-