Top 10 Best Selling Shaving Cream Brands in India 2021

Shaving cream is an essential beauty or grooming item that grooms men’s face and keeps their face cool and clear. A decade before, grooming is the term that is synonymous only for ladies. But now, the trend has been changed and every man has started be conscious in his own beauty and look.

Introduction of Men’s fairness cream was weird during its launch but now the industry has started to develop faster and every possible company launches shaving creams, men’s fairness cream and so on.

Thus, men’s grooming industry has become one of the fastest developing industries in India.

So, let us check best shaving cream brands available in Indian market 2021.

10. Clinique Shaving Cream

Clinique Shaving Cream

Best product from Clinique with aloe gel which can immediately soothe reddishness and irritation on skin. It suits best for even toughest beards and shaves clearly on any type of skin. Aloe gel gives a refreshing smell that keeps you fresh and positive the whole day.

9. Biotique Shaving Cream

Biotique Shaving Cream

A perfect blend of herbal ingredients, Biotique palmyra is an excellent herbal shaving cream that is made up of pure coconut oil along with drops of mint juice that keeps your skin cool and comfortable after every shave. Since it is an herbal product, there is no side effect at any cause.

8. VJ-John Shaving Cream

VJ-John Shaving Cream

It is an excellent brand for men that come in variety of exotic versions such as shaving cream lime, menthol, cream for hard skin, for sensitive skin and so on. It is brand that is sold internationally and one of the largest selling brands in India. Also, After shave gels such as “Black sea” ,”splash”, “Cobra” are the famous gels from VJ-JOHN that are used to soothe the irritation after shaving.

7. Godrej Shaving Cream

Godrej Shaving Cream

Gives an excellent shaving experience, Godrej is a best shaving cream that is available at an affordable price. Right from several decades, Godrej comes with an attractive pack, irritation free formula and also available at reasonable price that is suitable for all income types. Available in several versions such as lime fresh and menthol mist.

6. Dettol Shaving Cream

Dettol Shaving Cream

Dettol is the most trusted brand in India for several decades that brings the best ever products for all categories such as men, women and children. This Dettol cool shaving cream comes with an attractive pack with cool formula that can make thick lather for clear shaving. It makes the hair super soft as soon as applied so that it makes easy to shave your beird and moustache.

5. Nivea Shaving Cream

Nivea Shaving Cream

Available in two versions such as Nivea mild shaving cream and Nivea sensitive shaving cream, is one of the best ever product from Nivea. Nivea mild cream is enriched with sea minerals and moisturizers that makes your hair soft and easy to shave. Nivea sensitive protects your skin from any cuts, irritation and skin sensitivities.

4. Neutrogena Shaving Cream

Neutrogena Shaving Cream

A best product from Neutrogena that can give closed shave and healthy looking skin by fighting against razor irritations. Its oil free, glycerin and less foam formula gives moisturization to your sensitive skin and a very little cream is needed to have a clean shave. There are many men in India who completely trust this brand and thus it is one of the best selling products in this country.

3. Gillette Shaving Cream

Gillette Shaving Cream

Containing natural ingredients such as aloe vera and glycerin, Gillete is a very trusted brands of shaving creams in India for several decades. It has introduced several varieties of shaving foams for dry, rough and sensitive skin types. Also, it has also launched several razor types, after shaving gels in the Indian market. Hydrates your skin very clearly and thus makes the shaving process so simple.

2. Denim Shaving Cream

Denim Shaving Cream

Again a most trusted brand in India for so many years. Denim shaving creams are most suitable for Indian skins and thus has largest market share in Indian market. Rich, creamy foam gives you a perfect, close shave that makes you feel confident. Also available in two versions such as original which is made up of fully natural ingredients and “Black” that is made up of extracts of witch hazel.

1. Old Spice Shaving Cream

Old Spice Shaving Cream

Old spice is a very old product which is still at number one position in Indian market. Carrying a slogan “Smell like a man” has occupied several young Indian hearts through its television advertisements. A guaranteed product from Old spice which gives you a smooth, hassle free shave every time.

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