Top 10 Best Electric Generators Brands with Price in India 2021

In our country with frequent power cuts at random timings, owning an electric generator for your home or office is a must. To not let the unexpected power cut affects your work or comfort, an electric generator is becoming increasingly popular in Indian market. There is range of generators available in affordable range these days. Here is the list of top 10 best electric generators of 2021:

10. Sterling Generators

Sterling Generators

They makes a good choice for portable generators with compact designs, essential features, and reasonable costing, Sterling Generators are surety for better performance.

9. Gillette Generators

Gillette Generators

Specifications, capacity, and durability are certain key highlights of Gillette Generators. Definitely worth investing for your sudden power cut needs.

8. Ashok Leyland Generators

Ashok Leyland Generators

One of the trusted and old names, Ashok Leyland needs no introduction. True to their name, their generators are known for stellar performance, newest features and gives satisfactory results for all the generator needs. With a range from 50 K till 1.5 lac rupees , they come in varied models

7. Mahindra Generator

Mahindra Generator

Mahindra manufactures high-class generators both for the commercial and noncommercial purpose. With all the advanced features, they are increasingly in demand.

6. Kirloskar Generators

Kirloskar Generators

A well-known brand for electric generator they are priced little higher. Koel portable Genset 3KVA is available for Rs 98799.With a lot of advanced features, this makes a good choice for commercial purposes.

5. Birla Power Generator

Birla Power Generator

Marketed mainly for non-commercial purposes Birla power generators are portable, lightweight and available in diesel petrol and LPG variants. Starting anywhere from 45k till 1.5 lac range, they are available in different make and models.

4. Bajaj Generator

Bajaj Generator

Relatively low priced starting anywhere from 20k till 90K as compared to other models from different brands they have lesser running expense, ultra compact design  and light in weight Bajaj generators are best for people looking for good performance in affordable pricing. Bajaj Powerhouse BGA2500 LPG is a good choice at Rs 48000.

3. Mitsubishi Generators

Mitsubishi Generators

One of the best brand for its fine quality. With a running capacity for 24*7, Mitsubishi generators are loaded with features like automatic voltage controller, OHV engine, and a bigger fuel reservoir. Available in the price range of 30K to 90 K for higher end generators.

2. Yamaha Generators

Yamaha Generators

Known for their top quality products Yamaha offers one of the best range of portable generators. With features like durability, sound lessening systems they can be used indoors or outdoors for both commercial or home purposes. Another attractive feature in Yamaha generators is the 12v battery,12v DC output and a reasonable warranty of 3 years. With different models and specifications, they range somewhere from 80K to 1.5 lacs price range.

1. Honda Generators

Honda Generators

From the well-known brand Honda, they are best in class fuel efficient generators within the reasonable range. You can pick from various fuel type variants like LPG, kerosene, petrol etc. Best suited for TV, refrigerator etc they are light weighted portable generators which come with capability starting from 200 watts,120v. Price ranges from 30k for entry level generators up to 1 lac for high-end generators

Assessing few key features such as power consumption, total wattage requirements across a number of appliances, sizes, portability and features such as alternative fuel capacity, fuel gauge, performance, and budget are fundamental while making electric generator purchase.