Top 10 Best Luggage & Travel Bag Brands with Price in India 2021

Are you looking for the best luggage and travel bag brands with prices in India for the year 2020 and 2021?  Then you have come to the right spot because here in this article they are going to discuss the top 10 best brands for luggage and travel bags along with their starting prices. Luggage and travel bags are an important aspect of our lives because whenever we travel we need well-branded luggage bags to depend upon during a long Journey. To accomplish such a task so we need to have knowledge of which brand of luggage or travel bag we should be buying. Let us go through this article to find out more about the brands which are best suited as luggage travel bag.

10. Victorinox Bag

Victorinox Bag

When it comes to luggage and travel bags Victorinox is a highly trusted name and has been in themarket for a long period of time. The luggage bags produced by this brand are known for the strength and durability. They come with some of the most amazing features such as pieces of luggage that can be hooked with each other and the ability to attach two other luggage sets as well. There are various designs that one can choose from and the options can confuse a purchaser. These bags are along-lasting companion for anyone who loves to travel.

Price: The price for this brand of luggage bags starts from INR 8,860.

9. Reebok Bag

Reebok Bag

Reebok is known to produce some of the best Sports gear for the athletes. It is a big name in the Sporting industry and they also produce good quality and World famous luggage bags for the general public. If you are a Traveler, then surely you will love to own a Reebok travel on luggage bag. There is hardly anything that can go wrong with a reebok luggage bag. The extremely comfortable to carry around and you would miss them if you do not take them with you on a travelling day.

Price: The range for Reebok luggage bags starts from INR 4,500.

8. Wildcraft Bag

Wildcraft Bag

Wildcraft is another very reputed luggage brand and their luggage bags have a distinct aura of personality in all of their designs. The travel bags produced by this brand are of amazing quality and travellers love to possess them. They are known for their comfortable stitching and material durability. Wildcraft definitely comes in one of the top contenders when it comes to luggage brand for the enthusiasts.

Price: The price for Wildcraft brand of luggage bags starts from INR 552.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Bag

Tommy Hilfiger Bag

If you are fashion conscious then Tommy Hilfiger this fit the bill right in for all your needs and desires. Tommy Hilfiger is famous for their watches perfumes and classic shirts and trousers. Whatever they make it is of high quality and is one of a kind. Tommy Hilfiger is a brand of exclusive make and not everyone can on them because of stay high price range. Tommy Hilfiger produces luggage bags that some handy features such as quick release strap system which is situated at the back and is extremely helpful.

Price: You can make one of the Tommy Hilfiger branded luggage bags for INR 7,500.

6. Skybags


Skybags have been extremely popular with their revolutionary designs of luggage bags. Skybags are known to produce some of the lightest weighted and highly textured luggage bags for the public. The skybags are known to produce some of the most awesome looking luggage bags with theuse of bright colours to enhance the visual qualities of their branded bags.

Price: The range for Skybags starts from INR 799.

5. Carlton Tribe Bag

Carlton Tribe Bag

Carlton tribe is another well-known and reputed brand of luggage bags and sells heavily online. They have time and again brought out some of the best luggage bags in the market and continue to surprise time and again. the Carlton tribe luggage bags are lightweight and are also durable. The bags of this brand will stay fit even in rough use and you can rest assured that you will be owning them for a longer period of time.

Price: The starting price for Carlton tribe brand of bags is INR 4,700.

4. VP Neon Bag

VP Neon Bag

VP Neon is another brand of luggage bags which has created on it for themselves in the world of travel and luggage bags. The bags produced by this brand have lots of space inside them and they look stylish and fashionable. There are a lot of varieties and designs available with this brand and if you want you can be spoilt for choices. They produce luggage bags in a wide spectrum and you will always have your needs fulfilled. If you are looking for some very good looking and chic product, then definitely go for this particular brand.

Price: You can purchase luggage bags of this brand from a starting range of INR 3,863.

3. Samsonite Bag

Samsonite Bag

Samsonite is a name which is not at all unknown to any of the travellers in the world. It is a brand which is regarded as highly reputed in this industry and continues to place itself in the top luggage bag producing brands. Samsonite has been producing efficient and durable luggage bags in India for quite a long period of time. Samsonite produces one of the sturdiest luggage bags for the people and this is one quality which cannot be missed about this brand.

Price: Starting price range for Samsonite brand of luggage bags are INR 1,689.

2. Safari Spartan Bag

Safari Spartan Bag

Safari is another quite famous and an excellent brand of luggage bags in India. Safari’s most famous luggage bag brand is the Spartan. You simply cannot go wrong with his brand if you are in the market to purchase a luggage bag for yourself. Safari features good quality locks for their luggage bags and is also known to use durable materials to build their luggage and travel bags. The bags by this brand can withstand heavy use and on meant to be rugged for your daily use.

Price: The starting price for this brand of bags is INR 1,037.

1. American Tourister Bag

American Tourister Bag

American Tourister is a world renowned brand name when it comes to luggage bags. this brand is also famous in India do it is based in the United States. They make interested make some of the best travel bags available in the market and they are highly lightweight and a lot durable when compared to its competitors. If you are looking to purchase a good brand of luggage bag and you are not constrained by your project, then you can surely go with American Tourister as your first choice of luggage bag.

Price: The range for American Tourister starts from INR 625.