Top 10 Best Face Bleaching Cream Brands with Price in India 2021

The best way to get fairer skin and hide unwanted facial hair instantly is using Bleaching Cream at home.  Bleaching creams are made up of ingredients which help the skin to get natural glow and makes it smooth and soft. The bleaching creams can also be used on hands and legs as well. There are well known cosmetics and herbal brands which produce the milk and skin friendly bleach creams in the Indian market. List of Best Selling Face Bleaching Cream Brands in India 2021.

10. Jolen Face Bleaching Cream

Jolen Face Bleaching Cream

Jolen produces various bleach crèmes for different types of skins. There is a bleach crème for normal skin, Aloe vera crème bleach for sensitive skin, Gold Bleach Crème for all skin types and Oxy Bleach for oily and sensitive skin. The products are manufactured with the properties which provide many benefits to the skin. The packs are available in different sizes as per required. Best Price: 235/- for 140g pack.

9. Vedic Line Face Bleaching Cream

Vedic Line Face Bleaching Cream

Vedic Line offers innovative products in bleach creams such as Gold Ojas Bleach and Oxy Bleach. The Gold Ojas Bleach is best selling product as it contains gold power and anti oxidants which gives the skin perfect radiance and instant glow. The Oxy Bleach is available for pale and dull skin. Best Price: 350/- for 300ml pack.

8. Aryanveda Face Bleaching Cream

Aryanveda Face Bleaching Cream

Aryanveda Cosmeceuticals offers a variety of bleach creams which are Fruitify Herbal Bleach Cream, 24 Carat Gold Bleach Cream, Haldi Chanan Bleach Cream, and Tanend Bleach. Get an instant radiance with unique herbal formula, which lightens the skin tone and makes it soft and supple. The products also contains anti oxidants to make the skin younger and beautiful. Easily available in the Indian market with the best price of 50/-

7. Olivia Face Bleaching Cream

Olivia Face Bleaching Cream

Olivia Health Care presents Bleach Cream for women and women. Herb Bleach and Fairness Bleach is for women and Hiz Aloe Bleach is for men.  The Bleach Creams are made up of natural ingredients and have good antioxidant. The skin becomes fairer and smoother instantly. the non irritant formula helps in bleaching the facial hairs to the roots. The brand offers the products in various sizes. Best Price: 40/-

6. Nature’s Essence Face Bleaching Cream

Nature’s Essence Face Bleaching Cream

You can find a huge range of Nature’s Essence Bleach Creams. They include Diamond Bleach, Fruit Bleach, Lecto Bleach, Gold Bleach and Oxy Bleach. The brand produces the bleach creams in a variety for different skin requirements. The bleach creams have moisturizing properties and ingredients which enhance the skin complexion. The products also help to reduce dark patches and removes sun tan. Best Price: 60/-

5. Oxyglow Face Bleaching Cream

Oxyglow Face Bleaching Cream

OxyGlow Cosmetics presents Gold Bleach Cream, Pearl Beach Cream, Diamond Bleach cream, Multi fruit Bleach Cream, Herbal Bleach Cream, and Golden Glow Papaya Bleach Cream. The bleach creams helps to get skin’s original youthful glow and to heal blemishes and reduces the redness of the skin. The products are best for all skin types and gives natural fairness instantly. Best Price: 240/-

4. Richfeel Face Bleaching Cream

Richfeel Face Bleaching Cream

Richfeel offers two types in bleaching cream, one is Luxury Gold Bleach and another is Lily and Jasmin Bleach. A highly specialized product has many beauty benefits such as lighten the complexion and tighten skin elasticity. It has also antibacterial properties and restores skin moisture. With the best ingredients, the bleach cream comes at the best price of 75/- for 28g pack.

3. Fem Face Bleaching Cream

Fem Face Bleaching Cream

Fem Fairness Naturals is a brand of Dabur India Ltd. The Crème bleach from this brand comes in few variants such as Saffron Bleach, Turmeric Herbal Bleach, Pearl Crème Bleach, Diamond Crème Bleach, Gold Bleach and Oxylife Crème Bleach. The crème bleach has the rejuvenating properties, providing natural fairness. It removes sun tan and dead cells and gives healthy glow. Best Price: 32/- for 8g pack.

2. O3+ Face Bleaching Cream

O3+ Face Bleaching Cream

The O3+ Meladerm Vitamin C Gel Beach is for skin and hair lightening treatment. The product is Peroxide free, thus it is safe on a sensitive skin too. The bleach cream is doesn’t leave the skin dry and make it hydrated after using it. The quality of the product puts the brand in the 2nd best position.  Best Price: 470/- for 96g pack.

1. VLCC Face Bleaching Cream

VLCC Face Bleaching Cream

A leading wellness brand, VLCC offers a widest range of Bleach Cream Kits with several types of beauty benefits. The Insta Glow range includes Saffron and Honey Bleach, Oxygen Bleach Cream, Herbal Bleach, Gold Bleach, Diamond Bleach and Insta Glow Bleach for Men as well. The bleach creams provides fresh and flawless fairness. These all bleach creams are mild and suitable for all skin types. Best Price: 120/- onwards.

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