Top 10 Best Immersion Rods Brands with Price in India 2021

Immersion rod is a very simple and small appliance to heat water is portable and can easily carry anywhere. A low cost appliance is quite time saving appliance which can heat a bucket of water in 10 to 15 minutes. Extremely convenient appliance has heating coil installed and has a cord, which is very similar to an electric iron. Some brands also provide shock proof rods, which are safe to use. Below is a list of best selling Immersion Rods in the Indian market.

10. Sameer 1000w

Sameer 1000w

The low cost Immersion Rod from the brand Sameer, is waterproof as well as shock proof. The portable rod consumes energy of 1000w. It has an elegant handle design which is convenient to carry anywhere. The brand is giving 1 year of warranty with the product. Best Price: 399/- onwards

9. Khaitan Immersion 1500w

Khaitan Immersion 1500w

An Immersion heating Rod from Khaitan is a good quality appliance. The portable product comes with hairpin tubular heating element. It has the best features like unbreakable connection cover, it has anti corrosive material. The rod is used for heating water in few minutes. Best Price: 480/- onwards with 6 months of warranty.

8. Inalsa 1500w

Inalsa 1500w

A popular brand Inalsa offers Immersion rod with the power capacity of 1500w. It has non corrosive copper tube heating element. It can heat up large quantity of water at a time. It comes with an indicator light for on/off. The portable heating rod has long life tubular element. The product is available at the best price of 439/- with 2 years of warranty.

7. Maharaja Whiteline Vesta Plus

Maharaja Whiteline Vesta Plus

Maharaja Whiteline Vesta Plus Immersion Heater Rod is a shockproof appliance for the brand. It consumes a power of 1000w which is energy efficient. The product is ISI certified and highly durable. It is designed to heat up water very quickly. The brand gives 2 years of warranty on the product. The best feature is that it is shockproof, thus it is quite safe for home use. It is available at the best price of 425/- onwards.

6. Singer IR-09 1000w

Singer IR-09 1000w

Singer offers an Immersion Rods with smart look. It has sealed plastic body and high quality copper element which gives heat conduction and rust prevention. It is also designed for water level indicator. The portable rod consumes 1000w of power. It has tubular heating element and takes around 10 minutes to heat water. With 1 year of warranty, it is available at the best price of 452/- onwards.

5. Usha IH2415 1500w

Usha IH2415 1500w

Usha is a well known brand of India serving best appliances since many years. The Immersion Rod comes with copper tube element with long lasting nickel plating which gives it a longer element life. It has been specially designed to give quick heating experience. It also has neon indicator light which indicates whether it is on or off. This product comes with 2 years of warranty at the best price of 459/- onwards.

4. V-Guard VIH-151 1500w

V-Guard VIH-151 1500w

V-Guard presents elegantly designed Immersion Rod with the power capacity of 1500w. The powerful appliance is made up of nickel plated copper tube for a quick heating. It has a hairpin tubular design with plastic protective handle which gives super safety to the user. It comes with the function like power indicator light. The brand is giving the product 2 years of warranty. Best Price: 439/- onwards.

3. Activa Maxima 2000w Classic

Activa Maxima 2000w Classic

Activa Maxima Classic model of Immersion heater rod gives an excellent performance. It comes with hairpin tubular element. It is made up of pure brass heater material. The chrome plating and it is rust resistant. The product has a capacity of 2000w power. Best Price: 390/- onwards.

2. Crompton Greaves CG 1500w

Crompton Greaves CG 1500w

The Crompton Greaves brand is globally renowned. The Immersion water heater rod from this brand gives an economical solution for the winters. The rod has a power capacity of 1500 watts. Most immersion rods are prone to get rust easily, but it has metal coating of corrosion free material. It has a capacity to heat up 20l of water at a time. This energy efficient rod is available at a price of 529/- with 1 year warranty.

1. Bajaj 1500w

Bajaj 1500w

Bajaj is one of the most popular brands in the country. It is serving its best quality products since many decades. The Immersion rod from this brand consumes 1500w of power and heats up water very quickly. It is made up of high quality stainless steel and anticorrosive material, which is long lasting and gives ultimate protection from damage and rusting. Moreover it comes with 1 year manufacturing warranty. Best Price: 479/- onwards.