Top 10 Best Jewellery Brands in India 2021

People show a lot of passion for buying best jewelries in India 2021. On this context, we present you the 10 most renowned jewellery brands in India. You can no where else find the extent of addiction for Jewellery as it is in India. People show a lot of passion for buying jewellery. Taking a dig about the reason behind this, apparently one can find the artistic excellence in picture. On this context, we present you the 10 most renowned jewellery brands in India.

10. Parineeta Jewellery

Parineeta Jewellery

Parineeta is specialist in making high end wedding and bridal jewellery. Parineeta brand says that “All the diamonds jewellery are designed artistically and will give you a royal look if you are their jewellery. India’s rich legacy of great marriage trimmings wakes up with Parineeta. This stunning scope of a top of the line wedding and marriage gems in jadau, gold, jewels and valuable stones, catches both the glory of our illustrious past and the more contemporary styling of a present day time. So the lady of the hour of today can appreciate the eminence of yesterday, and feel like a princess on her extraordinary day.

9. Diya Jewellery

Diya Jewellery

Diya jewellery is known for creating different set of jewellery designs and it is also a trend setter. Lot of its designs got appreciated by number of people. Diya precious stone gems take into account the fantasies of each lady to have their own special bit of jewel gems. Presented in 2008, the brand has a broad arrangement of heavier pieces with a cutting edge feel and a customary touch, empowering it to connect with various socio-social and age gatherings.

Each bit of gems is made with contributions from a skillet India group of encountered originator’s and talented experts. It is an impression of the pizazz for inventiveness and eye for detail that portrays Indian craftsman, with plan and styling mixing easily together. The choice outlines make it workable for each lady to understand her fantasy of having fine precious stone studded adornments.

8. Rivaaz Jewellery

Rivaaz Jewellery

Rivaaz is another reputed and leading jewellery diamond brand in India. This brand stands in the 8th spot in our top 10 Jewellery Brands in India. Exquisite Indian Jewelry based in Potomac , Maryland.To place order please send us a direct message on Facebook or contact us on 240-535-5312.

7. Kiah Jewellery

Kiah Jewellery

Kiah diamond jewellery says that it is committed to the pride of feminism forever. All it’sjewellery designs and diamonds will definitely attract any person. This brand stands in the 7th spot in our top jewellery and diamond brands in India.

KIAH offers Diamond Jewelry in the extensive variety of assortment with chic outlines for its hoops, pendants, and rings, accessible in both white and yellow gold with various virtues like 14 karats, 18 karat. Precious stones utilized as a part of gems are authentic clash free normal jewels with best shading and lucidity and are confirmed with universal confirmation from IGI. Likewise, numerous items incorporate charming shading stones. Outlines are made by imaginative planners in all extraordinary range from Traditional to Modern, Classic to Contemporary plans.

6. Gili Jewellery

Gili Jewellery

Gili was launched in the year 1994 and it’s one of the famous diamond jewellery brand in India. Gili is endorsed by the famous Indian actress Bipasha Basu. Gili has been advancing close by the Indian lady, reflecting changes in her desires and standpoint, while proceeding to take into account her solid love for precious stones. Simple availability because of a wide system, adds to the brand’s allure. The brand focuses on the goals and standpoint of a young lady who cravings to possess Gili as her first precious stone adornments. While including a mix of Indian and western subtlety, Gili epitomizes an in vogue tastefulness, making it consummately suited for the changing nature and requirements of the present day Indian lady.

5. Nirvana Jewellery

Nirvana Jewellery

Nirvana is a jewellery brand that has 15 years of experience in servicing Indian citizens. Its brand ambassador is Shraddha Kapoor and in the past it was Malaika Aurora. “You can get good satisfaction when you buy Nirvana diamond jewellery” say people after buying this brand jewellery. Nirvana spearheaded weight and undetectable setting for precious stone gems and its mark style utilizes these procedures to make a Mirage gathering where numerous littler stones are set together to give the impact of a solitary bigger stone. The gems give a great look and ooze congruity and euphoria. Throughout the years it has turned into a vital piece of the day by day excellence regimen of numerous Indian ladies, to supplement and upgrade their actual looks.

4. Asmi Diamond and Jewellery

Asmi Diamond and Jewellery

Brand ambassador for Asmi diamond jewellery is the famous Priyanka Chopra. This brand gives you good quality and many people says that it’s reliable to buy Asmi diamond jewellery. There are many showrooms of this jewellery brand in various cities of India. Asmi gems have a contemporary, sensitive, and female look that is unmistakably reminiscent of quality and elegance. The outlines rotate around curvilinear structures that symbolize the internal fire of ladies. The gems exemplify the energy of the independent lady, mirroring her certainty, mentality and inward soul. It is gemmed for self-reward and liberality, for the lady who effectively deals with the family, social or expert duties.

3. D’Damas Jewellery

D'Damas Jewellery

D’Damas jewellery is in the 3rd spot for top jewellery brands in India. There are many ambassadors for this reputed jewellery company at present its Sonakshi Sinha. Variety of trending brands in D’Damas jewelry were:

  • Ananya
  • Avani
  • Harmony
  • Hope
  • Garrand
  • Hayati
  • Legacy

2. Nakshatra Diamond Jewellery

Nakshatra Diamond Jewellery

Nakshatra is one among the top 10 jewellery brands in India. This premium company has also a great reputation in India. Its brand ambassador is Katrina Kaif. Drawing motivation from a ‘group of stars of stars’, from where it gets its name, this extraordinary scope of precious stone gems, brings out the capable symbolism of puzzle, brightness and ageless excellence. Each piece is a contemporary, adapted elucidation of the seven-petalled precious stone blossom – referred to generally as the “kuda Jodi” – which is accepted to be propitious and showers the wearer with endowments and good fortunes.

1. Tanishq Jewellery

Tanishq Jewellery

TATA group owns this Tanishq jewelleries. There are many famous Indian celebrities that has endorsed this premium brand jewellery company. Some of them are Sri Devi, Amithab Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Ashwairya Rai, Asin, Katrina Kaif etc. All are famous and even Tanishq is also famous in providing quality jewellery at a very affordable price. All are famous and even Tanishq is also famous in providing quality jewelry at a very affordable price. The latest brands in tarnish jewelry offers good collections

  • Fineline
  • Niloufer
  • Queen of hearts
  • Shubam

All these brands of jewelry surely will sediment the richness and beauty sculpture of designs in everyone’s heart.