Top 10 Best Selling Whisky Brands with Price in India 2021

Whiskey is one spirit, which is loved by majority of Indian population. In fact, sales of Whiskey has shown a tremendously increase in figures. Indian Whiskies have shown a great impact all over the world and are competing nicely with imported brands. After a great survey and even checking the Brand Champions 2015 results, we have compiled a top 10 list of Indian whiskies brands with price, which are the most popular whiskey brands in India 2021 ones:

10. 8PM Whisky

8PM Whiskey

This brand of whiskey is facing a downfall in sales in compared to previous years but still who love its taste just don’t like to change the brand. They prefer 8PM above all. This has made this brand so deserving in top-10 list. RadicoKhaitan Group produces this whiskey and it is easily available all across India except the dry states. This whiskey is easily get table in rural areas of India and non-metro cities within the low budget range. This makes the whisky brand of 8PM so popular among average drink lovers. It contains high-quality whisky with sufficient amount.

  • 8PM Whisky Price: 250 INR for 750 ml bottle

9. Royal Stag Whisky

Royal Stag Whiskey

This label has growing sales in India and graph seems good for future. It is a leading brand of India from original whiskey makers like Ballantine and Imperial Blue, the Pernod Ricard. They are truly a great combination of most loved spirits and scotch. People love its exclusive and authentic taste over the unique nature, which it possesses. The major role of Royal Stag’s success is the intricate production process, which involves great preparation and merging of different liquids. Even it has acclaimed all over the world. It is experiencing the best time in sales in India, throughout the entire history. It produces the sale of more than 21 million cases in the previous year.

  • Royal Stag Whisky Price:  483 INR for 750 ml bottle and 23 INR for 375 ml bottle.

8. Bagpiper Whisky

Bagpiper Whiskey

Vijay Mallya has its subsidiary in Bagpiper and hence it is owned by the king of alcohol himself. United Breweries group has proudly made India proud by producing best in class liquor and premixes for giving a great fight to all imported labels. Even television shows its advertisement with the Bollywood Singham“Mr Ajay Devgan” endorsing the brand. There is wood like aroma and has great distillation process for removal of molasses. Bagpiper was the first Indian brand to start packing Whiskey in tetra packs in India. However, this brand of whisky had to face a colossal decrease in sale rate around 15 % in last few years.

  • Bagpiper Whisky Price: 280 INR for 740 ml bottle and 151 INR for 375 ml bottle

7. Director’s Special Whisky

Director’s Special Whiskey

This is special whiskey among Scotch blend for all lovers. It’s a must try in life and has a unique texture with great taste. You can afford this whiskey easily PAN India. United Spirits Limited has found this scotch! This brand is one of the reliable and trustworthy manufacturers of top-notch whisky in India. United Spirit Limited was founded in the year of 1988 and set the benchmark for other wineries. More and more, it has achieved a spot in the list of top 50 whiskey brands in world. This is quite an immense feat that is associated with the name of Director’s Special Whisky.

  • Director’s Special Whisky Price: 300 INR for 750 ml bottle and 175 INR for 375 ml bottle

6. Johnnie Walker Whisky

Johnnie Walker Whiskey

This Diageo branded Whiskey is on highest selling list in India. It is a tasty whisky that is available in low price in India and available in all Indian pubs and bars. They are offered to consumers in variety of flavors. The most popular ones are Green Label, Black Label, Blue Label, Red Label, and Platinum Label. The higher you go in variants, the more you need to pay. The Green label variant has been awarded the great awards in United States for 3 consecutive years. Now it is hiking their demand in India too. However, the brand name has great liking by all and you can find the term coming in Bollywood or in the pop songs. It is a must try for all and surely you would love it!

  • Red Label Whisky Price: 3000 INR for 750 ml bottle

5. Haywards Fine Whisky

Haywards Fine Whiskey

Again it’s a product from United Breweries group. It is highly famous in India and also other African regions or Middle Eastern countries. Haywards Fine is a whiskey brand from the same owner of other popular whisky in India, named as United Spirits Limited and it is selling cheaper versions of same alcohol. The sales graph is inclined for this whisky in the past years which is climbing tremendously towards the upper of the success ladder. The taste of this whisky is awesome and thereby it faces a great sales growth in year 2012 and now. It has been sold over one million cases in past years, attaining a whole lot of 1 % increase in the product sales.

  • Haywards Whisky Price: 360 INR for 750 ml bottle and 110 INR for 375 ml bottle

4. Imperial Blue Whisky

Imperial Blue Whiskey

A French Whiskey made by Pernod Richard is famous for its high quality. However, it was launched in India by company Seagram in the year of 1997. It is known for producing Indian spirits and scotch malts as well. Later, the Seagram has been owned by Pernod Ricard, the familiar whisky manufacturing French Company.  They are indulged into huge promotions of the brand by kicking a new tagline for further attracting clients that “Men will be Men”. You can term this whiskey as the best single Malt whiskey brand of India. Imperial Blue has its bottling plant in Kolhapur city in Maharashtra state. Then Seagram again merged with UAl and re-launched this whiskey brand for better approach to young and 25 years old.

  • Imperial Blue Whisky Price: 614 INR for 750 ml bottle

3. Old Tavern Whisky

Old Tavern Whiskey

Old Tavern is one of the most loved whiskies in India and outside India as well. It is in the colossal of demand in the rural region of India like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Even in the African countries, people love this whiskey flavor and prefer before other whiskies. It is the highly affordable whiskey in India. For all people who wish to manage things in budget, just grab a bottle of desired size of Old Tavern. In fact, it is a great value for money. It is a neutral whiskey is exported to all other countries. This way, it has reached in the top 10 list of Whisky brands. It weaves a success of selling 11.6 million cases in the single year time frame of 2012. Among all other popular and accomplished brands of whisky, this brand makes its own remark in the market.

  • Old Tavern Whisky Price: 300 INR for 750 ml bottle

2. Officer’s Choice Whisky

Officer’s Choice Whiskey

You can even mention the Whiskey by it initials like OS. The highest popular label among all and has great taste and great fascinating taste. Such a whiskey is made after lot of pre preparation and procedures. It is the product of one of the best prospects of India, known as Allied-Blenders and in this venture, distillers (ABD) is also associated with Allied Blenders. The name of the owner is Kishore Chhabaria. The whisky is a well combination of natural spirits and Indian spirits. In the year of 2012, Officer’s Choice has been sold more than 18 million cases in a single year-count. Taste this strongest whiskey to make your tongue more rich.

  • Officer’s Choice Whisky Price: 540 INR for 750 ml bottle and 197 INR for 375 ml bottle

1. Mcdowell’s Whisky

Mcdowell's Whiskey

We all know the name McDowells No 1 whisky. This is considered as the highest popular brand with huge liking from Indians. This awesome whisky brand is also a part of United Spirit Flagship and remains in the top of the choice of Indians for many years. They found this in 1968. You can find its variants in 3 styles: Platinum, diet mate and lastly Reserve. You cannot get anything better than this most special whiskey. Also keeping gifting in mind, the company launches special Diwali packages and other occasions for better approach. According to the calculation of sales and popularity, this McDowell’s Whisky remains in the top of the list of top 10 best whisky brands in India.

  • McDowells Whisky Price: 420 INR for 750 ml bottle and 197 INR for 375 ml bottle