Top 10 Best Pipe Fittings Companies in India

PVC pipes and fittings market in India has grown at 12.5% during the period from FY’2009-FY’2014. In the past few years, Government of India has initiated many new projects and investments in the irrigation sector. This factor will remain as one of the major drivers for the growth of PVC pipe industry in the country along with the expansion of housing sector and increasing demand for oil and gas transportation. A huge boom in the industrial sector, in agricultural domain and in the construction is observed that brings an enormous application of piping. All these development projects are under government sector or private sector that requires the installation of PVC pipes for various reasons. The basic need of a pipe is to carry any fluid from a place to another whether it is a household need or agricultural application. You will find ISO marked pipes that ensure the quality and also the Indian manufacturing company of PVC pipes exports a large quantity of products to the international market.

Best Pipe Fittings Companies in India

Top 10 list of Best Pipe fittings companies in India.


PRINCE is one of the fastest growing companies in the Indian Piping Industry with a CAGR of over 40% in the last four years. Prince is known to be ethical in their mode of operation which has led us to be respected by customers, suppliers and bankers. Prince piping technology has emerged its name as a giant company in the territory of exporting PVC pipes to the international countries. It has achieved many awards in the sector of piping industry for manufacturing tremendous quality products. It offers series of piping products like uPVC plumbing tool, uPVC pipes for agricultural fittings. This company is one of the leading industries of pipe manufacturing in India.


9. Dutron Plastics Limited

Dutron Group was founded in the year of 1962 and has been continuously growing since then. Dutron is the ISO qualified company which is the pioneer of PVC house pipe fittings India. Beginning with a modest plastic pipe manufacturer. This company is being considered as 9th in the list of top 10-pipe Fittings Company in India. It offers quality pipes of the best technology covering the modest range of usage in housing need and construction site. This company is the famous in piping industry for manufacturing residential and durable pipe. The company produces different range of items such as casing pipes, pressure pipes and column pipes.


8. Sudhakar Marketing Agencies Pvt Ltd

The group is situated at Suryapet, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA, playing a significant role in PVC & HDPE pipe sector. SUDHAKAR Group established in 1971 with a product range to manufacture Electrical Conduits. This company is dedicated to produce a wide range of PVC pipes including fitting pipe, electrical pipe, SWR pipes, platinum pipes, water pipes and likewise. The tag name of Sudhakar Pvt Ltd on the pipe is another place of trust where you can invest your money. The produced PVC pipes by this company ensures budget friendly price for quality products which are certified by ISO.


7. Kankai Pipes & Fittings Private Limited

Kankai has been incorporated in 2010 as Plastic PVC pipes manufacturers in India. They are specialized in the field of manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings. It is one of the familiar PVC based piping company in India that deals with UPVC manufacturing pipes, CPVC manufacturing pipes and brass fittings for home requirements. In addition, they produce pipes covering different segments that are required for industrial and agricultural piping. Thus the Kankai Pipes & Fitting private limited becomes the seventh top pipe fitting company in India.


6. Captain Pipes LTD

The Company is a manufacturer and exporter of uPVC Column Pipes, Plumbing Pipes and Fittings company in India. The Company has its own laboratory and R & D departments with equipped instruments. This company is based on Gujarat and is qualified with ISO 9001:2008 certificate. An extensive collection of pipes like pressure pipes, column pipes, casing pipes are manufactured in this piping industry limited. The wide variety in column pipes is delivered by this company in PVC pipe fittings. The fitting technology of this pipe limited includes the Japanese molding injection machine along with German lines. Give a try this company to assure quality piping in housing or construction.


5. Nilon Valves PVT. LTD

The Company has claimed to be the most advanced products design, mechanical manufacturing and products inspection methods to valves field. Technical innovation is the strong base of business development. This is the trustworthy piping company in India that produces durable products for residential piping and agricultural fittings. It is the ISO certified company as well that is a fast growing piping company in the respective industry.


4. Shenco Valves PVT. LTD

Shenco is a brand Name which people trust upon, not as a brand but a name in total Commitment to Quality, Reliability, Proven Performance and Services. The pipe fittings manufactured by this company are one of the best piping systems for agricultural fittings in India. The respective products are convenient for home based piping appliance, residential properties, commercial usage and much more.



SEALEXCEL is the only name you can trust. With more than 2 decades of experience in the field of design, development, marketing and production of valves and fittings. It has its own research and development sector to increase the quality of the product, to enhance the efficiency and to reduce the errors in the products.


2. Finolex Industries Limited

Finolex is India’s leading manufacturer of PVC Pipes Fittings manufacturers in India and the second largest PVC Resin Manufacturer. It is absolutely the top-rated piping company of India which is popular to every Indian household. While the need is for agricultural fittings or industrial fiber piping, Finolex is the name of trust that everybody prefer before others. The product of this brand is known for top class quality and extra durability. It has large distributing shops of its valuable products that make it familiar among the common people. FIL is headquartered in Pune and operates through its state of the art manufacturing plants located in Pune.

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1. Watertec India Pvt. Ltd

They are the leading International quality Fittings, Accessories and Best Pipe fittings companies in India. Currently they have two different verticals. They are an ISO 9001 certified company.