Top 10 Most Popular Juice Brands with Price in India 2021

The packaged fruit juice industry is on high scale because of Indian health conscious people. Fruit juice is consumed everyday in every home as it is considered to be a healthier option. The packaged fruit juices are available at the smallest store as it is easy to consume anytime, anywhere as well as it’s convenient to carry and store. The rising numbers of brands are offering best and healthy fruit juices in the Indian market. Check out the best 10 fruit juice brands in the list below.

10. Del Monte Juice

Del Monte Juice

Del Monte is a brand of FieldFresh Foods Pvt. Ltd. providing excellence in quality. The fruit drinks from this brand come in four different variants. The fruit juices are packed in convenient and stylish slim cans. The juices don’t contain any artificial preservatives and are cholesterol free, as they are healthy and hygienic.

Best Price: 35/- for 240ml of Can.

9. Onjus Juice

Onjus Juice

The Tunip Agro Ltd. launched Onjus in 2004, since then the brand provides best quality fruit juices in the market. It has a wide range of flavors of fruit juices. The brand offers three categories in juices such as Onjus, Onjus Gold and Onjus Chill. Each category has variants in juices. While, The Onjus Gold contains no added sugar or preservatives which provides 100% natural fruit juice.

Best Price: 90/- for 1000ml of Carton.

8. Safal Juice

Safal Juice

Mother Dairy is the parent brand of Safal. It is the well growing brand with the manufacturing of various packaged fruit juices. Te brand ensures trust, quality and great value. The fruit beverages contain finest fruit pulps which provide goodness of healthy nutrition and delicious and refreshing taste.

Best Price: 90/- for 1000ml of Carton.

7. Minute Maid Juice

Minute Maid Juice

A successful brand from Coca Cola, MinuteMaid launched the juices in 2010. The brand offers several variants in juices such as Lemon, Orange, Mango, Apple, Guava and Mixed Fruits. The freshly made fruit juices give amazing refreshments with its natural pulpy juices. The juices are made up with great taste, good quality and texture.

Best Price: 99/- for 1000ml of Carton.

6. Saint Fruit Juice

Saint Fruit Juice

A flagship brand Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd. presents Saint Fruit Juices which are rich, pure and wholesome. The brand offers four delicious flavors in juices with the goodness of nature and fruit nutrition. Moreover, juices are best with no added sugar or Preservatives. Juices variants are available in 200ml and 1ltr of packs.

Best Price: 20/- for 200ml of Carton.

5. Patanjali Juice

Patanjali Juice

Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd. is an organic brand of the country. The brand offers 100% natural fruit juices in variety of flavors. The brand ensures no sugar, no color and no preservatives in its juices. It uses natural fruit pulps which benefits like natural herbs to cure many health problems. The hygienic fruit flavors give special fruity experience.

Best Price: 70/- for 1000ml of Carton.

4. B Natural Juice

B Natural Juice

B Natural Fruit Juices are produced by ITC with a range of eight exciting flavors. The brand is famous all over the nation. The brand promises the juices which are 100% natural and hygienic. The packaging of the juices are total safe with 6 layers tetra pack which protects from environment and preserve nutritional value.

Best Price: 99/- for 1000ml of Carton.

3. Paper Boat Juice

Paper Boat Juice

Paper Boat drinks are produced by Hector Beverages. The youngest brand produces the unique and authentic flavors. The brand is best known for its traditional refreshing drinks which are made in India. The juices have no preservatives and contain fruit concentrates. There are plenty of innovative juices and drinks available in the market.

Best Price: 75/- for 500ml of Carton.

2. Tropicana Juice

Tropicana Juice

Tropicana is owned by PepsiCo. Inc. launched in India in 2004. The Tropicana Fruit Juice are available in two categories, one is 100% Juice and another is Juice based drinks. The brand manufactures high quality juices with innovative processes. The brand ensures the fruit juices which are naturally nutritious and provide the daily benefits. There are around 12-14 flavors of the Tropicana Fruit Juices.

Best Price: 30/- for 200ml of Carton.

1. Real Juice

Real Juice

The Real Fruit Juice is produced by Dabur India, which is the most popular brand in India. A leading brand has two variants in fruit juices, The Real and Real Active Orange Juice. The Real has a range of 14 different fruits juices. While, Real Active juices contain unsweetened juices with no added sugar, color or preservatives. The juices offer great taste and real fruit power.

Best Price: 20/- for 200ml of Carton.