Top 10 Weekend Getaways for New Year Celebration 2021

Celebrating a holiday in a new romantic destination is a basic dream of people and one spend a lot in having a memorable holiday. New Year Eve is a special moment where the majority of the people tend to visit the colorful places.

1. Paris

The most alluring destination of the world Paris is always the most visited and turns extremely spectacular during the New Year celebration. Enjoy tasting the most delicious festive food and at the same time shop for various fashionable items in the busy colorful and entertaining roads.


2. Reykjavik

The capital of Iceland is a perfect destination for people who like to enjoy New Year. By midnight the complete place turns colorful and the city is an exceptional place to spend New Year’s Eve. One can enjoy tasting lip smacking snacks and drinks along with mind blowing dances.


3. Las Vegas

Dance, drink and dine in the most amazing destination of the world Las Vegas as this place turns much more opulent during the New Year’s Eve. There are many restaurants, casino and a few more around the place that are wonderful in Las Vegas.

las vegas

4. Bratislava

Enjoy the New Year celebration in the Slovakian capital and the old city where people can enjoy the celebration in a unique way. The fireworks along with the mouthwatering food served here turn the region much more majestic place.


5. Andaman and Nicobar

The most pleasant region that is apt to welcome the New Year in a unique way. The ambience along with the sand and water makes one enjoy boat parties and stay in resorts during the eve.

Andaman and nicobar

6. New York City

Enjoy the New Year celebration tat eh Times Square as this famous spot is much more opulent during the midnight. The musicians entertain the visitors and at the same time the fireworks along with many more exciting things fills merriment in the environment.

new york

7. Madeira

Don’t miss the fireworks during the New Year eve in the astonishing destination in Europe. One can taste unique delicacies and the famous fireworks from cruise or even from the port of Funchal.


8. London

Another mind blowing destination of the world London turns to be a feast to the eyes of tourists as this place turns more stylish during the eve. Known for wonders London makes New Year evening a fabulous experience serving people with various impressive things.


9. Sydney

The best location of a world where every individual tends to visit once in a life time to see the spell bounding New Year celebrations is Sydney. The Sydney harbor during the midnight of New Year turns glorious and grabs the attention of people. Irrespective of age people get entertained and one can enjoy unlimited food and drinks.


10. Disney World

The kingdom of Disney World is always an alluring location that is filled with attractions. Get entertained during the New Year celebration as the whole region is loaded with wonders and fun filled activities.

disney world

Here are a few alluring destinations that are world famous and offer a relaxing holiday and even make people enjoy dine, drink and explore wonders. 🙂