Topmost Agricultural Implement Brands In India

Agriculture is the most important sector in India. It has always been the major concerned sector to the people. In the past, the resources that are present are not enough to work effectively and reduce the time duration. Later on with the new advancement in technologies and modern types of machinery gave rise to the development of the agriculture sector.

Farmers find a suitable way in working friendly with advanced features, implements and machinery to make the work easier and smoother. It not only saves time but also reduces the cost price.

Agricultural Implement Brands In India

In India, there are several implement brands that are so popular amongst the farmers in the use of farming systems. These implement brands are well known for their specific features, easy working, and can easily be attached with heavy-duty tractors.

Some of the important implement brands are :

Maschio Gaspardo

An International company Maschio Gaspardo is the largest renowned company. Maschio Gaspardo built its network globally. In India, Maschio Gaspardo is headquartered in Pune, Ranjangaon. Now, some of the dealers in many cities of India have developed in a wide range. Maschio Gaspardo focused on producing various implements with hi-tech technology used for multipurpose farming operations. Popular Maschio Gaspardo Implements are prepared for categories that are used for different purposes. Some of the popular Maschio Gaspardo Implements are:

Rotary Tillers- Rotary Tillers arrived in various categories. They are suitable for various purposes in working from small farms to large farms. Rotary Tillers famous models are :

Rotary Tiller A- It can be attached with light tractors that are suitable for tilling soil. This Tiller model is also available with accessories.

Rotary Tiller Virat- Rotary Tiller Virat is a reliable implement to work on every condition of the soil.

Power Harrow Delfino Super- Power Harrow Delfino Super is known for the excellent technological system.

Pneumatic Seed Drill- Hydraulic power pneumatic seed drill is easy to operate with medium and low power tractors. With some specific features, this implementation comes at an affordable and easy price.


Next, the brand implement is Shaktiman. Shaktiman is the best-implemented brand company whose headquarter is in Gujarat. The company is well established and produces excellent implements and machines for the purpose of farm mechanization. According to the latest report, the Shaktiman brand boomed in the market by selling one lack of rotavators. The popular Shaktiman implements are:

Shaktiman Folding Power Harrow – Power Harrow by Shaktiman is suitable for soil bed preparations. It can be easily attached with heavy-duty tractors.

Shaktiman Grooming Mower – Shaktiman Grooming Mower implement can be used by peoples, small farmers for various purposes in parks, private lawns, schools, etc.

Shaktiman Hydraulic Post Hole Digger – Shaktiman Hydraulic Post Hole Digger is suitable for digging pits in all types of soils. Also, this Hydraulic Post Hole Digger implement is suitable for planting saplings of teak, lemon, coconut, etc.

Fertilizer Broadcaster- Another famous implement in the brand Shaktiman is Fertilizer broadcaster. Fertilizer Broadcaster is available in two models: One is Square Fertilizer broadcaster that is suitable for spreading fertilizer and increases soil fertility.

Shaktiman Rakshak 400 – Shaktiman Rashak 400 is robustly constructed. It is used by the farmers for boom sprayers with the supreme level of efficiency.

John Deere Implements

John Deere is one of the famous tractor brand companies that also focuses on producing implements and various other implements for the use of farm mechanization. John Deere famous implement models are

John Deere SubSoiler – John Deere subsoiler is a well-known implement. It is suitable for primary tillage operation. This type of implement is suitable for crops like oilseeds, pulses, etc. This type of implement is good at medium and hard types of soil.

John Deere Ratoon Manager – John Deere Ratoon Manager is the implement used for sugarcane residues. Also, this type of implement is perfect for 5000 series of tractors.

John Deere Seed Cum Fertilizer – John Deere Seed Cum Fertilizer is a perfect implement for sowing. It is good for crops like soybean, pulses, wheat, corn, etc.

John Deere Cultivator – John Deere cultivator is the best usage for land preparation. It is also suitable in rough and tough soil.

John Deere Multicrop vacuum planter- John Deere Multicrop vacuum planter is good for the crops like corn, cotton, grains, etc.

Mahindra Implements

Well, everyone’s heard about one of the biggest manufacturing tractor brand industries is Mahindra. Mahindra always produces several categories of tractors, other farm types of machinery, implements, etc. Mahindra implements are also famous amongst the farmers. Mahindra implements arrived at low price and efficiency in range. Some of the popular Mahindra implements are:

Mahindra Potato Planter – Mahindra potato planter implemented is the best amongst the farmers. Mahindra potato planter ensures the good quality of potato. Mahindra Planter potato maintains the high speed.

Mahindra Rice Planter – Mahindra rice planter is the modern technological machine that helps in sowing the rice easier and faster. Rice transplanter is the latest machine produced by the Mahindra company that is good in better weeding and better productivity.

Mahindra Gyrovator SLX- Mahindra Gyrovator SLX is the best implement and famous amongst the farmers. This implement is suitable in both wet and dry operations. It is used for the pulverization of soil. With less fuel consumption this implementation is good for the longer duration of working. This implementation requires less maintenance and saves time.

Mahindra Straw Reaper РMahindra Straw Reaper is suitable for crops like wheat, soybean, corn, etc. It has better efficiency and best works after harvesting to handle the straws in the field. 

Universal Implements

Universal Implement is the brand name established under the Bharat Engineering Company in Haryana, India. It is the best-implemented company in producing Tillage implements in parts of Asia and Africa. Universal implements are always in demand for the tillage implements. Some of the popular Universal implements are:

Rotary Tillers – Universal Rotary Tillers are best in use for the preparation of seedbeds. Rotary tillers are available in different models according to specific features, unique in design with high quality.

Ploughs – Universal ploughs are available in different models namely Mounted heavy Duty disc plough, Mounted Standard Model, Mounted Universal Model and Mould Board Plough. All these models are easily adjustable with the tractors. Also available with high-quality boron steel discs.

Cultivators – Universal cultivators or Tillers are suitable for the toughest tillage operations. It is varied in models like heavy-duty rigid cultivator, medium-duty rigid cultivator.


It is understood that agriculture implements a significant role in the farm industry. Also, brand implements help the farmers in providing advanced implements in ample varieties that make the works easier and faster for farmland operations. The implements like cultivators, rotavators, Plough, Planters, Harrow, and many more implements are produced by the branded company. These implements help in saving time and come at economical prices.