Top 10 Best Microwave Oven Brands with Price in India 2017

India is a place where people celebrate multi-cuisines and love to have delicious foods. In such country, due to busier life styles and hectic working schedules, people have started to love hassle-free cooking models such as induction cooking and Microwave cooking.

Microwave cooking has made the lives easier with different cooking options and user-friendly features. Though this product took certain time to reach the Indian consumers, today it has become the most durable and top selling products in Indian market.

Thus, let us check few of those best Microwave oven brands that are best sold in Delhi and in Whole India.

10. Electrolux

Electrolux Microwave Oven

A very famous brand in India and comes from the Swedish Manufacturer “Electrolux” which was founded in 1919 at Stockholm, Sweden. Available in all models such as Grill, Solo and convection types.  Based on Smart wave technology, Electrolux Microwave oven has special Tandoor cook feature which can make Tandoori items so easily. Other specialties are 360 Degree cleaning, auto cook features and sensor cooking options.

Best Price : 6000/-

9. Bajaj

Bajaj Microwave Oven

Bajaj brand name is very reputable in India since 1926. Not only in Automobiles but also it has marked its brand name in many segments such as Kitchen, fans, lightings and many other home and electrical appliances. In this connection, Bajaj Microwave oven was introduced just a decade ago which gained immediate popularity that placed it in the lists of top microwave brands in India. Also comes with many special features such as digital timer, keep warm options and jog dialing.

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Best Price : 5000/-

8. Whirlpool

Whirlpool Microwave Oven

Whirlpool brand came into India in 1987 by introducing a range of compact washing machines. It is from the American manufacturer who offers various special features such as auto cook, re-heat and faster cooking with jet start option and so on. Latest Whirlpool’s MagicCook type of Oven is made up of Chef Technology which is embedded with 6th sense that offers intelligent cooking.

Best Price : 5000/- to 8000/-

7. Videocon

Videocon Microwave Oven

Controlled by Digital Jog type of wheels and stainless steel cavity type, Videocon brand of Microwave ovens are the most renowned products in Indian market. Designed with multi-stage cooking option, child-lock system, auto defrost and steam clean is available in all the variants such as grill, solo, convection and barbeque.

Best Price : 3000/-

6. Godrej

Godrej Microwave Oven

Godrej group based on Mumbai is a Conglomerate group of companies in producing home appliances in India. It is one of the oldest brands in India which was actually founded on 1897 at Mumbai, India. Godrej Microwave ovens have various special features such as multi functional cooking, auto deodorizer, jet defrost and insta cooking menus.

Best Price : 5000/-

5. Onida

Onida Microwave Oven

Founded in 1981, Onida is also an Indian consumer electronic company that produced variety of consumer home appliances such as TV, Air conditioners and Air coolers, etc.,. Also, it has continuously won top places in the survey of most trusted Brands in India. Onida Microwave ovens comes with a premium and stylish look embedded with a calorie meter, deodorizer (that removes odour from frozen foods) and a catchy jog dial that is easy and fun to operate.

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Best Price : 4000/-

4. Kenstar

Kenstar Microwave Oven

Kenstar targeted Indian market on 1996 with its various home appliances in which Microwave oven is the integral part. It has become one of the most reputable brands in India since they are available at reasonable price. Comes with many latest features such as auto cooking option, lemon cleaning function and sensi Grill with bacteria restricted coating has placed this brand in the list of top most microwave brands in India.

Best Price : 6000/-

3. IFB

IFB Microwave Oven

This brand has various product ranges such as washing machines, dish washers, air conditioners and Microwave ovens. IFB ovens carry many special features such as fermentation, multi-stage cooking, deodorizer that takes away odour from frozen foods, steam cleaning and delay start.

Best Price : 4000/-

2. Samsung

Samsung Microwave Oven

A very famous consumer electronic brand in India is actually a South Korean company. Samsung gives importance to the look and style of the oven and also makes use of the latest technologies to design the microwave Ovens. Along with this it is  enhanced with special features such as Tandoor cooking, slim frying and steam cleaning.

Best Price : 5500/-

1. LG

LG Microwave Oven

Just like Samsung, it is also a South Korean company that has successfully captured maximum of the Indian consumer electronic market. Just like it is successful in all segments, it is equally successful in Microwave oven sales too. Made with brand new look and finish, LG Ovens comes with best stainless steel cavity along with the features such as multi-stage smart cooking and power convection features.

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Best Price : 7000/-