Top 10 Best Baby Toy Brands in India 2021

Although thousands of new baby products hit the market every year, only few make its presence in everyone’s mind. May be its color, brand, design or whatever, it attracts young parents to get that for their child.

Also nowadays, due to various toy companies compete with each other, we get creative and colorful toys for your babies. Some of those products may be affordable and some aren’t. But before that, it is important to check out this list showing top 10 Baby toy brands in Delhi and India 2021.

Baby Toy Brands in India

10. Playmate 

A Hongkong company which makes Toys that imitates action figures and dolls. Several other figurines such as kinder garden babies, water babies, ooglies, nano pets and WOW pals make this brand more attractive.

9. Peacock Toys

A best toy brand that caters needs for children of all ages. Made up of finest materials and these toys are available at reasonable price. Peacock brand of toys are famous for more than 6 decades in Indian toy market.

8. Tiger Electronics

Handheld LCD, 2-XL robot, giga pets and brain wrap audio games are some of the famous toy products from Tiger electronics. Best electronic toy seller in the world and also has license to produce several other toys such as Arthur, Winnie the Pooh, Barney and Star wars.

7. Mattel

A fortune 500 American company which is very famous toy brand in India. Produces wide variety of toys with different designs and shapes which can be out of imagination.

6. Barbie

Selling over more than 1, 72,000 dolls per day, this girlish doll toy has now made its brand name very famous in India. Barbie has become a famous term to represent a beautiful girl anywhere in the world. In other words, it is a miniature of a beautiful modern woman.

5. Chicco

Chicco, a very famous brand of baby toys in India has its head quarters in Italy.  Its Research and Development center deeply studies a child’s emotional and social needs and manufactures baby products according to that.

4. Lego

Interlocking toy brand is a very famous toy brand which provides products that boost the child’s imagination and thinking power. Any possible product of Lego will contain constructing bricks that can be either assembled or dismantled as per child’s choice.

3. Hot Wheels

Hot wheels was originally introduced for children and adolescents, but few of its products also have attracted adults. Manufacturing car toys are the specialty of this brand. Latest models of the car such as Cruise Bruiser, Grass chromper, and Side ripper soon tp be launched in this year.

2. Funskool

An Indian company that was founded in 1987 and has its head quarters at Chennai. Following its success it had started to manufacture and sell other foreign toys under license in the Indian market. On 2013, it launched its first Funskool store at Chennai which was very successful and led to another launch of Funskool store at Coimbatore. Right now, there are 12 Funskool stores in the whole India.

1. Fisher Price

Right from a new born to Toddler, Fisher price has every possible baby toys for your child. Portable rocker make a perfect seat to sit which can also be converted into a rocker with easy adjustments. Successful in all infant products and have won several hearts for its safety and quality. Along with the infant products, Fisher price has stepped into developing electronic toys for pre-schoolers and smart stage tablet to teach your child his/her first animals, birds, words and even more.