Top 10 Best Ideas For 9 Month Baby Food in India

Is your baby getting naughty day by day at the start of his ninth month? You will obviously feel that he is mischievous through various activities such as paying more attention towards your speech, grabbing nearby colorful items, standing with some kind of support and always craving some food items since he has started to get his tooth.

He is entering into the next stage from crawling to walking and thus need extra energy to take his first step.

Here are the food ideas that can really help the growing child at the age of 9 month. However, please consult a pediatrician before you stick to these diets.

9 Month Old Baby Food

10. Wheat Pancakes

Wheat Pancakes are “mouth watering” recipe for your 9 month baby. It is an easy and tasty home- made food that is also equally healthy. Mix the wheat flour with the jaggery syrup and add enough water if necessary. Now, mix the batter well so that it is thick and you can also add fennel seeds to enhance the taste. Keep it over night and then spread it like a dosa in the pan.

9. Vegetable Suji Upma

Suji which is also called as rava is good source of fibre and protein. Roast suji until it is light brown in color. Add some water to it and mix it until you get watery consistency. Now you can mix boiled vegetables to it and a pinch of salt and hing to enhance the taste. This is a best food and easy digestion food for your baby.

8. Chicken Soup

This is a low fat and extremely delicious food to start for your 9 month baby. Just clean fresh chicken and soak in turmeric water. Now boil this chicken with 2 cups of water and salt. Now you can filter out the chicken and just feed only the soup for your baby. This soup is an excellent cure for the baby who is suffering from cold and fever.

7. Wheat Halwa

This is another healthy and tasty food for your baby. Just add jaggery syrup and milk to the wheat flour and mix it until it is comes with thick consistency. Now on further stirring it becomes like jelly which makes it really a tasty food for baby.

6. Ragi Idly

Idly is the traditional south Indian recipe which is rich in carbohydrate, protein, fat, folate and potassium. Ragi idly is something different from the traditional white idlies. For this, take the ragi flour which you can buy from the super market. Now add this flour with idly batter and pour this combination in idly moulds so that you can get soft ragi idlis within 15 minutes.

5. Oats Porridge

Oats which is rich in fibre and carbohydrates is also a healthy food for baby. But please note that you select gluten free oats for baby otherwise it may cause some kinds of indigestion problem. Choose baby oats from the super market and heat it in low flame until it turns brown in color. Now, add water to it and boil it until it becomes watery porridge consistency. You can also add milk to enhance the taste of the oats porridge.

4. Vegetable Dosa

Dosa which is again a traditional food of south Indians is a yummy diet for babies too. Boil the small pieces of vegetables like carrot, beans, beet root in a steamer. Now add this veggies to the dosa batter and spread the dosa in the hot pan. Now close this dosa with a lid and wait until it gets completely boiled. Let the dosa be soft and do not be crispy for 9 months old baby.

3. Vegeatable Pulao

Since your baby has started to get a small tooth, he can chew small items such as biscuits, small pieces of fruits and so on. It is the time to give him veg pulao to introduce him to the new world of eating. Take one cup of rice, one cinnamon stick, boiled and mashed vegetables, pinch of salt, garam masala, 1 small bay leaf and boil until it gets soft and tender. Now, blend it in a mixer jar and add little salt for taste. You can see that your baby will like this Pulao.

2. Egg

Egg is an ultimate source of energy which is rich in protein, vitamins and various other nutrition. Egg is safe for babies right from 9th month but anyways consult with a pediatrician before you start giving eggs for your baby. Scramble boiled egg or a omlette is good for the growing baby.

1. Baked Potato

Potato which is rich in fibre and carbohydrate is a best food that helps in weight gain of your baby. Pick best potatoes and boil it until it is cooked well. Now peel off the skin and mash it using the masher. You can add a pinch of salt and hing to the baked potato and just feed it to the baby. Also, please make sure that you can give this food after consulting with your pediatrician.