Top 10 Best Healthy Weight Gain Foods For Baby Kids

Kids often hesitate to have their daily food which results in lack of important nutrition which they actually need at this stage. Moreover, it is an unhealthy habit of a kid to skip his food that may result in several other consequences such as sickness, inactiveness and less resistant power. In order to avoid this, it is the duty of the parents to give him healthy foods which are equally tasty too.

To help in this, below are few recipes which help today’s young mummies to prepare delicious healthy food for their children especially for weight gaining.

Let us check one by one:

10. Potato


Potato which is rich source of carbohydrate, starch and fat is an excellent and delicious food for your kids. You can make several dishes using potatoes among which potato smileys are very popular among children. For this, just boil the potato and peel off the skin and allow It to cool. Now grate the boiled potato and mix with little salt, chilli powder and shredded cheese. Then add corn flour to it and knead it until you get solid dough out of it. Keep this in refrigerator for 1 hour. Now, press the mould of smiley in that dough and fry it in the hot oil pan. Potatoes are an excellent weight gainer and thus try to give potatoes at regular intervals.

9. Ghee


Ghee or clarified butter is actually an excellent ingredient that helps in digestion process and also in weight gain. Regular ghee consumption may make your kid obese and thus give age appropriate quantity for your kids. You can either prepare the ghee at your home or you can even purchase from the super market. There are many different recipes that add ghee to it just like Indian sweets.

8. Whole fat Milk and Cream

Whole fat Milk and Cream

For toddlers you can use baby bottles to feed them. These are the 100% weight gaining food for a growing kid. Your kid should never skip to have 2 glasses of whole fat milk every day. If he does not like the taste of plain milk, prepare strawberry milkshakes, banana milkshakes to boost his interest of taking milk. Also, add homemade cream in your regular dishes such as palak paneer, malai kofta and so on.

7. Eggs


Eggs are another promising food for weight gain. Eggs are rich in protein, vitamin A and Vitamin B12 is a nutritious and healthy food for your growing kid. If he does not like the taste of boiled egg you can make him masala omlette, egg paratha to enhance his taste buds.

6. Bananas


Bananas are the excellent source of healthy fat that keeps your kid active and energetic. A single banana contains 105 calories and hence when he consumes it he is sure to have the complete health benefits of that banana. If he directly avoids having banana, then you can give him banana milkshake or banana pudding to make him interested to eat. You can also add chocolate syrup on the cut pieces of banana which will really make him so interested to eat.

5. Chicken


Chicken based foods are not only yummy but also helps a lot in weight gain of your kids. Chicken is also an easily available food anywhere in the world. You can make yummy delicious chicken recipes such as chicken nuggets, chicken lollipops, chicken pop corn which will definitely not be skipped by your kids.

4. Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits with a combination of cashew nuts, almond, pistachio and fig are more in calories and help your kid to gain weight through regular intake. You can grind (not much) a bowlful of dry fruits and just give to your kid. To your surprise, he will finish at least half a bowl.

3. Coconut


Coconut which is rich in carbohydrate and fat is an essential healthy food for weight gain. According to a survey, one cup of full fat coconut milk contains 445 calories which is really a high count for weight gain. You can also add this coconut milk as a secret ingredient in your recipes such as coastal curries, Biriyanis to make him to get the goodness of coconut.

2. Paneer


Paneer which is a rich protein food is a tasty and healthy weight gaining food for your kids. Make paneer cubes at home and add the paneer chunks to your fresh fruit salads and vegetable salads. Another way to have paneer is to stuff shredded paneer in dosa or roti and heat it in tawa to have delicious paneer dosa or paneer roti.

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a tasty and healthy ingredient for your kid’s breakfast. You can buy peanut butter from super markets and apply it in full loaf of bread. You can also whip this peanut butter and add this to sand witches and fruits salads to impress your kid.