Top 10 Best Men Ties and Cufflinks Brands in India 2021

In this modern age, with continually changing fashion and trends, ties and cufflinks are small pieces of the suits which give the magical transformation in formal attire. With perfect combination of tie and cufflinks, a dressing gets interesting for special occasions. There are numerous top brands offering well designed combos of ties and cufflinks to look best with suits or blazers. Check out top 10 best brands for ties and cufflinks available in the Indian market.

10. Rizoro Men Ties and Cufflinks


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Rizoro offers sharp formals, funky casuals and chic men’s accessories, which instantly elevate the personality in every occasion. The ties with matching cufflinks with luxurious fabric and striking texture are the best for the suits.  The ties have rich shades, soft fabrics and classic designs. The designer cufflinks from the brand have classic appeal. Products are available at the cost of ₹1000/-

9. Hakashi Men Ties and Cufflinks


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Hakashi is a brand which was primarily dealt with ties and cufflinks. The brand assures good quality and stylish products in the market. Hakashi offers a wide range of stylish and fashionable ties and cufflinks which enhance the formal appearance. There are variety of colors and patterns in ties and classy cufflinks available at the starting range of ₹900/-

8. Luxeis Men Ties and Cufflinks

The Tie Hub

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Luxeis is an Indian Brand serving its quality products since 2010. The accessories like ties, bow ties, cufflinks, socks, belts, suspenders are the most stylish within the reach of the pocket. Ties come in different fabrics like cotton, linen, microfiber and woolen. While cufflinks are available in enamel, crystal, gold, stone etc. the products are available at the price of ₹800/-

7. Louis Philippe Men Ties and Cufflinks

Louis Philippe

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The Louis Philippe collections include exclusive accessories along with luxurious clothing. The brand offers ties and cufflinks with impeccable detailing in contemporary styles. The smart finishing touch and sophistication is what the brand ensures in their ties and cufflinks. The ties feature textured finish and elegant patterns add a stylish flair to formal looks. Accessories price range is starting from ₹750/-

6. Van Heusen Men Ties and Cufflinks

Van Heusen

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The Van Heusen accessories are not just fashionable, but they are ethically designed too. The brand is famous for its high quality and perfectly manufactured products all over the world. A wide range of ties and cufflinks have created innovatively and graphically. Ties made with premium quality fabric and cufflinks are of metal, such as steel, brass and gold. The accessories come at the cost of ₹800/- onwards.

5. Axlon Men Ties and Cufflinks

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Axlon is a brand of high style and modern designer products. The craftsmanship and design of the ties and bow ties from this brand reflect the customers’ wardrobe. Made from premium quality and various types of fabrics, the ties complete the look and give an instant stylish update. Ties designed for occasions like casual, formal, festive and even party wear, at the price range starting from ₹1000/-

4. Park Avenue Men Ties and Cufflinks

Park Avenue

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Park Avenue provides contemporary and stylish accessories. Innovative designs and alluring shades of ties and cufflinks from the brand give an attractive look. Crafted with high quality materials, ties and cufflinks have huge variety of designs and trends, which can be a whim of fashion even in the place of work. Available at the minimum cost of ₹500/-

3. Tossido Men Ties and Cufflinks


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Tossido is a fashion brand of Toss Marketing Pvt. Ltd. It offers latest and trendy collection of ties and cufflinks. The exquisite range of combos with sophisticated designs and colors are perfect for a modern man. The brand showcases the latest trends with variety of designs, fabrics, patterns, colors and styles to suit each formal outfit. Available at the starting range of ₹200/-

2. Lino Men Ties and Cufflinks

Lino Perros

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Lino Perros is a brand of contemporary designs in fashion accessories ensuring the best quality to consumers. A brand presents the neck ties made with finest blended and micro fabrics and cufflinks with classy designs which elevate the formal dressing. A perfect gift for men with attractive colors of ties and stylish designs of cufflinks are priced at ₹300/- onwards.

1. Alvaro Castagnino Men Ties and Cufflinks

Alvaro Castagnino

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Alvaro Castagnino is a world’s premium fashion accessories brand. It offers a huge collection in ties and cufflinks. The brand is specialized in creating unique designs of printed, engraved and embossed ties as well as elegant cufflinks, which reflects persona. The products feature appealing designs add glamour to personality. Available at the starting range of ₹350/-