Top 10 Best Note Counting Machine Brands with Price in India 2021

In the banks and even business environments, everyone wants tallying jobs simpler, faster and even easier. The time consuming job is to counting notes. With the advanced technology, Note/Currency Counting Machines are invented to count, sort, align, arrange and many other functions. Some machines are designed to detect counterfeit notes with advanced technology. They are available in various sizes, which you can buy in your needs. Below are the best Note Counting Machines to make fast and hassle free money counting.

10. Sheen Note Counting Machine

Sheen Note Counting Machine

The Sheen money counting machine comes with features of UV detection and IR detection. It has Add mode to allow cumulative counting and batch mode to allow preset a specific number of bills. The machine has double LCD display. It has the hopper and stacker capacity of 200 pcs. With the 1000 pcs/minute of counting speed, the machine has the cost of 5800/- to 6000/-

9. Gobbler (PX 5388 DIGITAL)

Gobbler (PX 5388 DIGITAL)

Gobbler currency counting machine is the Smart looking machine with the features of fake note detection. It has the audi alarm when detect fake note. It also has additional batch mode and add mode. The machine has 4 digit graphic display. The brand gives 1 year of warranty on parts and labor. Best price is 5700/- to 7500/-

8. Lada (Eco 3 MG)

Lada (Eco 3 MG)

Get consistent counting with the Lada Eco currency counting machine. It features MG, UV detection to automatically detect fake notes. The portable machine has hopper and stacker capacity of 200 notes and 1000 notes/minute counting speed. Very efficient machine has the best price of 6500/-

7. Sun-Max (SC 450)

Sun-Max (SC 450)

Sun-Max SC 450 gives an accurate counting with the counting speed of 1000 notes/min. It has a unique design and durability. The machine has a LCD display with the error indication sound. The fake note detection sensor automatically detects fake notes with the IR sensor and Magnetic sensor technology. It has hopper capacity of 200 notes and stacker capacity of 150 notes. The machine is available at the price of 8000/- to 8500/-

6. Stok ST-MC01

Stok ST-MC01

Stok ST-MC01 model has compact and stylish design and multi function capabilities. The smart machine has the hopper capacity of 300 notes/minute and stacker capacity of 200 notes. It has counting speed of 1000 pieces per minute. An automatic detecting machine comes with UV and MG. The brand also provides external LED display unit. It has the capacity to detect half note, double note and fake notes. Equipped with latest technology, the machine has the best price range of 4500/- to 4600/-

5. MyCica Note Counting Machine

MyCica Note Counting Machine

MyCica Digital note counting machine comes with the features of ultra detection technology. It has LED display with external display unit for customers. UV and MG detectors detect fake notes. It has the hopper capacity of 300 pcs and stacker capacity of 200 pcs. The machine with the counting speed of 1000 notes per minute, is available at the price range of 9000/- to 10,700/-

4. Strob ST2900

Strob ST2900

The fully automatic cash counting machine features high quality mechanism. The machine from Strob comes with batching, adding and self examination functions. It has a counting speed of 1000 pcs per minute. The machine with portable design

3. Office Bird (OB-500)

Office Bird (OB-500)

The Office Bird note counting machine comes with automatic fake note detection, with UV and MG auto scan technology. It has a function of automatic start, stop and clearing. An extra hybrid LED display provides easy viewing. It has counting speed of 900 notes/minute and hopper capacity of 200 pieces. It also has a stacker capacity of 200 pieces LED display and there is a customer display as well. Best Buy: 7000/- to 7500/-

2. Godrej (Crusader Lite)

Godrej (Crusader Lite)

Godrej Crusader Currency Counting Machine comes in a compact design, can be fitted easily. It has UV and MG to detect fake notes, Automatic self-check, Batch and Add, Automatic start/stop operation, LED Display and upgradable software.  It has the hopper capacity of 300 notes and stacker capacity of 200 notes. With a speed capacity of 1000 notes/minute, this machine costs 15,400/-

1. XElectron (XE-MC-1000)

XElectron (XE-MC-1000)

An easy to handle Note Counting Machine from XElectron is a very durable. Its functions are easy to use and interface is user friendly. It has counting speed of 1000 notes/minute, LED display counting display, preset batches, control panel, micro touch switch and 15 mm of hopper capacity. The machine also comes with fake currency detector. Available at the price range of 4300/- to 5500/-