Top 10 Best Rakhi with Prices to Buy Online in India 2021

It doesn’t matter anymore how far away your brother is. Thanks to the technological surge and its idiosyncrasies, you can have any Rakhi delivered at your brother’s doorstep, where ever he is. When you will start browsing for the same purpose, the plethora of choices and varying prices will leave you in a state of quandary.

Every sister wants to tie a Rakhi over his brother’s hand that dazzles. And the very purport of this article is to support the cause of this particular concern of all the sisters out there. And, to assist you pursuit of getting the best Rakhi for your brother, we have compiled a list of the best Rakhi’s available online in India.

Take a look.

10. Traditional Peacock Rakhi

Traditional Peacock Rakhi

Embellish the hands of your brother with this traditional yet elegant Rakhi. This Rakhi is made up of stones and beads, and looks absolutely magnificent. What makes it an even more wonderful buy is that it comes with a Roli Chawal, infusing delight to the love bro-sis love. Prices start at Rs 449 only.

9. Mauli Rakhi

Mauli Rakhi

The silken thread Mauli Rakhi is a representative of sacredness and simplicity. Also known as kalawa or dori, this is for your elder brothers. Pick online for ranges that starts at Rs 150 only.

8. Kids/ Superhero Rakhi

Kids/ Superhero Rakhi

Sometimes, perspective is all that matters. If your brother is really young, nothing will intrigue him more than getting a Rakhi which has Chhota Bheem or Spiderman in it. Get him a Rakhi that fits the description and he surely won’t stop lashing and bragging about it to his friends. You can get them by spending anywhere around 400 rupees.

7. Handcrafted Rakhi

Handcrafted Rakhi

If you are adamant at tying a unique Rakhi on your brother’s hand, get a handcrafted Rakhi. This will bring loads of cheerfulness to your brother, and as the name implies the designs and patterns are made up of some really fine hand work. Amaze you brother by buying a handcrafted Rakhi for him. Prices commence as low as Rs 350.

6. Pearl Rakhi

Pearl Rakhi

Light in color, sober in appearance, this epitome of love looks nothing short of flawless. The mixture of white and gold makes it look simple, beautiful and beloved purchase. It comes in with a gift box, Roli and Chawal. You can get them at prices as low as 350.

5. The Notorious Duo

The Notorious Duo

Celebrate and reminisce all the quarrels and fights with your brother on this festive season with this notorious duo Rakhi. It comes in pair; one is made up of sandalwood, while other is a designer piece. Besides two potlis of almonds and cashew along with Roli and Chawal, and all that at just Rs 849, surely makes it a best buy.

4. Good Luck Charm Rakhi

Good Luck Charm Rakhi

This token of love has a stunning appeal and it appends extra charm and delight to the auspicious occasion, making it one of the perfect threads to celebrate the undying love of brother-sister. It comes in a variety of styles with amazingly stunning colors. Prices start at 349 only.

3. Sterling Silver Rakhi

Sterling Silver Rakhi

This Rakhi comes in a variety of designs; embedded mostly on a silver palette you can find the designs of ‘Om’, ‘Swastika’, ‘Shri’, ‘Ganesha’, ‘Khanda’, ‘Floral Swastika’, and the best one just for the occasion ‘Bhai’. You will be thrilled with the flexibility of choices with this Rakhi. Plus, it comes in both, thread and a silver chain. Too, the prices range for this fall between Rs250 – Rs 750.

2. Stone Studded Rakhi

Stone Studded Rakhi

Gracefully adorned with stones, this Rakhi is a unique blend of style and tradition in its appearance. This scared piece of love usually comes with a gift box too. Depending on your budget, you can get it anywhere in the range of Rs 250 – Rs 1250. Inclusion of Roli Chawal makes it even more special.

1. Token of Love for Bro

Token of Love for Bro

Demonstrate the warmth of your brotherly love with this token of love for bro Rakhi. The Rakhi entails a neat and colorful design and it comes with a chocolate gift combo. Delightful chocolates along with a printed mug and Roli and Chawal, makes it a great buy. You will be paying only 530 for this.