Top 10 Best Scooty for Boys (Men’s) in India 2021

Those who have cravings of driving scooty can check this list out to find the best models ever. The tradition of scooty has come back again holding the hand of taste and choice of middle aged Indian boys. Here top ten scooty models are compiled along with specifications. Select your model and go for a ride.

10. Mahindra Flyte

Mahindra Flyte

Mahindra Flyte is featured with 124 cc engine that is capable of delivering the power of 8 bhp maximum at the rate of 7000 rpm. The fuel burning efficiency of this model is 45 kmpl and the market price of this scooty is presently Rs. 44000 approximately.

9. Hero Motocorp Maestro

Hero Motocorp Maestro

The Hero is familiar face in the sphere of two wheeler manufacturers and the model of Hero Motocorp Maestro is one of their captivating products. This scooter is having 109cc engine, which makes you enable to drive this vehicle with maximum of 85 kmph speed. The embedded value of this scooty is around Rs. 46000.

8. Mahindra Gusto

Mahindra Gusto 110 VX

Mahindra Gusto attains a lot of attention from Indian customers. It has been launched by Mahindra to offer a challenge to the domination of Honda’s scooter. This particular model is configured with 110 cc powerful engine that is capable of pushing out 8 bhp power at 7500 rpm. The fuel efficiency or mileage of this scooty is 63 kmpl. This model is available in the market at Rs.47000 approximately.

7. Mahindra Duro DZ

Mahindra Duro DZ

Another most dazzling model of scooter for men in India is Mahindra Duro DZ, which houses a 125 cc powerful engine. It capable of producing 8 bhp maximum power at the rate of 7000 rpm. The other specifications of this scooty include the mileage capacity that it can deliver that is 56.3 kmpl along with the volume of 6.7 litre tank. The market value for this scooty is fixed around Rs. 47000.

6. Hero Maestro Dix

Hero Maestro Dix

Yet another model of compact scooty is Hero Maestro DIX, which is quite cool and one of the most selling products in the market. It lies on the range of maestro series and soak the juice from 109 cc engine. It churns out 8.2 PS maximum power output providing enormous pleasure over the road during a trip. It can produce maximum power of 6.2 kw at the spinning rate of 8000 rpm. It comes with carburettor fuel system and current on road price of this scooty is Rs. 57000.

5. Honda Aviator Deluxe

Honda Aviator Deluxe

Honda is one of the leading manufacturers of scooters for boys in India. The latest integration of awesome model of scooter in the market is Honda Aviator Deluxe. It is designed for men only with heavy weight and is packed with 110 cc engine.  It can produce up to 8 bhp power at 7000 rpm. It is designed with automatic gearbox while the weight is 109 kg. It is priced at Rs. 56000 approximately.

4. Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha is well known leader in this domain and this is one of the best inventions between two wheeler appliances. It is laced with 113 cc engine along with a decent look and rugged structure. It can deliver up to 65 kmpl mileage and the engine churns out to 7.1 PS bhp. It is made of V-belt gear box and is presently available in Indian market at Rs. 58,210 only.

3. Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access

It is counted among the demanding models of scooters in India. A 124.6 cc engine is embedded in this powerful machine, which comprises of single cylinder, and 4-stroke specification. The maximum power produced by this motor scooty is 6.4 kw and is aired with drum brake for front and rear case as well. This scooty is worth of Rs. 60300 near about.

2. Kinetic Blaze

Kinetic Blaze

Kinetic Blaze is one of the top-notch models of scooter in India for boys. It is designed with tempting shape just more than appropriate for fashionable Indian men. It comes with 165 cc engine, which is unique in nature because no scooter is modelled with such powerful engine capacity. The laced engine in the scooty churns out 11.6 bhp powers at the rate of 7500 rpm that makes this item to run faster and smoother. Current market value of this scooty is around Rs. 61,200 only.

1. Piaggio Vespa VX

Piaggio Vespa VX

The model of Vespa Vx from Piaggio is packed with 125 cc engine, which feeds the required sip of juice to the scooty. It generates 10 PS power and releases the fast energy to drive the motor. This particular model of scooter houses front disc brake that is suitable enough for men’s choice. However, it costs little high but it is appropriate for its features and specifications. The market value of this scooty varies from city to city though the moderate price ranges from 72000 to 76000 in India.